FirePlay Taipei 》二訪台北天母直火料理餐廳

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二訪 台北 FirePlay 餐廳, 品嚐新加坡主廚 Nick 準備的 FirePlay 菜單 , 套餐菜餚類型屬於直火料理 , 評價依舊是天母美食推薦.
This is the 2nd time that I dine at Fireplay Taipei Restaurant. Singaporean Chef Nick offers great performance of Fire interacting with ingredients and sauce pairing skill. FirePlay Taipei Restaurant is on my Tienmu Restaurant Recommendation List.


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FirePlay Taipei 訂位

FirePlay Taipei Reservation

FirePlay Taipei 地址為台北市士林區福華路128巷6號, 離芝山站 2 號出口與1號出口只需 2 ~ 3 分鐘. 這次是二訪 FirePlay , 依舊有 L 型板前座位. 坐在板前可以看到龍眼木與炭在窯爐裡燃燒著. FirePlay Taipei 訂位用 inline (LINK). FirePlay 菜單只提供晚間套餐. 入座後, 店員會詢問需不需要掛外套 , 也會與客人 Double Check 過敏源, 而且會在一道菜結束後換新的刀叉, 整體服務已經是 Fine Dining Level.

✅ 現在座位區有四人座位與六人座位, 適合朋友聚餐.
✅ 現在可預約喜歡的晚餐時間 , 最晚可預約到 7:30pm 的位子. 之前是制式的兩個晚餐時段

FirePlay Taipei is located at No. 6, Lane 128, Fuhua Road, Shilin District, Taipei City. It’s only 2 to 3 minutes away from the Zhishan MRT Station. This is my second visit to FirePlay, and they still have the L-shaped counter seats. Sitting at the counter  area provides a view of longan wood and charcoal burning in the stove.FirePlay restaurant reservation is via inline (LINK). FirePlay offers only dinner set menu. Upon seating, the staff will ask if need coat-hanging service and double-check allergens. They also change the utensils after each dish, providing a service level similar to Fine Dining.
✅ There are now four-person and six-person seating options in the dining area, suitable for gatherings with friends.
✅ Reservations can now be made for preferred dinner times, with the latest available booking at 7:30 pm. Previously, there were two fixed dinner time.


延伸閱讀: 一訪 FirePlay Taipei 》 炭燒柴燒料理都難不倒新加坡籍主廚 Nick

延伸閱讀: 台北朋友聚餐餐廳推薦 》Taipei Restaurant Recommendation For Group Dining



FirePlay 菜單與價位 ⭐

FirePlay Menu and Price

FirePlay Tasting Menu
✅ 燃 Blaze 套餐價格 ( 完整8 道) : NTD $3800 +10%/人
✅ 焰 Ignite 套餐價格 (精選5 道) : NTD $2680 + 10%/人
1. 我是選 燃 Blaze 套餐價格 (NTD $3800+10%/人)
2. 同桌必須選同一款套餐

FirePlay 餐酒搭配
✅ 6 杯: NTD$2,400 / NTD$2,000
✅ 4 杯: NT$1,600 / NT$1,200
1. 我是選 6 杯 Wine Pairing (NTD $2400 )

FirePlay 無酒精搭配
✅ 6 杯: NT$1,600
✅ 4 杯: NT$1,000

FirePlay Tasting Menu
✅ Blaze Set Price ( Completed 8 Dishes ) : NTD $3800 +10%/person
✅ Ignite Set Price ( 5 Dishes) : NTD $2680 + 10%/person
1.I chose Blaze Set Menu (NTD $3800 )
2. Party at the same table need to select the same set menu

FirePlay Wine Pairing
✅ 6 glasses: NTD$2,400 / NTD$2,000
✅ 4 glasses: NT$1,600 / NT$1,200
1. I chose 6 glasses Wine Pairing (NTD $2400)

FirePlay Non-alcohol Pairing
✅ 6 glasses: NT$1,600
✅ 4 glasses: NT$1,000


FirePlay 菜單 – 套餐評價 ⭐

FirePlay Set Menu Review

套餐內容不定期更換, 並不會有印刷的菜單
Set Menu dishes may vary. There wont be any printed menu



Black oyster mushroom/ Mushroom Broth/ Foie gras
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

店員將香菇昆布高湯注入碗裡. 再刨自製鴨肝. 先喝了一口香菇高湯, 濃郁蕈菇香氣撲鼻. 刀切一小塊火烤彰化黑美人菇入口 . 黑美人菇吸收高湯精華. 有著適量脆度, 也有微炭香. 鴨肝碎末提升整道菜餚的風味.
The server pours shiitake and kombu broth into the bowl, then shaves Foie gras on top. I took a sip of the shiitake broth and sense the rich mushroom aroma. I cut a small piece of fire-roasted Black oyster mushroom from Changhua and took a bite. The Black oyster mushroom absorbs the essence of the broth, providing subtle charcoal aroma. The finely foie gras elevates the overall flavor of the dish.




