SAPORI 義品味小餐屋 》期待再訪這間台北義大利餐廳

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SAPORI 義品味小餐屋是許多饕客的台北義式餐廳推薦, Sapori 菜單並不存在, 這裡只有前梅帝騎餐酒館主廚 Riccardo Ghironi 準備的小白板菜餚.
SAPORI d’Italia is one of the Taipei Italian Restaurant recommendation. Sapori menu doesn’t exist. There is only white board menus (Today’s Special) from Chef Riccardo Ghironi, who worked at Taverna De ‘ Medici.

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Sapori 訂位

Sapori Reservation

Sapori 義大利餐廳離南京復興捷運站8號出口約10 分鐘距離, 地址在台北市中山區長春路376號, 餐廳裝潢比 “PASTi Trattoria” 更樸實, 有單人高腳椅也有 2 ~ 4 人座位. 我建議預先訂位, Sapori 採用電話訂位 02-2712-9971 , 而且可在電話裡預訂菜餚, 這裡也可以包場.
Sapori Italian restaurant is about 10 minutes walking distance from Exit 8 of Nangkin Fuxin MRT station. The restaurant decoration is even simpler than “PASTi Trattoria” . There are single person seats and 2 ~ 4 people seating area. I would suggest to reserve first. Using phone call ( 02-2712-9971 ) is better since you can discuss reserved dishes on the phone. You can also reserve the whole restaurant seats.

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Sapori 低消 & 價位

Sapori Minimum Charge & Price

2022年5月低消是一人一份餐點, 之後可能會改變. 請注意 Sapori 義大利餐廳只收現金, 不收信用卡. 其實 Sapori 菜單就是小白板的 Today’s Specials , Sapori 價位其實算是中上, 畢竟 Riccardo Ghironi 主廚曾是台北 “梅帝騎小酒館” 主廚, 梅帝騎小酒館曾得過紅蝦評鑑一叉. 當天朋友是包場,  主廚決定菜單, 價格是 NTD $2200/人.
2022 May minimum charge is one dish per person. It might change in the future. Please note that Sapori only accept cash instead of credit card. Sapori’s menu is on the white board. Honestly, Sapori price is above average among Taipei Italian restaurant. After all, Chef Riccardo Ghironi worked at Taverna De ‘ Medici Bistro before, which won Gambero Rosso International. My friend reserved the whole restaurant and the chef decided the menu. So, the price is NTD $2200/person.

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Sapori 商業午餐

Sapori Business Lunch

SAPORI 義品味小餐屋有商業午餐 , 只有簡單的義大利麵 (圖一) , 並沒有我文章裡的這些菜餚.
SAPORI has business lunch with simply pasta (Pic 1). It doesn’t have those dishes that I had.


Sapori 菜餚 – 前菜

Sapori Dish – Appetizer


Foie Gras with Truffle Pâté Pie
Price: NTD $680
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

近期在台北餐廳吃到很多“完整鴨肝”, 例如 ”Jarana 餐廳 “ 與 “Fermi Pasta ”. 雖然鴨肝松露派聽起來像是法式菜餚, 但是在許多義大利餐廳菜單上都有. SAPORI 鴨肝松露派視覺筆挺, 而且一看就知道成功且酥脆的酥皮, 份量可切成四人份, 肥嫩鴨肝吃起來不會苦, 微甜蘋果內餡是個驚喜, 松露反而不是最有印象的食材, 若有平常有在吃鴨肝 , 建議四人就可以點來分享.
Recently in Taipei restaurants, you can taste the “whole” Foie Gras at ”Jarana “ and “Fermi Pasta”. Even though this dish name sounds like French cuisine, but many Italian restaurant has this dish. SAPORI ’s Foie Gras with Truffle Pâté Pie appearance is perfect. You can slice the Pâté Pieinto for 4 people to share. Apple pairs with Foie Gras filling is a surprise. The truffle doesn’t leave an obvious impression though. If you like Foie Gras, you can order one for 4 people to share.

延伸閱讀: Fermi Pasta 》訂位困難的台北手工義大利麵餐廳

延伸閱讀: Jarana Taipei 》菜單除了西班牙鴨肝麵外還點哪些菜餚




Chef Salad
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

義大利摩典那巴薩米克醋是重點, 我是肉食者, 沙拉對我來說不是很重要.
Italian balsamic vinegar sauce is the key point. I am a meat lover. Salad is not that important to me.


