PASTi Trattoria 》關於這一家台北義大利餐廳的五個重點

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應該沒有人不知道這一家 台北米其林餐盤義大利餐廳 吧 ? 這篇文章會包括大家最關心的 PASTi Trattoria 菜單 (套餐制) , 訂位方式... 等五個重點.
Most people know about this particular Michelin Plate Italian restaurant. This article will include five remarks – including PASTi Trattoria menu (set) , reservation…etc.

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台北義大利餐廳 Taipei Italian Restaurant List

延伸閱讀: 台北義大利餐廳列表 》Taipei Italian Restaurant

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PASTi Trattoria 訂位

PASTi Trattoria Reservation

PASTi Trattoria 位於台北市南港區中南街30號, 最靠近南港展覽館捷運站, 週邊環境很樸實, 很難想像在南港區有這一家米其林餐盤推薦餐廳, PASTi Trattoria 訂位只能用 inline ( Link: ), 不能 Walk-In. 菜單是以套餐制的方式, 請務必詳細閱讀餐廳規則, 尤其是 – 若是一人遲到或是訂位者 no show, 餐廳有權可以取消整組訂位.
PASTi Trattoria Italian restaurant is located at No. 30, Zhongnan Street, Nangang District, Taipei. It is near Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. It is hard to imagine that there is a Michelin Plate restaurant near this area. You can only reserve seats via inline ( Link: ). You cannot walk-in. They only have Set menu. Please read their policy/rule carefully, especially – if one person is late or no show, the restaurant has the right to cancel the whole table’s reservation.

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PASTi Trattoria 停車

PASTi Trattoria Parking

我個人會建議搭捷運或是 Taxi / Uber, 避免遲到被取消訂位. 雖然截圖看起來很多停車場, 但是不一定有車位.
I would suggest to take taxi, Uber or MRT to avoid to be late. The picture seemed to have lots of parking lots. But it doesn’t mean that it has parking spaces.


PASTi Trattoria 適合哪些人⭐

Who are suitable to dine in PASTi Trattoria

詳讀 PASTi Trattoria 訂位與餐廳規則後, 覺得應該要先提醒你們以下備註, 與適合哪些人:
After reading PASTi Trattoria reservation page, I should remind you to following remark and suitable person:


✅ 適合不遲到也不早退的人

Suitable for people who are not late or leave early

若是一人遲到或是訂位者 No Show, 餐廳有權可以現場取消「⠀整組⠀」 訂位, 且收食材費用, 如果你會晚到,早退, 或是不定期加班與輪班, 為了你的同桌朋友著想, 請自行斟酌.
If one person is late or no show, the restaurant has the right to cancel the「 whole table’s 」 reservation. If you are a person that can’t be sure about your schedule, please take it into consideration that you might cause troubles to your friends.


✅ 適合中午 12 點整 或 6 點半吃飯的人

Suitable for people who can eat at 12 noon sharp and 6:30 pm sharp

基本上, PASTi Trattoria 用餐時間需要 3.5 ~ 4 小時, 雖然餐廳沒有用餐時間限制, 但是訂位時間建議12 點整 或 6 點半.
Basically, you would need 3.5 ~ 4 hours to dine in PASTi Trattoria. Even though there is no time limit to dine here, it is better to set the reservation time at 12 noon sharp or 6:30pm sharp.


✅ 可接受當日菜單價格「 可能 」會比訂位網站寫得高的人

Suitable for people who can accept the final menu price might be higher than the website statement

訂位頁面裡的文字提到 每人 NTD $3,500「 起 」, 文字的意思就是餐廳當日菜單價格可能會比訂位網站寫得高, 請有心理準備, PASTi Trattoria 與 omasake 單一價格規則不同. 這裡可刷信用卡.
The reservation page states that NTD $3500「 + 」/per person. This literally means that the daily set price might be vary, mostly higher. PASTi Trattoria set price policy is different from omasake price policy. You can use credit card here.


✅ 可接受 IL MIGLIOR MENÙ  套餐且不能指定菜餚的人

Suitable for people who can accept restaurant’s menu selection even though you have allergy.

PASTi Trattoria 菜單是 “ IL MIGLIOR MENÙ ”, 就是看當日有哪些食材, 再決定菜單, 所以當日菜單不一定會有知名的烤白帶魚捲煙燻起司或金殼蝦, 並不能指定菜餚, PASTi Trattoria 在訂位頁面也寫到「 不接待 」有相關飲食禁忌、過敏或素食者, 此外, 不喜歡橄欖油的人也不適合來這裡.
PASTi Trattoria menu is IL MIGLIOR MENÙ. It means that the daily menu is decided on which ingredients that they have. Therefore, daily menu might not have the famous Pesce Spatola or grilled Grape Shrimp shrimp. You can not ask for  particular dish. Their policy states that they can not accommodate guests with special meal requests (vegan or vegetarian) and allergies or celiac disease. Also, if you don’t like Olive Oil, you are not suitable to dine here.