Squid/ Seaweed Yuzu Kosho sauce/Greens/ Crispy Whitebait
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

之前吃到的美味烏賊是在高級日料餐廳 ( 例如: “海峽會辰壽司” ). 這次沒想到會在 Fireplay 餐廳吃到令人滿意的烏賊料理. Fireplay 主廚 Nick 將自製烏賊一夜干火烤且方格切. 口感不僅脆, 且鹹香入味. 吻仔魚與青江菜提供不同程度的脆口感. 盤底的海苔柚子胡椒醬帶些清香與微辛香, 搭配烏賊很美味.
I had previously enjoyed delicious squid dishes in upscale Japanese restaurants (such as “Kaisaikan Sushi“). This time, unexpectedly, I found satisfying squid cuisine at Fireplay. Chef Nick at Fireplay prepares semi-dried squid and grills it. The texture is not only crispy but also richly savory. The whitebait and vegetables provide varying degrees of crispiness. The seaweed yuzu pepper sauce at the bottom adds a hint of freshness and a subtle spiciness, complementing the squid beautifully.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Sushi Restaurant 》 三訪終於吃到海峽會辰壽司菜單



Crab/Rouge Shrimp/seaweed/Hokkaido Uni/Tainan Mullet Roe
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

主廚運用西班牙 Bomba Rice 與蝦汁一起燉煮番茄燉飯,米心硬度適中.再置放炭烤小番茄於燉飯中間. 基隆胭脂蝦經過柴燒過程, 蝦依舊保持著半生熟, 這種類型的熟度常在台北 Fine Dining 餐廳見到 (例如: “蘭 Orchid ”). 店員提到, 可將蝦頭切開後會有蝦膏. 拌在飯裡一同入口更是增加整體的鹹香海鮮風味,以鮮味貫穿整道菜餚. 北海道海膽與花蟹肉置放於炸海苔上, 建議一起入口. 整體吃起來美味與精彩, 這是我當天最喜歡的菜餚之一.
The chef uses Spanish Bomba Rice and shrimp broth to simmer tomato risotto, achieving a perfect rice texture. Charcoal-grilled cherry tomato is placed in the middle of the risotto. The rouge shrimp, having undergone a grilling process, maintain a semi-raw state, a level of doneness commonly seen in Taipei’s fine dining restaurants (such as “Orchid Restaurant”). The staff mentioned that cutting open the prawn head reveals prawn paste, adding a savory seafood flavor when mixed into the rice and enhancing the overall dish with a consistent seafood taste. Hokkaido sea urchin and crab meat are placed on fried seaweed. It is recommended to enjoy them together. Overall, it is delicious and impressive, making it one of my favorite dishes of the day.

延伸閱讀: Orchid 蘭餐廳 》再次品嚐新主廚的日法風格晚餐菜單






Rosy Sea bass / Caramelized cauliflower puree/ chickpeas/ water mustard/ barley
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

比起一整條魚, 我個人比較喜歡這種切塊且已挑完刺的魚. 燒烤台東紅喉魚外皮的微焦香襯托出魚肉的嫩. 薏仁在軟綿焦化白花椰菜泥特別明顯. 鷹嘴豆碎則是顯得比較突兀, 也會間接覆蓋著些許海鮮風味.
I personally prefer this type of fish, cut into pieces and already deboned, over a whole fish. The grilled Taitung Rosy Sea bass has a slightly charred skin that complements the tenderness of the fish meat. The unique texture of water mustard is quite obvious in the soft and mushy cauliflower puree. The chickpea crumbs, however, appear somewhat extra and indirectly covers the seafood flavor.



