儂來會館 Nong Lai Taipei 》二樓可當大包廂的台北台菜餐廳

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儂來有兩間 – 儂來會館儂來餐廳, 我跟朋友們是吃台北儂來會館菜單的預訂臺菜料理. 白斬雞菜餚在台灣 500 盤名單裡.
There are Nong Lai Restaurant – One is price-friendly Nong Lai Restaurant and the other one is more upscale. My friends and I went to the upscale Nong Lai Taipei.

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Nong Lai Taipei Reservation

儂來會館離行天宮捷運站1號出口約 10 分鐘路程, 餐廳與 “泰和樓” 有三層樓, 一樓也有大桌, 適合家庭聚餐, 我跟朋友們是坐二樓, 共四大桌直接當作大包廂, 重新裝潢完後的用餐環境不錯. 儂來會館訂位是用打電話的方式 ( 02-2511-3265)
Upscale Nong Lai restaurant is about 10 minutes walking distance from Exit 1 Xingtian Temple MRT station. It has three floors, just like “Taihe House restaurant”. First floor has large tables, which is suitable for large family. My friends and I sat at the 2nd floor to consider as large private dining room. There are total 4 tables. You would need to reserve seats via phone call (02-2511-3265).

延伸閱讀: 泰和樓 》被銀絲卷擔誤的台北酸菜白肉鍋 | Taipei Pickled Cabbage Hot Pot

延伸閱讀: 其他行天宮捷運站美食 》Other Restaurants near Xingtian Temple MRT Station




Nong Lai Taipei Parking

行天宮附近的停車場蠻多 (如圖) , 由於附近很多辦公室, 感覺平日要找停車位應該不容易.
There are quite a few parking lots near Xingtian Temple. However, since there are lots of offices around the area, it won’t be easy to find parking spots near the area.



Nong Lai Taipei Year-End Party Menu

圖片是 2022. 1 月儂來會館年菜菜單, 價格與菜色每年皆不同, 我們 2022.1月當天則是請朋友幫忙安排預訂其他臺菜菜餚. 可惜網路上沒有儂來會館的菜單, 我無法告知每道菜餚的價格/時價. Sorry.
The picture shows January, 2022 Year-End Party menu. The menu and dishes may vary each year. Our dining time was at January, 2022. My friend assisted arranging the reserved dishes. Since there isn’t any menu shown online, I don’t know about each dish’s price. Sorry.



Nong Lai Taipei Dishes
**我沒有每道菜的價格 I don’t have the price for each dish.**



Stir-Fried Rice Noodle
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

看似簡單的菜通常越難做得好吃, 就像“元味炒飯” , 我個人認為儂來會館的台式炒米粉非常美味, 蝦米,香菇,與肉絲三大主角再加些辛香調味, 重點是米粉有入味, 比 “明福”的炒米粉好吃太多!
Stir-Fried rice noodle sounds easy? Honestly, it is difficult to make the easy dish delicious. For example, “Yuan restaurant” stir-fried rice is very delicious but not easy to replicate. I personally consider Nong Lai stir-fried rice noodle is very delicious. Shrimp, mushroom and meat combined quite well and added a few spices. The most important part is that the rice noodle absorbs fair amount of flavors. It is much delicious than the rice noodle at “Mingfu Restaurant”.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Fried Rice 元味料理 》饕客公認台北炒飯推薦與台式手路菜推薦餐廳

延伸閱讀: Taipei Michelin 》在明福台菜海鮮餐廳除了點佛跳牆也要點糯米雞



Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

此道白斬雞在台灣 500 盤名單裡, 與“雞家莊”一樣都是用台灣本土品種雞, 儂來會館的帶骨雞肉 (全雞) 碎骨不多, 雞肉的嫩度高且微甜, 跟 “金蓬萊” 一樣好吃.
This chicken dish is at Taiwan 500 Plate awards. Same as “Chi Chia Chuang”, Upscale Nong Lai restaurant uses Taiwanese chicken. The chicken meat is tender with a bit of sweetness. The chicken is as delicious as at “Golden Formosa Restaurant” chicken.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Michelin Restaurant 》雞家莊菜單除了三味雞還有哪些台菜推薦

延伸閱讀: 台北米其林一星餐廳 》金蓬萊 遵古台菜餐廳 | Taipei Michelin Restaurant



Fried Eel
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

我很喜歡吃鰻魚, 也可以接受炸的烹調方式, 所以古早味酥炸鰻魚本來就是我會點的菜餚. 主廚淋上少許微辣醬汁, 依舊酥脆外層包裹著微嫩的鰻魚, 吃起來並不會油膩或是乾硬, 不錯吃.
I like to eat eels, and accept the “fried” cooking method. So, fried eel is already on my order list. The chef spreaded a few mild spicy sauce on the eel. The appearance is still crispy. The eel inside is a bit tender. It doesn’t taste oily nor dry. I like this dish.

延伸閱讀: 台北鰻魚飯推薦懶人包 (分區) 》TAIPEI EEL RICE GUIDE (分區)



Steamed Fish
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

魚是季節性, 上次吃清蒸紅條魚是在 “喜相逢” , 儂來會館清蒸紅條魚並不是重口味, 反倒是突顯出魚本身的海鮮風味, 魚皮下的油脂讓整道菜餚嫩度增加. 看來清蒸魚是臺菜餐廳必點的菜餚之一.
Fish is seasonal. Last time I had the steamed red fish was at “Xi Xiang Feng”. Upscale Nong Lai restaurant steamed fish doesn’t have heavy flavor. So, the tastebuds would be easy to taste the seafood flavor from the fish. The tender texture is great.

