KUKUI POKE TAIPEI 》原來夏威夷生魚波奇飯可以很美味 (內有菜單)

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(結束營業) KUKUI POKE 生魚波奇飯台北 2021 新開幕餐廳 , 這間民生社區美食餐廳 也在我的台北夏威夷生魚拌飯推薦名單上.
(Closed Down) Kukui Poke is on my Taipei Poke Bowl recommendation list. It is opened at 2021. It is also a restaurant at Taipei Mingsheng Community.

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2021 新開幕 KUKUI POKÉ 生魚波奇飯餐廳位於民生社區, 地址在台北市松山區民生東路四段117-1號, 離小巨蛋站與中山國中捷運站約 15- 20 分鐘的路程, 先點餐付錢後入坐, 用餐完後, 自己再將盤子放到廚房回收台窗口.
2021 new restaurant Kukui Poke is located at Mingsheng Community. The nearby MRT stations are Zhongshan Junior High school and Taipei Arena MRT Station with 15 ~ 20 minutes walking distance. You would need to order and pay prior seating. After finishing the meal, you would need to bring the empty plate to the returning area near the kitchen.

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KUKUI POKÉ Delivery & To-Go

這裡可以內用, 也可外帶. 外送則是採用 “inline 線上點餐“ (連結: https://reurl.cc/vg7ove ) .
You can dine-in and order to-go. You can also use the “inline order” (Link: https://reurl.cc/vg7ove ) for delivery.



KUKUI POKÉ 的 Poke Bowl 有分大Size 與 小 Size.差別並不是容器的大小, 而是蛋白質份量.

✅ 小碗 Poke Bowl: 1 球蛋白質
✅ 大碗 Poke Bowl: 2 球蛋白質

Poke Bowl at Kukui Poke restaurant has two sizes – large and small. It is not the container size. It is the protein quantity.

✅ Small Poke Bowl: 1 Scoop of protein
✅ Large Poke Bow: 2 Scoops of protein.


延伸閱讀: Poke Bowl Definition Wiki Link 



Classic Poke Bowl
Price: NTD $200
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

Kukui Poke 設計六款波奇碗 (Poke Bowl) , 包括全素的佛陀波奇碗 與生酮波奇碗, 我是選擇最受歡迎的經典波奇碗, 這款波奇碗有兩種季節生魚, 我選鮭魚與鮪魚, 值得一提的是, 漁貨都是到台北濱江市場選購, 兩款魚都帶有新鮮色澤.
Kukui Poke designs 6 types of Poke Bowls, which include vegetarian Buddha Poke Bowl and  Keto Poke Bowl. I choose the most popular classic poke bowl. I picked tuna and salmon as my fish choices. The restaurant owner purchases those fresh fishes at Taipei Binjiang Market.


店員倒入一些自製鮮味醬油 (柴魚與昆布) 與鮭魚攪拌醃製, 單吃鮭魚時, 味蕾可以感受到適量鮮味與甜度, 比其他家的生魚多了一層迷人的風味. 我選擇壽司飯, 店家採用 9 號台粳米, 店員加了些許壽司醋與剛從電鍋拿出來的溫熱米飯做結合, 很搭配魚類. 經典美乃滋吃起來微辣, 會獨立放在小醬料盒裡, 客人可以自己斟酌加入. 整體我覺得不錯吃, 經典波奇碗特色是偏夏威夷日本風格, 我會建議這一款給初次吃 Poke Bowl 的人.
The staff mixes the store-made soy sauce ( Bonito and Seaweed as ingredients) with salmon. The tastebuds can sense the fair amount of freshness and sweetness. It is much flavorful than the raw fish at other Poke Bowl Restaurants. As for the base, I picked Taiwanese Sushi rice. The warm rice is mixed with the sushi vinegar, which is quite suitable to pair with the fish. The mayo is a bit spicy and placed in an independent small container. Overall,  Kukui Poke restaurant classic poke bowl is quite yummy. I would suggest this classic poke bowl to the first-time poke bowl eater.




Build Your Own Poke Bowl
Price: $160 + $20 + $40 = NTD $220
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

很多人看到五顏六色的蔬果與配料, 幾乎都會點 “客製波奇碗 Build Your Own Poke Bowl ”.以下是我選的順序, 給你們做參考

Step 1: 小碗: 一球蛋白質 (NTD $160+)
Step 2: 薑黃花椰米 (+ NTD $20)
Step 3: 選擇五種蔬果 – 毛豆仁, 藜麥, 生菜, 季節蔬果 (櫛瓜切片,甜柿 ), 我多加了一款酪梨 ( + NTD $40)
Step 4: 一球蛋白質- 鮭魚
Step 5: 蓮藕脆片, 蟹肉沙拉
Step 6: 招牌腰果醬, 再撒一些黑白芝麻做為點綴

When many people see the various ingredients on the counter, they tend to order “Build Your Own Poke Bowl”. So, allow me to show you how I ordered my poke bowl.

