隱食家 Inns+ 》菜單除了紅糟肉還推薦哪些菜餚

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(二訪 2024.5 更新) 這一家 台北米其林必比登餐廳 的全名是 隱食家.私房菜.餐酒 Inn’s+ , 這次與朋友們輕鬆吃點了隱食家 Inns+ 菜單的一些招牌菜餚.
(2nd visit 2024. 5 Update) Inn’s+ Restaurant is one of the Taipei BIB Gourmand restaurants. This time, my friends and I had a casual dining by ordering Inn’s+ Menu.


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隱食家 Inns+ 訂位 & 低消

Inns+ Reservation & Minimum Charge

隱食家 Inns+ 離中山國小捷運站 一號出口大約 6 ~ 10 分鐘路程, 附近有 “Tutto Bello”. 餐廳裡的裝潢乾淨俐落, 頗為 Modern , 並不是所有台式餐廳都是黃光與懷舊. 餐廳內有大桌也有兩人小桌, 比較特別的莫過於櫃檯上方有空葡萄酒瓶與葡萄酒杯擺設. 隱食家 Inns+ 目前只接受電話 (02-2595-8055 ) , Facebook , Line@ 訂位. 隱食家 Inns+ 晚餐時間每個座位低消為 NTD $600, 不分大人小孩, 中午則是有商業午餐.
Inns+ restaurant is about 6 ~ 10 minutes from Exit 1 of Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station. The restaurant is closed to “Tutto Bello” and Qingguang Market. The restaurant dining environment is modern and clean. There are large tables and small tables as well. The most interesting part would be that there are wines and wine glasses above the counter. Now, you can reserve through phone call ( 02-2595-8055 ), Facebook Line@. Inns+ restaurant dinner minimum charge is NTD $600/per seat (including kids). They have business lunch as well.

延伸閱讀: Tutto Bello 》菜單單點推薦哪些義大利料理?

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隱食家 Inns+ 停車

Inns+ Parking
餐廳旁邊其實有停車位 (圖一) , 只是沒顯示在圖二.
There are a small parking lot next to the restaurant (Picture 1). However, it doesn’t show at picture 2.



隱食家 Inns+ 菜餚推薦排行榜

Inns+ Dishes

隱食家現炸紅糟肉 (小)

Inns+ Crispy Fried Pork (Small)
Price: NTD $320
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

上次吃到滿意的紅糟肉是在 “瘦虎麵屋” , 最大的不同是隱食家 Inns+ 採用肥瘦相間的豬五花, 顏色並不是艷紅色, 而是像炸排骨的顏色, 薄切好分食, 細緻與酥脆並存, 肉香與調味皆適量, 不虧是隱食家的招牌菜餚, 推薦點.
I tasted the similar crispy fried pork at “Formosa Soul Food Restaurant”. The most different part would be that Inns+ restaurant uses both fats and thin pork meat. The color isn’t bright red. Instead, it is a bit like fried pork chop color. The pork slices taste crispy and delicious with fair amount of meaty flavor. It is definitely the signature dish, which I recommend you to order.

延伸閱讀:台北東區平價餐廳 》 瘦虎麵屋 | Taipei Formosa Soul Food



Oyster Fritters
Price: NTD $360
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

需預訂的原因是 蚵仔 Size 需要挑, 更是要準備 2 款不同溫度的炸油. 表面酥脆, 蚵仔保持鮮美且多汁非常不容易. 搭配脆炸後的九層塔更是增添不同風味. 推薦預訂!
The reason for pre-ordering is that the size of the oysters needs to be selected, and two different temperatures of frying oil need to be prepared. The surface is crispy, and the oysters remain fresh and juicy, which is not easy. Paired with crispy fried basil adds a different flavor.




Shrimp Omelette
Price: NTD $420
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

許多客人都點 “東石鮮蚵芙蓉蛋”, 我們是點鮮蝦芙蓉蛋, 鍋裡的芙蓉蛋尚在ㄅㄛㄅㄛ地沸騰, 蝦仁 Size 大也對得起價格, 整體美味. 後來朋友建議- 若是初次拜訪, 建議東石鮮蚵芙蓉蛋比較好.
Many customers order another signature dish – “Oyster Omelette ”. We ordered shrimp omelette instead. When serving, the omelette sis still boiling inside the pot. The shrimp size matches its price. Overall, the shrimp omelette is delicious. My friend told me that if it is first visit, it would be better to order the oyster omelette.



Herbal Drunken Shrimp
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

並沒有預期地苦中藥味, 香氣十足的藥膳風味賦予此道菜餚獨具特色.
There is no expected bitterness, and the aromatic herbal flavor gives this dish a unique character.


手工秘製炸蚵捲 (小)

Deep-Fried Home-made Baby Oyster Roll (Small)
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

端上桌時, 明顯可看到並不只是單純的炸鮮蚵 , 網路提到是採用豬網油包覆餡料,外層薄脆, 整體吃不起來不會太油膩, 可搭配餐廳自家醃製白蘿蔔, 不錯吃.
This dish is not just fried oyster. The news mentioned that the filling is wrapped with lard and fried. The appearance is thin and crispy. It is not too oily. You can pair with their pickled daikon. It is quite delicious.




Marinated Wild Baby Abalones
Price: NTD $200
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

Very suitable as an appetizer.



Braised Shredded Loofah with Dried Scallops
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

絲瓜是我喜歡的食材之一, 微脆不軟爛, 很好吃
Loofah is one of my favorite ingredients. It’s slightly crispy and not mushy, very delicious


古法台式炒米粉 (小)

Inns+ Stir-Fried Rice Noodle
Price: NTD $320
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

許多人到 隱食家 Inns+ 是點土鍋現煮白米飯 (冠軍米) , 我們是點古法台式炒米粉, 與 “儂來會館”最大的不同是 – 隱食家 Inns+ 古法台式炒米粉並沒有吸收許多醬汁而入味, 這一道的炒米粉吃起來頗蓬鬆且不會過於油膩, 里肌肉絲搭配香菇絲與蛋是不敗組合, 我個人蠻喜歡. 可再加餐廳自製辣椒醬增加風味.
Many people order the champion white rice. We ordered the Stir-Fried Rice Noodle. The rice noodle tastes a bit different from “Nong Lai Taipei”. Inns+ Stir-Fried Rice Noodle doesn’t absorb too much sauce. This dish has fluffy texture and not too oily. The pork, mushroom and egg is a great combination. I like it. You can always add their custom-made chili sauce.

延伸閱讀: 儂來會館 Nong Lai Taipei 》二樓可當大包廂的台北台菜餐廳



Fresh and Spicy Stir-Fried Clams
Price: NTD $420
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

份量足夠的標準下酒菜. 隱食家也有販售葡萄酒 , 此款澳洲白酒 NTD $1000 非常划算, 建議 2 ~ 4 人可點一瓶葡萄酒來搭菜
A standard appetizer with enough portion for pairing with drinks.The restaurant also sells wine. This Australian white wine NTD $1000 is very cost-effective. It is recommended to order a bottle of wine for 2 to 4 people.




Sakura Shrimp with Cabbage
Price: NTD $250
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

高麗菜有清脆口感, 搭配櫻花蝦的鮮味, 也可配飯吃
The cabbage has crisp texture. The shrimp is suitable for pairing with rice.




Steamed Tofu with Diced Hot Peppers
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

因為我只吃小辣, 我只吃了兩口, 這種辣是屬於吃了過幾秒鐘才會感受到辣的衝擊, 很適合吃辣的人
Since I only taste mild spicy food, I only taste two bites though. The tastebuds will sense the spicy flavor a few second after tasting it. this dish is suitable for people who like spicy flavor.



Squids with Salty Yolk
Price: NTD $420
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

我只在台灣 “南村 私廚‧小酒棧” 吃過金沙金沙裹大蝦, 在隱食家 Inns+ 吃到的是像西式餐廳吃到的炸魷魚 (Calamari ) , 適量的鹹蛋黃風味讓這一道菜餚有特色, 只是比起其他菜餚, 這道可以等多人用餐再點.
I only tasted Shrimp with Salty Yolk at “44 SV Bistro”. At Inn+ restaurant, this dish is a bit like like calamari. Fair amount of salty egg yolk makes this dish more special. Comparing with other dishes, this dish can wait for more people to order.