Lumina Lamb /Almond Velouté / Capers Puree / char-grilled greens.
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

許多台灣西式 Fine Dining 餐廳 (例如: “La Vie by Thomas Bühner 睿麗餐廳“ ) , 皆是選用知名紐西蘭 Lumina 高地和羊 . 這次最特別的是在 Fireplay 吃到的是羊鞍部位. 炭烤去骨羊鞍表層的皮酥脆且帶有肉香. 羊肉本身則是軟嫩程度高. 綠色的酸豆泥份量雖然微量, 但存在感十足. 我個人比較喜歡奶油杏仁醬搭配羊肉的組合.
Many Taiwanese Western fine dining restaurants, such as “La Vie by Thomas Bühner” , often choose New Zealand Lumina highland lamb. What stood out this time at Fireplay was having the lamb saddle, a unique cut. The surface of the charcoal-grilled, boneless lamb saddle is crispy with a meaty aroma. The lamb meat itself is tender. While the quantity of the capers puree is small, its presence is pronounced. Personally, I prefer the combination of lamb with almond velouté.

延伸閱讀: La Vie by Thomas Bühner 睿麗餐廳 》品嚐短版菜單




Australian Wagyu Rump Cap/Homemade BBQ sauce/Pine nut Miso sauce/ beef Paper/ Herb butter
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

直火烹調與牛肉是經典組合. 每次 Fireplay 菜單的牛肉部位都會不同. 這次 Fireplay 運用的是澳洲和牛後臀部位. 先是將牛排置放於熱盤上, 再推疊起香料奶油與酥脆自製薄牛肉片. 我喜歡先單吃牛排 , 3 ~ 5 分熟是我喜歡的熟度. 一入口即可察覺濃郁肉香與脂香, 滿意度十足. 沾褐色 BBQ 醬是經典 , 和牛牛排搭配松子味噌醬則是比預期地美味. 
Direct fire cooking method and beef are a classic combination. Each time at Fireplay, the cut of beef on the menu may vary. This time, Fireplay uses Australian Wagyu Rump Cap. The steak is first placed on a hot plate, then layered with herb butter and crispy homemade thin slices of beef. I prefer to taste the medium-rare steak without sauce at the beginning. The rich meaty aroma and fats are immediately noticeable, providing a satisfying experience. Dipping it in brown BBQ sauce is a classic choice, while the Wagyu steak with pine nut miso sauce is unexpectedly delicious.



薩索雞/法式芥末籽醬/雞心/蝦夷蔥 (加點)

Sasso chicken/Whole Grain Mustard sauce/Chicken heart/chives (Extra Charge)
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

此道的加點價格是 NTD $800 , 我個人是建議 2 ~ 4 人分享. 常在台灣吃 Fine Dining 的人對法國品種台灣飼養的薩索雞不陌生, 只是大部分餐廳都是採用薩索雞的雞胸部位 (例如: “Cucina Man Mano” ) . 薩索雞料理是 Fireplay 的招牌料理.餐廳內也可看到薩索雞熟成櫃. 主廚 Nick 將薩索雞腿熟成 2 ~ 3 天. 外皮滋潤油亮, 切開時有ㄎㄠˇ一聲, 挑逗著食慾. 油脂在刀上留下痕跡, 燒烤雞腿的肥美賦予外酥內嫩的完美比例, 雞心則是用油淋方式, 火一瞬間爆發. 店員端上微炭烤的巧巴達, 可沾醬吃. 整體菜餚美味超乎預期, 也是我當天喜歡的菜餚之一.
This dish has an additional cost of NTD $800. I personally recommend it for sharing among 2 to 4 people. Those familiar with fine dining in Taiwan are no strangers to the French breed Taiwanese-raised Sasso chicken, although most restaurants use the chicken breast part (for example, “Cucina Man Mano“). Sasso chicken is a signature dish at Fireplay, and you can see the aging cabinet for Sasso chicken inside the restaurant. Chef Nick ages the Sasso chicken for 2 to 3 days. The chicken leg skin is extremely crispy and shiny. Overall, it is a perfect balance of crispy skin and tender meat. The chicken hearts are quickly seared with oil, creating a burst of flavor. The dish is served with lightly grilled ciabatta, perfect for dipping in the sauce. Overall, the dish exceeded expectations and was one of my favorites that day.

延伸閱讀: Cucina Man Mano 》六人品嚐民生社區的慢慢弄餐廳 (內有菜單)



Grilled pineapple /Cherries with Balsamico and Port Wine reduction/ kaffir lime ice cream
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

這道甜點的主角是烤鳳梨與紅酒漬櫻, 各帶果香與甜度. 自製檸檬葉 Gin 冰淇淋類似緩衝角色. 這一餐幾乎都是吃有鹹度的肉類, 最後吃有甜度的甜點也不錯.
The stars of this dessert are roasted pineapple and Cherries with Port Wine reduction. Each bringing their own fruitiness and sweetness. The homemade lemon leaf gin ice cream plays a role similar to a buffer. After having savory meat throughout the meal, ending with this sweet dessert is quite delightful.