Step 1: Small Size: 1 scoop protein. (NTD $160+)
Step 2: Turmeric Cauliflower Rice (+ NTD $20)
Step 3: Pick 5 veges and fruits – Edamame , quinoa , lettuce, zucchini,Persimmon. I added avocado ( + NTD $40)
Step 4: 1 scoop of protein: salmon
Step 5: Fried Lotus slice, cabbage salad
Step 6: Signature Cashew Sauce along with black & white sesame.


我邊看邊選配料的時候, 店員也介紹蟹肉沙拉與酥脆蓮藕脆片都是店家自製, 季節性水果選項裡有新鮮甜柿與芒果. 好吧 ~ 我承認眼花繚亂, 也加價購新鮮酪梨切片. 店家的橘色自製招牌腰果醬充滿堅果香氣與 creamy 的口感, 我都捨不得拿來拌飯.最讓我驚艷的應該就是 Final touch的磨碎石栗(Candlenut) ,  KUKUI POKÉ 自己烘烤且磨碎石栗 (圖五) , 製成夏威夷最著名的香料 Inamona , 恰巧與招牌腰果醬的堅果香氣也很搭配. 我會推薦KUKUI POKÉ的客製波奇碗, 你可以選自己想吃的配料.
When I am deciding which ingredients to pick, the staff mentions the crab salad, fried lotus slice, and cashew sauce are store-made instead of commercial. They also have the seasonal fruits – which include fresh persimmon and mango. If you want to add avocado slices, you would need to pay extra NTD $40. I have to say that I love their creamy and nutty cashew sauce! The most surprisingly part would be their final touch – the grinded candlenut . It is also called Inamona, which is the Indonesian spice. The restaurant bakes and crushes the candlenuts. All ingredients pairs well with each other. I would definitely recommend KUKUI POKÉ ’s “Build you own poke bowl”






Original Kombucha
Price: NTD $160
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

康普茶就是微氣泡發酵茶飲, 開的時候請小心, 氣泡有些充沛. 我個人覺得還是搭配水比較適合.
Kombucha is fizzy probiotic Tea. Please be careful when opening the bottle. The fizzy is a bit stronger than expected. I personally think that water is better for Poke Bowl.


結論 Conclusion

我承認我對 Poke Bowl 的印象是「魚是魚, 菜是菜, 飯是飯, 就只是把三個元素拌在一起, 就是一個普通的輕食概念」, 可是吃完 KuKui Poke 餐廳,  就覺得他們的“客製波奇碗” 值得點, 原因有三個:

✅ 新鮮漁貨
從濱江市場購買, 偶而會有季節性漁貨

✅ 季節蔬果
提供的季節蔬果比例比其他店家多一些, 當天我用餐時有甜柿與芒果. 而且酪梨是現點現切.

✅ 店家自製醬料與自製東南亞辛香料
如果食材是建築基地, 好吃的醬料是將食材架構起來的骨架, 讓風味有立體感與多層次, 當天就有品嚐到 自製招牌腰果醬 , 經典美乃滋, , 石栗辛香料, 全部為店家自製, 不假手他人.

🔥 推薦餐點 – “客製波奇碗 Build Your Own Poke Bowl ”
我個人覺得新鮮鮭魚不錯吃,  因為有加自製鮮味醬油. 你當然可選擇季節漁貨. 至於醬料部分, 我個人最推薦他們的自製招牌腰果醬, 新鮮蔬果則是當季蔬果與加價購酪梨. 必點配料則是店家自製酥脆蓮藕脆片. 選擇自己想要的食材, 創造屬於自己的 Poke Bowl.

I have to admit that I “once” thought Poke Bowl is just simple-to-make light food. However, there are three main reasons that you should visit Kuikui Poke Taipei to order “Build Your Own Poke Bowl”!

✅ Fresh Fish
The fresh fish is purchased at Binjiang Market. There are might be seasonal fishes too.

✅ Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits
The percentage is higher than other restaurants. I saw the fresh persimmon and mango during my visit.

✅ Store-made sauce and self-made Southeast spices
If the ingredients is the building base, the delicious sauce is the framework/structure of the building. Great sauce would build up layers of flavors. I tasted their store-made cashew sauce, classic spicy mayo, candlenut spices.

🔥 Dish Recommendation –  Build Your Own Poke Bowl 
I personallly like their fresh salmon with store-made soy sauce. You of course can choose the seasonal fishes. As for the sauce, I strongly recommend their signature cashew sauce. I would recommend seasonal fruit and avocado. I would also suggest crispy lotus slice for side ingredient. Select your favorite ingredient to build your own Poke Bowl!

♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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KUKUI POKE Information

店名: KUKUI POKE 生魚波奇飯
地址: 台北市松山區民生東路四段117-1號 (Map)
捷運站: 小巨蛋捷運站 & 中山國中捷運站
電話: 02-2547-1823
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kukuipoke/
Restaurant: KATSU POKE Restaurant
Address: No. 117-1, 4th Section, Mingshen East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Taipei Arena MRT station & Zhongshan Junior High MRT station
Tel: 02-2547-1823