又一間商行 Spaghetti 》菜單除了義大利麵還推薦點什麼

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( 2023.7 更新) 新開幕又一間商行 Spaghetti 賣起義大利麵 , 菜單不僅清炒義大利麵好吃, 青醬中卷與紅茶也值得一試. 我會用排名方式來寫這一篇文章.
(2023.7 Update) Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti Restaurant is one of the 2022 new restaurants near Nangjin Fuxin MRT station. Besides spaghetti, they also offer calamari and black tea.

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又一間商行 Spaghetti 外送

Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti Delivery

又一間商行 Spaghetti 的地址為台北市松山區興安街192號, 離南京復興站約 10 ~ 15 分鐘路程, 與 “長勝君捲蛋餅” 都在興安街上, 餐廳內有吧台一人座位, 也有兩人座位, 目前不提供訂位服務, 只能 Walk-In, 只收現金, 又一間商行 Spaghetti 外送是 Ubereat ( Link: https://reurl.cc/an45D3 ), 請注意看 Google 公告的營業時間, 2022.5月是下午有營業, 晚上反而 6 pm 關門, 以後可能會更改.
Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti address is No. 192 , Xinan Street, Songshan District, Taipei. It is about 10 ~ 15 minutes walking distance. It is located at the same street as “Champion Omelet”. There are one seat counter seating area and two-people seats table. Now, you can only walk-in and they only accept cash. Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti delivery link is Ubereat ( Link: https://reurl.cc/an45D3 ). Please note that their operation hour. 2022. May they open at the afternoon but closes at 6pm. The operation hour might change in the future.

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又一間商行 Spaghetti 菜餚排名

Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti Dishes Rank



Spaghetti with Chinese Bacon and Salted Duck Egg
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

很久沒吃中式臘肉的我還蠻喜歡, 臘肉不會過硬, 份量多, 偏重口味, 建議點他們的經典熱帶紅茶來搭配
I like this dish since it has been a long time that I tasted Chinese bacon. The texture is not too hard. There are fair amount of quantity. It is a bit heavy but you can always pair with their Black Tea.





Spaghetti with Mussel, Clam and Shrimp
Price: NTD $370
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

到ㄧ家義大利麵餐廳, 我通常都會點海鮮類義大利麵,就像我去“麵日和”都會點海瓜子義大利麵. 入座點完後, 店家端上一小杯蝦高湯, 店員解釋「淡菜蛤蜊蝦義大利麵 」是用自家熬煮的蝦高湯來清炒, 而不是常見的白酒, 此道義大利麵的海鮮配料份量賣 NTD $350 很合理. 光是捲起義大利麵時, 也可以聞到微濃的鮮香, 每一口更是海鮮風味十足, 麵體夠al dente, 淡菜更是飽滿, 整體好吃, 我會推薦給喜歡吃海鮮類義大利麵的人.
I always order seafood pasta, just like I enjoy clam pasta at “Men Biyori”. After seating, the staff offers small cup of shrimp broth. She also mentioned that the restaurant uses their custom-made shrimp broth to stir-fried the pasta. The seafood quantity is reasonable considering with the price is NTD $350. When I start eating the pasta, I can actually smell the seafood aroma. Every bite of pasta is with al dente texture. The mussels are juicy. Overall, it is delicious. I will recommend to people who prefer seafood.

延伸閱讀: Men Biyori 》麵日和是台北平價義大利麵推薦 Top 1 (文內有排名)

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娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount



Cheese Cake
Price: NTD $150
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我沒有吃過他們的義式巧克力布丁, 因為是週末限定. 以餐廳類型與價格, 他們的輕乳酪蛋糕不錯吃.
I havent tried their Burnet dessert since it is weekend only. Their cheese cake is pretty yummy considering their restaurant type and price.



