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(2022. 8 更新) 明福台菜海鮮是 2022 台北米其林一星餐廳推薦之一, 明福佛跳牆和鮑魚糯米雞讓很多慕名而來的饕客稱讚不已.
(2022. 8 Update) Taiwan Ming Fu Restaurant is one of the 2022 Taipei Michelin One Star Restaurants. You can read the following to know what to order at Ming Fu Restaurant.

明福台菜菜單在文末 Ming Fu Menu is at the end of article



Ming Fu Reservation and Parking

明福台菜海鮮餐廳訂位方式是打電話預訂 02-2562-9287, 並不是線上預訂, 目前明福台菜只接受現金, 不能刷信用卡. 明福台菜是每天午餐和晚餐皆營業. 明福台菜最靠近中山國小二號出口, 轉進林森北路巷弄裡, 在公園旁即可看到明福台菜海鮮的紅色招牌. 附近停車場幾乎都是台灣聯通停車場 (圖二). 我是搭捷運走差不多 10 ~ 15 分鐘.
You would need to call to reserve seats at Ming Fu Restaurant (02-2562-9287 ), instead of online reservation. Now, Ming Fu Restaurant only accepts cash instead of credit card. It opens during lunch and dinner time. The restaurant is near Zhongshan Elementary School Exit 2. The large and red restaurant sign is right near the park. There are many parking lots nearby, but it is not easy to find a space though. I take the MRT and walk about 10 ~ 15 minutes to arrive the restaurant.



About Ming Fu Restaurant

明福台菜老闆就是主廚, 老闆娘則是負責外場. 步入餐廳時發現其實餐廳不大, 大約只放得下5 ~ 6 張桌子, 顯得稍微擁擠, 並沒有像 “金蓬萊“ 如此氣派有包廂, 反而比較適合家庭聚餐. 當天我們這桌有10 位, 也有另一小桌可坐4 ~ 5 位客人. 需預約的菜餚都已註明在匾額上. 朋友已事先預約一品佛跳牆和鮑魚糯米雞.
The owner of Ming Fu Restaurant is also the chef. The owner’s wife is to serve the customers. Ming Fu restaurant is a bit crowded with only 5 ~ 6 tables. This place is suitable for family instead of treating important guests. There is a small table that can seat 4 ~ 5 people. The reserved dishes list are on the board at the wall. My friend already reserved “Steamed Assorted Ingredients in Chinese Casserole” and “Chicken with Glutinous Rice and Abalone”.


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明福菜餚 2019

Ming Fu Restaurant Dishes

明福一品佛跳牆 (中)

Steamed Assorted Ingredients in Chinese Casserole (M Size)
Price: NTD $6000
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

一品佛跳牆需預約, 有分大 (NTD $ 11,000), 中 (NTD $6000), 小 ( NTD $3600) Size. 我們是十位, 因此是預約中型. 親切店員將印 “明福一品佛跳牆” 的盅器端上桌, 大家爭先恐後照相完後, 可請店員協助將佛跳牆分碗. 這是我生平第二次吃佛跳牆, 我N年前吃過一小盅經典佛跳牆, 明福佛跳牆湯底並不混濁, 因為沒有芋頭塊和排骨, 明福佛跳牆看似琥珀色清湯, 細火慢燉造就如法式澄清湯般清爽卻濃郁, 這款佛跳牆有香菇, 雞佛, 魚翅, 鮑魚,豬腳,竹筍等食材, 味蕾不停地品嚐著每款食材的獨特特色與豐富風味, 我個人喝了三碗, 我蠻推薦明福佛跳牆, 但是如果不確定自己會不會喜歡那些獨特食材, 我會建議點小 Size.
You would need to reserve this dish. There are three sizes – Large (NTD $11,000), M Size (NTD $6000), and Small Size (NTD $3600). We have 10 people, so we order the M size. I would suggest to ask assistance from the staff to serve the guests. Instead of classic thick and non-filtered broth, Ming Fu’s dish is on the clear side because of the lack of pork ribs and taro. The amber color broth is a bit like Consommé, which is clear but with flavorful taste. This dish has mushroom, fish fins, abalone, bamboo…etc. The tastebuds would taste different types of ingredients and its unique flavor. I drank about three small bowls. If you are not sure about those interesting ingredients, you might want to order small size though.



