Taipei Tonkatsu 》富士豬排菜單點什麼 ( 內有訂位方式 )

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新開幕的 富士豬排 とんかつ富士 位於台北健康路上, 富士豬排菜單 除了厚切富士豬排有名外 , 大海老炸蝦也很受歡迎.
Newly-opened Fuji Tonkatsu restaurant is one of the Songshan District restaurants. Fuji Tonkatsu menu is famous for its Signature Thick-Sliced Fuji Tonkatsu Set and Fried Shrimp.

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富士豬排 訂位

Fuji Tonkatsu Restaurant Reservation

富士豬排位於台北市松山區健康路50號1樓, 離台北小巨蛋站5號出口只需 5 ~ 10 分鐘路程, 也是台北民生社區美食之一. 餐廳招牌除了富士豬排 Logo 外, 也寫著靜岡御殿場與日式豬排, 最特別的是店面有單一窗口寫著「⠀外帶取餐⠀」,富士豬排也有提供 “ Uber Eat” ( ). 餐廳內有許多座位, 也有單人座位. 當天用餐是週末中午, 客人很多. 富士豬排訂位是用 inline ( ) , 可以訂到8人, 很適合家庭聚餐.
Fuji Tonkatsu restaurant is located at No. 50 , Jiankang Road, Songshan District, Taipei. It is near Exit 5 of Taipei Arena MRT station about 5 ~ 10 minutes. It is one of the Mingshen Community Restaurants. The restaurant also offer Uber Eat service ( ) with independent pick-up window. There are many dining seats (even with one person seat). You would need to reserve seats via inline ( ). Fuji Tonkatsu Restaurant is also suitable for Family gathering.


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富士豬排 菜餚

Fuji Tonkatsu Dishes


Signature Thick-Sliced Fuji Tonkatsu Set
Price: NTD $329
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這裡是用掃描 QRCode 點菜, 這一道厚切富士豬排套餐是餐廳的招牌, 230g 的豬排份量有誠意 , 麵衣裹滿裹好且均勻, 豬排外皮酥脆且沒有油耗味, 豬排與“KATSU 鑫” 的豬排一樣有經過熟成, 吃起來每一口都是粉嫩多汁, 除了桌上的豬排醬外, 也可以沾一旁的黃芥末醬, 增加風味, 整體不錯吃. 套餐的味噌湯與米飯也很優質.
You would need to order via QR code. Signature Thick-Sliced Fuji Tonkatsu Set is their signature dish. 230g fried pork chop is quite large. The pork chop is coated evenly and crispy. Similar with “Katsu Restaurant”, the pork itself is wet aged. Each bite is tender and juicy. Besides the pork chop sauce, you can also dip the mustard sauce to increase flavors. Overall, it is yummy. The miso soup and rice at the set are both good too.

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大海老炸蝦 (單點)

Fried Shrimp
Price: NTD $160
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我是單點大海老炸蝦, Size 頗為驚豔, 富士豬排的大海老炸蝦吃起來比其他餐廳細緻, 蝦肉也有存在感. 如果兩人吃, 可點來分享.
I ordered one unit Fried Shrimp. The shrimp size is much larger than expected. The fried shrimp meat tastes much tender than others. If there are two people, you guys can order one to share.


結論 Conclusion ⭐

如果你剛好在小巨蛋捷運站附近, 我會推薦富士豬排餐廳, 如果沒有執著厚切富士豬排菜餚, 可點「 大海老炸蝦里肌豬排套餐 」(如圖)
If you are looking for a restaurant near Taipei Arena MRT station, I would recommend Fuji Tonkatsu restaurant. If you don’t want to order their thick-sliced signature set, you can order to combo「 pork + shrimp set 」(Picture 1).



富士豬排 資訊

Fuji Tonkatsu Information

店名: 富士豬排
地址: 台北市松山區健康路50號1樓 (Map)
捷運站: 小巨蛋捷運站
電話: 02-2718-5633
Restaurant: Fuji Tonkatsu
Address: No. 50 , Jiankang Road, Songshan District, Taipei (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Taipei Arena MRT station
Tel: 02-2718-5633


富士豬排 菜單

Fuji Tonkatsu Menu