PASTi Trattoria 菜單 & 價格

PASTi Trattoria Menu & Price

當天用餐的 PASTi Trattoria 菜單價格是 NTD $3800/人 , 符合訂位頁面提到的 NTD $3500「 起 」 , 整體來說是不錯吃. 我並沒有多做筆記, 只寫出當天最喜歡的三道菜餚-
We are charged with NTD $3800/per person. Overall, it is pretty yummy. I didn’t take many notes though. So, I can only write three of my favorite dishes of the day.

✅ 白帶魚捲煙燻起司

Silverfish Roll with smoked cheese filling

這一道菜餚在台北 500 盤裡得到三盤, 店員解釋這一道白帶魚捲煙燻起司是餐廳老闆到義大利阿瑪菲海岸學到的漁夫料理之一, 外型類似我在 “草頭西” 吃到的尖梭魚卷, 切下炙烤微脆外層時,存在感十足的煙燻起司內餡流出, 柔嫩魚肉與鹹香起司入口是一大享受, 搭配義大利橄欖油更加誘人與好吃, 在等待下一道菜餚的同時, 我才在想煙燻起司是不是 義大利煙燻斯卡莫札起司 ( Scamorza Affumicata ). 可惜一人只能吃一個.
The staff mentioned that the chef/owner visited Italy Amalfi Coast and learned this local dish. The appearance looks like the dish that I tasted at “Catouxi Bistro“. When I cut the grilled and crispy fish appearance, the smoked cheese filling appeared. Eating the silverfish with cheese is a great dining experience along with the Italian olive oil. While waiting for the next dish, I was thinking if the cheese is Scamorza Affumicata cheese. It is sad that one person can only eat one unit.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Bistro 》搬家後訂位困難的草頭西餐酒館值得再訪


✅ 野生金殼蝦

Grilled Grape Shrimp with EVOO

PASTi Trattoria 專攻新鮮食材, 餐廳網站上提到新鮮海鮮皆來自漁港, 一人可以吃兩隻蝦,金殼蝦是葡萄蝦, 是少數可以做成頂級日本刺身的蝦類, 再沾 PASTi 的精選義大利 Olio Mimì 品牌特級初榨橄欖油 , 不違和, 反而增加濃郁綠葉香氣, 不錯吃.
PASTi Trattoria focuses on fresh seafoods. The restaurant website mentioned that their fresh seafood are from the harbor. Everyone can have two grilled grape shrimps. The grape shrimp is the top-level shrimp that can be made into sashimi. Pairing with Italian Olio Mimì EVOO is great and increases the overall dish fair amount of grassy aroma. Overall, it is delicious.


✅ 瑪格麗特


大家都知道 PASTi Trattoria 最厲害的是海鮮, 那紅肉如何? 當店員介紹這一道是瑪格麗特, 我本來以為會是 Pizza. 孰不知盤裡出現的是台灣溫體牛肉, 蕃茄醬與起司. 很多人不知道台灣溫體牛肉比進口牛肉貴, 也比較稀少, 幾滴橄欖油是輔助, 牛肉,起司,番茄醬才是受歡迎且好吃的三重奏主角.
Everyone knows that PASTi Trattoria is famous for its seafood, what about red meat dish? When the staff mentioned that this dish is called Margherita, I thought it was a pizza. Surprisingly, the dish is combined with Taiwanese beef, tomato sauce, and cheese. Many people do not know that Taiwanese beef is more rare and expensive than imported beef. Few drops of EVOO is a plus. The combination with beef, cheese and tomato sauce is quite delicious.



PASTi Trattoria Wine Pairing

Let’s go straight to the points

✅ PASTi Trattoria 沒有 Wine Pairing, 帶酒需要付 NTD $500/瓶 , 可是沒有開瓶服務, 可點店內750ml葡萄酒抵免費用,一瓶抵一瓶.
PASTi Trattoria does not have wine pairing. You can pay NTD $500/per bottle to bring your own alcohols. However, it is not corkage fee since they don’t offer the open-corkage service. You can also order one of the 750ml wine in the restaurant in order to deduct the NTD $500.


✅ PASTi Trattoria 有販售義大利 House Wine 單杯酒, 不定期更換, 帳單有將兩杯單杯酒價格列出 NTD $320 與 NTD $380.
PASTi Trattoria restaurant offers Italian House wine single glass. The wine seleciton may vary. The bill lists out each single glass’s price – NTD $320 and NTD $380.


✅ PASTi Trattoria 提供義大利 Lauretana 天然氣泡水, NTD $100/瓶.
PASTi Trattoria offer Italian Lauretana brand water. The price is NTD $100/bottle.


✅ PASTi Trattoria 的 Expreso 並沒有包括在套餐裡, 價格為 NTD $80/杯
The expresso does not include in the set menu. The price is NTD $80/cup



PASTi Trattoria 資訊

PASTi Trattoria Information

店名: PASTi Trattoria
地址: 台北市南港區中南街30號 (Map)
捷運站: 南港展覽館捷運站
電話: 02-2785-1588
Restaurant: PASTi Trattoria
Address: No. 30, Zhongnan Street , Nangang District, Taipei (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center MRT station.