延伸閱讀: Xi Xiang Feng 喜相逢麵館 》想再訪餐廳卻訂位不易



Steak Slice
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

我承認我有 Google「 台塑牛排」, 網路是說是由王品集團研製出的全熟牛排, 全熟度看似厚切牛腱, 實際上吃起來卻非常嫩, 比預期地好吃, 拔絲地瓜也不會過硬. 如果沒吃過所謂的「 台塑牛排」, 可考慮點.
I admit that I googled this dish. The website stated that this dish is well-done steak instead of brisket. In fact, it tastes quite tender. The sweet potato is not in hard texture. If you never try well-done tender steak, you can consider ordering it.



Abalone with 5 Flavors Sauce
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

這道五味醬鮑魚 + 烏魚子應該是當天我吃到最具台味的菜餚, 五味醬算是台菜裡常見的醬料, 儂來會館是自製五味醬, 先吃一口頗有韌性的鮑魚, 酸味與甜味為主導, 鹹辣在後段. 我個人還是比較喜歡像我在 “餵公子吃咖哩” 吃的溏心烏魚子.
This dish, which is flavored abalone with mullet roe. The sauce is called five-flavors sauce, which is quite common in Taiwanese restaurant. The acidity and sweetness from the sauce dominate the tastebuds. It also has minor salty and spicy flavors. I still prefer the mullet roe from “Feed the Curry” restaurant.

延伸閱讀:Taipei Omakase 》餵公子吃咖哩晚上包場成為台北私廚



Sweeten Ham, Fried Tofu Sheet, Bun
Price: N/A
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

這道富貴雙方聽說會出現在經驗豐富的總鋪師菜單裡, 我Google 菜餚的由來 – 富貴雙方的 “雙方”是指 一葷一素的食材, 將兩款食材放入四方形的餅裡一起吃,多層次豆皮則是酥脆,儂來會館的蜜汁火腿偏硬, 如果火腿能夠再嫩一些, 豆皮再厚一些, 這道富貴雙方應該可以成為招牌菜餚, 畢竟不常見.
There are three parts in this dish – Sweeten Ham, Fried Tofu Sheet and Bun. Upscale Nong Lai Taipei’s ham is a bit in hard texture. The fried Tofu Sheet is very crispy. If the chef can thicken the fried tofu sheet and make the ham more tender, this dish can be their signature dish.



Other Dishes

當天吃飯我雖然有帶相機, 但是我基本上沒在聽店員解說, 也沒有拍菜單, 以下菜的名稱我都是參考同桌的 三高 Sir 的 “台北儂來會館 ~ 尾牙宴 “.

延伸閱讀: 三高 Sir 文章: 台北儂來會館 ~ 尾牙宴

圖1 ~ 2: 清蒸活青龍
圖3: 燴烏蔘
圖4: 魷魚螺肉蒜
圖5: 土魠魚西滷鍋
圖6: 水果甜點

Even though I take pictures with camera during this dining time, but I didn’t concentrate on the dish introduction. And I didn’t take the menu pictures. So, the following dish name is from another Blog: “Taipei Nong Lai Taipei ~ Year End Party.

Pic 1 ~ 2: Steamed Small Lobster
Pic 3: Sea Cucumber
Pic 4: Squid and Sea Snails with Leek
Pic 5: Stewed Mackerel Pot with Meat Balls
Pic 6: Fruit and Dessert


結論 Conclusion ⭐

可以招待賓客的台北臺菜餐廳不多, 我記憶中只有青葉, 明福, 青青餐廳, 金蓬萊, 與賓王大飯店. 這次來到這一家儂來會館, 剛重新裝潢完, 用餐環境很舒適.

📣 若是初次來, 我只建議 5 ~ 6 人, 記得要訂位, 若是有長輩, 建議訂一樓, 我建議以下全部菜餚都預訂, 以免賣完.

✅ 台式炒米粉
✅ 白斬雞
✅ 清蒸魚
✅ 古早味酥炸鰻魚
— 以上應該是不夠, 看個人喜好可加點以下 –
✅ 紅蟳米糕: 我們沒點但是聽說不錯吃
✅ 五味醬鮑魚: 不確定是不是季節性, 喜歡吃鮑魚的人可以點
✅ 台塑牛排: 好奇全熟且嫩牛排的人可以點
✅ 土魠魚西滷鍋: 很多人到儂來都會點, 我個人是覺得還好

There aren’t much Taiwanese restaurants that can treat elders in family members. “Upscale Nong Lai Restaurant “was just remodeled, so the dining environment is quite clean and cozy.

📣 If it is your first time to visit, I would suggest 5 ~ 6 people. Please remember to reserve seats at the 1st floor if there are elders. I would suggest to reserve the follow dishes.

✅ Stir-Fried Rice Noodle
✅ Chicken
✅ Steamed Fish
✅ Fried Eel
— The above dishes are not enough. You can order other dishes as following –
✅ Crab Rice Cake: We didn’t order it, but I heard that it is pretty good.
✅ Abalone with 5 flavors sauce: I am not sure if this is seasonal. If you like to eat Abalone, you can order it
✅ Steak: Well-done steak but tender texture
✅ Stewed Mackerel Pot with Meat Balls: Most people would order this dish. I personally think that it is okey.



Nong Lai Taipei Information

店名: 儂來會館
地址: 台北市中山區民生東路二段86號 (Map)
捷運站: 行天宮捷運站
電話: 02-2511-3265
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/台北儂來會館-273225262711329/
Restaurant: Nong Lai Taipei
Address: No. 86 , 2nd Section, Mingshen East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Xingtian Temple MRT station
Tel: 02-2511-3265