Tea or Coffee
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

Fireplay 套餐有包括餐後飲料, 可選低咖啡因的 GABA 烏龍茶 或是 Geisha 咖啡. Geisha 咖啡並不會像” Holt Taipei” 需要多加錢. 我是選 GABA 烏龍茶 , 不錯喝.
The Fireplay set includes a after meal beverage. You can choose between low-caffeine GABA oolong tea or Geisha coffee. Unlike “Holt Taipei”, there’s no additional charge for Geisha coffee. I choose GABA oolong tea, and it’s quite enjoyable.

延伸閱讀: Holt Taipei 》關於這一家台北米其林一星餐廳的三個重點



Petit Four
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

茶點有巧克力可可軟糖與牛奶焦糖椰子絲甜點. 巧克力軟糖偏甜, 會被蓋住一些GABA 烏龍茶的茶香.
The tea snacks include chocolate cocoa Pâte and milk caramel coconut dessert. The chocolate Pâte is on the sweeter side, and the tea aroma of is somewhat covered.


Wine Pairing

Fireplay 餐廳有請專業侍酒師作為顧問, 設計 Wine Pairing. 有香檳,也有清酒. 店員也十分專業地介紹每一款酒.

FirePlay 餐酒搭配
✅ 6 杯: NTD$2,400 / NTD$2,000
✅ 4 杯: NT$1,600 / NT$1,200
我是選 6 杯 Wine Pairing, 幾乎每一道菜餚都有搭配到一杯酒

Fireplay Restaurant hires professional sommelier for wine pairing consultant. The pairing includes champagne and sake. The server is also professional.

FirePlay Wine Pairing
✅ 6 glasses: NTD$2,400 / NTD$2,000
✅ 4 glasses: NT$1,600 / NT$1,200
I choose 6 glasses wine pairing. Almost each dish can pair with one glass wine.


結論 Conclusion ⭐

✅ Fireplay 有分兩個價位的晚餐套餐 , 同桌需要選同樣價位菜單
燃 Blaze 套餐價格 ( 完整8 道) : NTD $3800 +10%/人
焰 Ignite 套餐價格 (精選5 道) : NTD $2680 + 10%/人
**如果是選 NTD $2680 套餐, 可考慮再加點薩索雞 (NTD $800)

✅ 套餐內容精彩, 會不定期更換. 份量足夠填飽肚子 (這很重要)
✅ 台北 FirePlay 餐廳主打直火料理, 主廚有多年經驗, 直火烹調和羊, 和牛, 甚至薩索雞 (加價)都好吃.搭配的醬也是優點之一
✅ 雖然離台北鬧區有點遠, 但離芝山捷運站非常近 (2~3 分鐘). 最晚可預約到 7:30pm 的位子. 除了有 L型板前區 , 也有2人座與4 ~ 6 人座, 適合朋友聚餐.
✅ 有餐酒搭 (Wine Pairing) 與 無酒精 Pairing.

✅ Fireplay offers two dinner set menu options, and diners at the same table need to choose the same-priced menu.
Blaze Set Menu (8 courses): NTD $3800 +10%/person
Ignite Set Menu (5 courses): NTD $2680 +10%/person
**If you choose NTD $2680 , you can consider add Sasso Chicken for NTD $800.

✅ The set menu content may vary each time but still full of surprises.  The portion sizes are sufficient to satisfy your appetite (which is important).
✅ Taipei FirePlay restaurant specializes in open-fire cooking. The chef, with years of experience of using open fire, prepares dishes , including lamb, Wagyu beef, and even Sasso chicken (with an additional cost).  The accompanying sauces are also noteworthy.
✅  The restaurant is very closed to Zhishan MRT Station (2-3 minutes). The latest reservation time is 7:30 pm. In addition to the L-shaped counter area, there are also tables for 2 and 4-6 people, suitable for gatherings with friends.
✅ They offer wine pairing and non-alcohol pairing .

♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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Fireplay Taipei 餐廳 資訊

Fireplay Taipei Restaurant Information

店名: Fireplay Taipei
地址: 台北市士林區福華路128巷6號 (Map)
捷運站: 芝山捷運站
電話: N/A
Restaurant: Fireplay Taipei
Address: No. 6, 128th Lane, Fuhua Road, Shilin District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby Metro Station: Zhishan Metro station.
Tel: N/A