Sapori 菜餚 – 主菜

Sapori Dish – Main Course

美國 Prime 帶骨肋眼牛排 1 KG

US Prime Bone-in Ribeye Steak 1KG
Price: NTD $3980
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

請預訂此菜餚 , 份量適合 4 ~ 6 人, 老闆娘將牛排旁的迷迭香點火, 視覺感十足, 但是我相信在座的朋友們都只 Focus 在切得工整的肋眼牛排, 看到粉嫩色系與肉汁就知道肋眼牛排吃起來嫩度十足, 我個人本來就喜歡美國牛排的濃郁肉香,即使價格是中上, 這道牛排我覺得不錯, 以義大利餐廳牛排標準, Sapori 贏過 “ Vice Versa餐廳 “.
Please reserve this dish. The quantity is suitable for 4 ~ 6 people. The staff/boss’s wife light up the rosemary, which brings a great image display. But, I believe that most people are focusing at the Ribeye Steak. The pink image and juiciness brings the tender texture to this steak. I am a US steak lover since I like the thick meaty flavor. Even though the price is above average, It tastes quite good. With Italian restaurant steak standard, Sapori won “Vice Versa Restaurant”.

延伸閱讀: Vice Versa 餐廳 》六人在這家台北餐酒館點什麼 (內有菜單)

延伸閱讀: 台北牛排推薦 (分區) 》Taipei Steak House Recommendation (By District)



Lamb with Almond Paste
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: N/A

這一道是給不吃牛的人吃, 所以我沒有吃這道.
This dish is for people who do not eat beef. So, I didnt try it.


Sapori 菜餚 – 海鮮

Sapori Dish – Seafood


Pan-Fried Octopus Tentacles
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

因為我們是包場, 我沒有單點價格, 請預訂此菜餚, 章魚腳在台北義大利餐廳很常見, 我在 “Solo Pasta “ , “Divino Taipei” 與 “Radici Taipei” 都吃過章魚腳. SAPORI 義品味小餐屋的章魚腳是最像 “Solo Pasta” , 我對微焦香的香氣完全沒有抵抗力, 章魚腳也好切易入口, 不錯吃, 我喜歡薯泥與風乾番茄, 我倒是有故意避開甜菜根醬, 完全個人喜好.
Since we reserve the whole restaurant, I do not have this dish’s price. Please reserve this dish. Octopus Tentacles is quite common. I tried the similar dish at “Solo Pasta “ , “Divino Taipei” and “Radici Taipei” . I love the semi-grilling aroma from this dish. The octopus tentacles at Sapori restaurant is more like “Solo Pasta”. It is easy to cut. Overall, it tastes good along with mashed potato and dried tomato. But, I avoid beetroot sauce for personal preference.

延伸閱讀: RADICI TAIPEI 》有戶外座位的台北大稻埕餐酒館

延伸閱讀: DiVino Taipei 》適合朋友小酌聚餐的台北義大利餐酒館 ( 內有菜單 )

延伸閱讀: Solo Pasta Taipei 》除了拿坡里燉章魚還推薦點什麼



Matsu Mussels with White Wine
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

因為我們是包場, 我沒有單點價格, 我本來以為這一道菜餚的主角是馬祖淡菜, 可惜淡菜沒有預期地飽滿, 這一道菜餚有附麵包, 沾著盆裡的湯汁與香料反而讓在座饕客印象深刻.
Since we reserve the whole restaurant, I do not have this dish’s price. I thought that Matsu Mussel is the main character. But, it turns out that the mussel is not as large as expected. This dish comes with breads. The broth and spices leaves a great impression among our friends.


Sapori 菜餚 – 麵食

Sapori Dish – Pasta


Potato Gnocchi with ground sausage and belle pepper
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

因為我們是包場, 我沒有單點價格. 其實許多台灣人不喜歡點麵疙瘩 , 因為偏單調, SAPORI 主廚則是加入肉香四溢的香腸肉末與甜椒作為點綴, 起司更是誘人, 看起來與其他義大利餐廳的奶白色視覺就是不同 (例如: “Piccola Botega” ), 整體調味不錯, 至於口感部分, 我個人比較喜歡 “ Fermi Pasta “麵疙瘩微酥口感.
Since we reserve the whole restaurant, I do not have this dish’s price. Many Taiwanese do not order Gnocchi because the display tend to be too simple (boring). Sapori Chef adds ground sausage ,belle pepper, and the cheese at this dish. It is tomato sauce base, which is different from other creamy sauce ( such as at “Piccola Botega” ). Overall, it is tasty. But, as for texture, I still prefer “Fermi Pasta” crispy Gnocchi.