Fried Calamari (Squid)
Price: NTD $210
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

新鮮炸中卷吃起來鮮脆, 並不會過於油膩或是炸焦, 不管是單吃或是沾一旁的羅勒青醬都不錯吃, 炸中卷比 “ Pizza Perse” 與 “A Mano Pizza Taipei” 美味許多, 不同於 “KUKUI POKE TAIPEI” 風乾蓮藕脆片,又一間商行 Spaghetti 則是炸蓮藕片, 吃起來更加酥脆, 兩人可點來分享, 我二訪是自己一個人吃這一盤.
The fried fresh squid is crispy without oily texture. You can eat the calamari with or without the basil green dip sauce. The calamari tastes way better than “Pizza Perse” and “A Mano Pizza Taipei”. Different from “KUKUI POKE TAIPEI” air-dried lotus root, Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti lotus root is fried. It tastes quite crispy. Two people can share this dish. In my second visit, I finish eating this dish by my own.

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Black Tea
Price: NTD $50
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

不會澀, 微甜, 紅茶風味也香, 我自己一個人也可以喝完.
The black tea tastes a bit of sweet with black tea aroma. I can finish this black tea alone.




Spaghetti with Chicken and Kale
Price: NTD $270
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

再訪之前有先查詢看近期最受歡迎的義大利麵是哪一款, 答案是雞肉羽衣甘藍義大利麵, 雞肉塊並不會過乾, 比預期地嫩, 番茄酸度襯托出雞肉的微肉香. 若是不喜歡海鮮或是豬肉, 倒是可以點這一道試試, 我個人依舊會選 “臘肉鹹蛋義大利麵”或是 “淡菜蛤蜊蝦義大利麵”
I checked before which spaghetti is the most popular dish lately. The answer is “Spaghetti with Chicken and Kale”. The chicken is not too dry, but yet tender than expected. The acidity from the tomato enhances the slightly meaty flavor from the chicken meat. If you don’t like the seafood or pork, you can try this dish. However, I personally will still order Spaghetti with bacon and salted duck egg dish or Spaghetti with mussel, clam, and shrimp dish.


Turnip Cake
Price: NTD $120
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

其實又一間商行 Spaghetti 並不是一家義大利餐廳, 菜單除了有鹹蛋臘肉義大利麵外, 也有另一款在其他義式餐廳吃不到的菜餚 – 紅醬蘿蔔糕. 將港式蘿蔔糕酥炸, 外酥內軟的口感, 搭配有蕃茄底的醬料, 不會辣, 也不會過於油膩. 這份比較適合兩人分享.
Actually, Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti Restaurant is not an Italian restaurant. Besides Pasta with Salty egg and pork, there is another dish – Turnip Cake. The chef fried the Cantonese Turnip Cake and pairs with the tomato based sauce. It tastes crispy on the outside but soft in the inside. It is not spicy nor oily. The dish is better for two people to share.



Price: NTD $140
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

其實初訪的時候, 我是點午間套餐 (NTD $150) – 脆薯 + 熱帶紅茶, 我個人比較喜歡吃單純的脆薯, 一旁的美乃滋沾醬被我冷落, 只沾了2 ~ 3 條薯條, 整體我個人覺得還好.
In my first visit, I actually order Lunch Set (NTD $150) – Fries + Black Tea. I personally prefer fries without sauce. I only dip 2 ~ 3 fries into the mayo sauce.It tastes all right.



結論 Conclusion ⭐

我會 N 訪, 應該會跟麵日和一樣刷完菜單, 我個人會建議一人或是兩人去又一間商行 Spaghetti.
I will re-visit again. I probably will finish tasting the whole menu in the future. I will suggest one or two people to visit this restaurant.



又一間商行 Spaghetti 資訊

Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti Information

店名: 又一間商行 Spaghetti
地址: 台北市松山區興安街192號 (Map)
捷運站: 南京復興捷運站
電話: 02-2715-1500
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yuyijianyu/
Restaurant: Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti
Address: No. 192 , Xinan Street, Songshan District, Taipei (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Nanjian Fuxin MRT station
Tel: 02-2715-1500



又一間商行 Spaghetti 菜單 ⭐

Yu Yi Jian Spaghetti Menu