延伸閱讀: 南村 私廚‧小酒棧 》忠孝敦化捷運站眷村菜美食 | 44 SV Bistro





Chopped pepper Fish
Price: NTD $900
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

偏辣, 魚肉質嫩香
Overall, it is spicy. But the fish meat texture is tender as always.




Basil Butter Mussels (Seasonal)
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

此為季節性與時價. 我必須說, 我還蠻驚訝有這一道菜餚, 因為偏西式, 淡菜飽滿且如預期地充滿海鮮風味, 不錯吃, 只是我個人比較喜歡 “SAPORI” 的白酒馬祖淡菜.
This dish is seasonal and the price may vary. I am surprised that Inn+ has such western cuisine dish. The mussels are juicy and full of seafood flavor. However, I would prefer the mussels dish from “SAPORI” restaurant.

延伸閱讀: SAPORI 義品味小餐屋 》期待再訪這間台北義大利餐廳



Beef Tendon and Brisket Stew
Price: NTD $480
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

肉嫩筋軟易入口, 不會黏口, 此道很下飯, 如果愛吃牛肉可考慮點.
The meat is tender and easy to taste. This beef pairs great with the rice. If you like beef, you can consider ordering it.



Chinese Crispy Roll
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

我個人比較喜歡 ”泰和樓” 的銀絲卷.
I prefer the Chinese crispy roll at “Taihe House restaurant”.

延伸閱讀: 泰和樓 》被銀絲卷擔誤的台北酸菜白肉鍋 | Taipei Pickled Cabbage Hot Pot



Singaporean Chilli Crab
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: N/A

我不太吃螃蟹, 朋友說不錯吃.
I don’t exactly eat crab. My friend mentioned that it tastes good.



Appetizer – Marinated Wheat Gluten
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

不錯吃, 雖然其他餐廳比較貴, 只是我個人比較喜歡吃 “鼎泰豐”的烤麩.
It tastes good. Even though other restaurant is a bit expensive, I still prefer the marinated wheat gluten at “Din Tai Fung”.

延伸閱讀: Din Tai Fung 2022 》N 訪到我有自己的鼎泰豐菜單 2022 推薦美食排名


結論 Conclusion ⭐

隱食家 Inns+ 雖然裝潢 Modern , 家常菜餚也都不錯吃, 我個人也比較喜歡環境乾淨的用餐環境

建議四個人初訪, 建議菜餚如下
✅ 隱食家現炸紅糟肉
✅ 手工秘製炸蚵捲 or 蚵仔酥(需預訂)
✅ 藥膳活醉蝦
✅ 炒青菜 (櫻花蝦高麗菜) or  瑤柱燴小玉絲瓜
✅ 東石鮮蚵芙蓉蛋 or 鮮蝦芙蓉蛋
✅ 醃椒蒸豆腐 (如果喜歡吃辣)
✅ 古法台式炒米粉 or 土鍋現煮白米飯 (冠軍米)
✅ 可點一瓶酒, 四人分享

Inns+ restaurant decoration is modern and clean. The dishes taste above average.

I would suggest for 4 people to dine for their first visit.
✅ Inns+ Crispy Fried Pork
✅ Deep-Fried Home-made Baby Oyster Roll or Oyster Fritters (Need to Reserve)
✅ Herbal Drunken Shrimp
✅ Stir Fried Vegetable (Cabbage with sakura shrimp ) or  Braised Shredded Loofah with Dried Scallops
✅ Shrimp Omelette or Oyster Omelette
✅ Steamed Tofu with Diced Hot Peppers (If you like to eat spicy food)
✅ Inns+ Stir-Fried Rice Noodle or Champion white rice
✅ Order a bottle of wine for sharing


隱食家 Inns+ 資訊

Inns+ Restaurant Information

店名: 隱食家 Inns+
地址: 台北市中山區雙城街28巷8號(Map)
捷運站: 中山國小捷運站
電話: 02-2595-8055
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacklovesVivien/
Restaurant: Inns+ Restaurant
Address: No. 8, 28th Lane, Shuangcheng Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station:Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station
Tel: 02-2595-8055


隱食家 Inns+ Menu

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