延伸閱讀: Piccola Botega 》 華山文創園區美食餐酒館 | Taipei Bistro

延伸閱讀: Fermi Pasta 》訂位困難的台北手工義大利麵餐廳


主廚家鄉麵食 – Testaroli

Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

因為我們是包場, 我沒有單點價格. 剛端上桌時, 老闆娘就提到這款麵是 Testaroli , 是我沒聽過的義大利麵, 她也提到這款麵是主廚老闆義大利的家鄉麵食, 我 Google了一下, 主廚家鄉應該就是 Lunigiana 地區 , 三角型狀義大利麵很新奇, 比較可惜的是跟上ㄧ道麵疙瘩皆是番茄醬底, 希望有不同醬底.
Since we reserve the whole restaurant, I do not have this dish’s price. While serving, the staff/ chef wife mentioned that the pasta is Testaroli. This pasta is a signature dish from Chef’s home region. I assume that Chef is from Lunigiana region. The triangle shape is interesting. However, the last dish is also tomato base. I wish that there is different sauce base.


Sapori 菜餚 – 甜點

Sapori Dish – Dessert


Whiskey Pudding
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

因為我們是包場, 我沒有單點價格, 將威士忌甜醬倒到布丁表層, 酒味對不喝威士忌的人可能會偏濃郁, 我個人建議都已經來到 Sapori , 建議至少吃一口 Sapori 招牌甜點 – 威士忌布丁.
Since we reserve the whole restaurant, I do not have this dish’s price. You would need to pour the whiskey sweet sauce at the appearance. The whisky aroma and flavor might be a bit strong for people who do not drink whisky. I would suggest at least one bite on this signature dessert – Whiskey Flan.


10 吋 莓果塔

10 inch Berry Tart
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

因為我們是包場, 我沒有單點價格, 這裡也沒有販售單片. 那時我們吃的時候是草莓季節, 整體還不錯吃, 這一款很適合包場的時候吃, 預訂一整個, 一人分一片.
Since we reserve the whole restaurant, I do not have this dish’s price. And they do not offer single slice. Since it was Strawberry season back than, the overall taste is quite good. I would suggest to reserve a whole 10 inch, and ask the restaurant to slices.


結論 Conclusion ⭐

SAPORI 義品味小餐屋不錯吃, Sapori 價位在台北義大利餐廳其實算是中上, 菜餚是偏家庭式 (這是好事) . 由於是小白板菜單, 每天的菜餚會更換, 這裡需要訂位, 我個人還是會建議有些菜餚需要預訂.

我會建議四人去, 預訂菜餚如下.
✅ 鴨肝松露派
✅ 香煎章魚腳
✅ 威士忌布丁
✅ 美國 Prime 帶骨肋眼牛排 1 KG
✅ 小白板菜餚 X 1 ~ 2 道

Sapori Restaurant is pretty decent. Among Taipei Italian restaurant, the price is actually above average. The cuisine is toward family cuisine style (it is a good thing). Because it is Today’s Special menu, each day dish would be different. I would suggest to reserve seats and reserve some dishes.

I would suggest 4 people to dine here. It is better to reserve the following.
✅ Foie Gras with Truffle Pâté Pie
✅ Pan-Fried Octopus Tentacles
✅ Whiskey Flan
✅ US Prime Bone-in Ribeye Steak 1KG
✅ 1 ~ 2 dish from the white board.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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SAPORI 義品味小餐屋 資訊

SAPORI Information

店名: SAPORI 義品味小餐屋
地址: 台北市中山區長春路376號 (Map)
捷運站: 南京復興捷運站
電話: 02-2712-9971
Restaurant: Sapori Italian Restaurant
Address: No. 376, Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Nangkin Fuxin MRT station
Tel: 02-2712-9971