Chicken with Glutinous Rice and Abalone
Price: NTD $5300
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

鮑魚糯米雞並沒有分大小 Size, 一整隻土雞置放在砂鍋中央, 視覺濃稠度與 “雞窩”有得比, 在店員協助分碗同時, 湯底依舊熱騰騰地, 鮮美鮑魚也時不時冒出濃湯. 雞湯裡膠質讓嘴唇和味蕾留下濃郁雞湯風味, 雞肉的滑嫩更是不在話下. 其實我比較感興趣的是塞在土雞裡的糯米, 吃起來就如同濃粥, 整個暖胃也暖心, 我個人很喜歡這道料理因為我本來就是個雞湯控.
This dish is one size. The whole chicken is placed in the middle of Casserole. The visual image of the broth is as thick as “G Woo Restaurant”. The broth is still boiling hot after serving. The thick collagen and chicken flavor would stay at the lip and tastebuds. The chicken meat is incredibly tender. The most attractive part of this dish is the glutinous rice. The porridge tastes quite delicious. I like this dish simply I like chicken broth a lot.

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Crispy Taro Ball
Price: NTD $30/unit
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我不吃芋頭塊, 但是我吃芋頭酥 (例如 “JJ Bakery 芋頭酥”). 明福香酥芋泥球可單點,芋泥球表層看似硬實, 對切後仔細一看, 原來內餡除了芋泥外, 也有少許紅豆與棗泥內餡. 先吃一口, 口裡有著芋泥的奶香與紅豆的微甜, 完全沒有顆粒感, 如果預算許可, 我非常推薦這款甜點.
I don’t eat taro chunk. But, I eat Taro paste (For example, “JJ Bakery Taro Pastry”). You can order Ming Fu crispy taro ball in unit instead of one full dish. The appearance seems to be hard. But, the taro filling with red beans and dates are in great soft texture. I would definitely recommend this dessert if you still have the budget.

延伸閱讀: JJ BAKERY – Irvine 》美國加州台式麵包店 | Irvine Bakery



Stir-Fred Rice Noodle
Price: NTD $400 (?!)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

很多客人到明福台菜其實會點紅蟳米糕 (時價),因為朋友來明福台菜很多次, 他決定點炒米粉. 當炒米粉菜餚轉到面前時, 麻油香氣撲鼻, 後來放入碗裡才發現有許多一粒粒鵝黃色酥塊, 我原本以為是切碎的蒜片之類, 後來Google 才知道是台菜秘密武器 – 蛋酥, 蛋酥本身是提香, 並沒有蛋味或是炸過後的油膩, 整體炒米粉算是不錯吃. 如果你本來打算點白飯而不是紅蟳米糕, 我建議你直接換成炒米粉.
Many customers order steamed crab with glutinous rice. Since my friend has been here many times, he decide to order Stir-Fred Rice Noodle. I immediately smell the aroma from the sesame oil when the dish is in front of me. I thought the small yellow pieces is fried garlic. But it turns out to be “small fried egg pieces (?!)”. It doesn’t increase the eggy flavor. Instead, it is just enhance the overall meat and soy sauce. The overall taste is pretty good. If you want to order white rice, I would suggest you to order this stir-fried rice noodle.



Mixed Tuna and Pork Sausage
Price: NTD $800
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

店員端上此道菜餚時, 我以為是單純台灣香腸, 我直到我吃到的那一刻才知道是鮪魚香腸, 肉香與脆度依舊存在, 整體並沒有鮪魚海鮮味. 口感則是微硬換成偏嫩口感, 這道也是明福台菜的招牌菜.
When the staff ordered this dish, I thought it is just simply Taiwanese sausage. I start to sense the difference after the first bite. The meaty flavor and crispy texture still remains without seafood flavor. It is tender instead of hard texture. This dish is also one of Ming Fu’s signature dish.



Shansu Vegetables
Price: NTD $300
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

同桌一定有人會覺得每一餐都要吃到青菜, 建議點炒山蘇, 並不會像炒川七油膩, 反倒是爽脆, 小魚乾也帶給這道菜餚些許鹹味, 不會過於單調.
There are people who always want to order vegetable. I would suggest to order this stir-fried Shansu. It is not oily at all, instead, it is very crisp. The small dried fish brings salty flavor to this dish.



Oyster with Garlic Paste
Price: NTD $300
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

蒜泥蚵仔幾乎是每家熱炒店都會看到的菜餚, 明福的蚵仔比市面上更碩大, 裹粉和蒜泥調味都沒有下手太重, 品嚐時還是可以感受到蚵仔原本的鮮美 .
You basically can see Oyster with garlic paste at many Taiwanese restaurants. Ming Fu’s oyster is bigger than other oysters. The garlic flavor doesn’t cover the original seafood flavor from the oysters.


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明福台菜 資訊

地址: 台北市中山區中山北路二段137巷18-1號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山國小站
營業時間: Call to Confirm
Restaurant: Ming Fu Restaurant
Address: No. 18-1, 137th Lane, 2nd Section, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan Elementary School
Tel: 02-2562-9287
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm


明福台菜 菜單 2019

Ming Fu Menu 2019