J-Deli Taipei 》台北歐陸食材進口火腿臘腸乳酪專賣店

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(2022.3.25 結束營業) 大山洋行 J Deli 全名為 J-Deli 火腿臘腸專賣店, 是少數台北可以買西班牙伊比利火腿, 義大利帕瑪火腿, 法國拜雍火腿與乳酪的店面, 現在 大山洋行電商網站 已經架設好, 可以更方便網路購物!
(2022.3.25 Closed Down) Dashine J-Deli Store is one of Taipei shops that sells Jamón ibérico, Pama Ham, Jambon de Bayonne and cheese.  Dashine now has its own online shop.

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關於 J-Deli

About J-Deli

大山洋行公司的 J-Deli 火腿臘腸專賣店搬到新地址新開幕, 從信義安和捷運站 3 號出口往 吉可頌 方向, 而不是往 Logy的方向, 店面就在遠企飯店對街巷弄內, 隔壁是珠寶盒法式甜點店. 店內頂級肉品應有盡有- 西班牙伊比利火腿, 義大利帕瑪火腿, 法國拜雍火腿, 甚至還有豪野煙燻鴨. 冷藏展示櫃也有販售不同的起司. 這家店對喜愛國外進口食材的人來說是天堂!
Da-Shine Corporation consider J-Deli shop as a retail shop. The shop is located near Xinyi Anhe MRT station No. 3. You would need to walk toward MyCroissant by Guillaume instead of Logy. J-Deli shop is near Far Eastern Hotel. There are various high-end meats - Jamón ibérico, Pama Ham, and Jambon de Bayonne, and even Taiwanese smoked duck. There are also cheese and other ingredients. This is a paradise for people that love imported ingredients.

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關於大山洋行 J-Deli 電商

About  Dashine J-Deli Online Shop

Website: http://www.da-shine.com.tw/index.php

**They are planning to upload many great items in the future.


J-Deli 產品

J -Deli Products

J-Deli 火腿臘腸專賣店有分兩個區域, 一個就是展示販售區, 另一個則是Chef Zone 廚藝教室 那天剛好是義大利 CITTERIO DOP 認證16 個月熟成帕瑪火腿的新品牌發表會, 請來知名主廚示範如何料理義大利帕瑪火腿. J-Deli有提供保冷劑, 之後會有保冷袋. 像我這種住在很遠的淡水也可以買了拎回家吃. 大山洋行網站也有在販售部分產品, 冷藏宅配服務送到家, 非常適合買肉品回家辦 Party.  
J-Deli Shop is separated with two areas - one is display and sell area, the other area is Chef Zone classroom. I attended new product event - CITTERIO DOP 16 Month aged Italian Pama Ham. The chef taught the guests how to make cuisine with Pama Ham. The shop will offer cooler bag for the ingredients. You can also order from Da-Shine Corporation Website. You can purchase the meats for the party at home.

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J-Deli Product - Ham & Meat



J-Deli Product -  French Dessert Cheese

Fruity Cheese -Part 1


Fruity Cheese Part 2

J-Deli 短秒影片

J-DELI Short Video


J-Deli 店面資訊

餐廳: J-Deli 火腿臘腸專賣店
地址: 台北市大安區安和路二段209巷12號 (Map)
捷運站: 信義安和捷運站
電話: 02-2736-0882
營業時間: 打電話確認
Website: http://www.da-shine.com.tw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/J-Deli-248956395490276/
Restaurant: J-Deli Shop
Address: No.12, 209th Lane, 2nd Section, Anhe Road, (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Xinyi Anhe MRT station
Tel: 02-2736-0882
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm