Orchid 蘭餐廳 》再次品嚐新主廚的日法風格晚餐菜單

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許多人已經知道台北 Orchid 蘭餐廳換新主廚 – 日籍主廚 Sato Kiyoshi 佐藤清. 這次 2024 年 1 月晚餐套餐菜單讓我最驚艷的是日本雪室熟成和牛 ( Snow Wagyu ).
Many people already knew that Taipei Orchid Restaurant changes to new Chef – Chef Sato Kiyoshi. The most impressive dish of the 2024 January dinner set menu is the Japanese Snow Wagyu Steak.

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Orchid 蘭餐廳訂位

Orchid Restaurant Reservation

蘭餐廳 地址為台北市大安區安和路二段83號 , 離信義安和站 3 號與 2號 出口約 5 ~ 8 分鐘路程. 餐廳的招牌是金底銀灰字的 “ORCHID “ .我個人喜歡蘭餐廳的挑高舒適用餐環境, 蘭餐廳有適合約會的兩人沙發座位外, 也可以組成大桌適合朋友們一起聚餐. Orchid 蘭餐廳訂位可透過 inline ( https://reurl.cc/Mba8nW ) . 這是我第二次吃到日籍主廚 Sato Kiyoshi 佐藤清的菜單.
Orchid Restaurant address is No. 83, 2nd Section, Anhe Road, Da’an District, Taipei City. It is about 5~8 minutes walking distance from Xinyi Anhe MRT station Exit 2 and Exit 3.The sign is golden base and silver grey words – “ORCHID”. I personally like Orchid Restaurant’s high ceiling design and comfortable dining environment. Besides the sofa seats, you can also combine tables to dine with friends. You can reserve seats via inline ( https://reurl.cc/Mba8nW ) . This is my second time trying out Chef Sato Kiyoshi’s menu.

延伸閱讀: Orchid 蘭餐廳 》第一次品嚐日籍新主廚的晚餐菜單

台北約會餐廳 Taipei Restaurant for Dating

連結 (Link) : 台北約會餐廳懶人包 》Taipei Restaurant for Dating

連結 (Link) : 台北牛排餐廳推薦 (分區) 》Taipei Steak Recommendation

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Orchid 蘭包廂

Orchid Restaurant Private Dining Room

Orchid 蘭包廂可坐 8 ~ 10 人, 低消可直接問餐廳.
Orchid Restaurant Private Dining Room can fit 8 ~ 10 people. You can ask the restaurant about the minimum charge.


延伸閱讀: 台北信義安和美食推薦 》Restaurant Recommendation near Xinyi Anhe MRT station



Orchid 蘭餐廳菜單價位 ⭐

Orchid Restaurant Dinner Set Menu and Price

✅ 午間套餐價格: NTD $3280 +10%/人
✅ 晚間套餐價格: NTD $4280 + 10%/人
備註: 我是吃 NTD $4280 +10 %/人的晚間套餐菜單

✅ Lunch Set Menu: NTD $3280 +10%/person
✅ Dinner Set Menu: NTD $4280 + 10%/person
Remark: I chose NTD $4280 +10 %/person Dinner Set Menu


Orchid 蘭餐廳晚餐評價 ⭐

迎賓飲品- 湯品

Welcome Drink – Soup

由於是冬天菜單, 蘭主廚準備豬骨熱湯作為迎賓飲品. 此外, 店員也會擺放溫熱濕毛巾, 有著日式飲食文化的巧思.
Given that it was the winter menu, Orchid Restaurant new Chef thoughtfully prepared a warm soup as the welcoming drink. Additionally, the staff went the extra mile by providing warm, moist towels ( oshibori ) , showcasing a clever touch of Japanese dining culture.



Hassun ( Amuse Bouche )
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八寸是日本會席與懷石料理的開胃小點, 法文翻譯則是 Amuse Bouche . 日籍主廚 Sato Kiyoshi 佐藤清準備三款小點, 未來會不定期更換. 端上桌時, 煙霧彌漫的 Display 頗具美感. 最左邊小點呈現近乎完美的圓弧形, 一次入口可感受到 薄脆塔皮與微鮮的生白甘. 另一道 mini 派的鹹鮮魚子醬與牛肉是亮點. 最後一道鴨肉派則是溫熱與鹹香.
The “Hassun” is an appetizer in Japanese kaiseki a cuisine, translated into French as Amuse Bouche. Japanese chef Sato Kiyoshi prepares three small dishes, which may vary in the future. When served, the display is filled with a captivating smoky ambiance. The first dish on the left presents an almost perfect arc, offering a delicate and crisp tart crust with a hint of fresh raw fish in a single bite. Another highlight is the mini tart with savory caviar and beef. The last dish, a duck pie, is warm and savory.


生蠔 | 菊芋 | 三杯醋 | 梨

OYSTER | Jerusalem Artichoke | Sanbaizu | Pear
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請注意菜單上寫 「 加 10g 魚子醬需要加價 NTD $780 」. 如果兩人用餐 , 我個人會建議一人加價魚子醬即可. 日本熊本生蠔置放於右側 . 仔細一看才知道細節滿滿, 有薄薄一層透明的菊芋果凍與水梨顆粒口感. 三杯醋賦予的微酸更襯托出嫩滑生蠔的鮮鹹. 魚子醬可與生蠔一起品嚐, 增添更多旨味 ( umami ).
Please note that there is an additional charge of NTD $780 for adding 10g of caviar, as indicated on the menu. If dining for two, I suggest one can pay extra charge for the caviar. Japanese Kumamoto oyster is placed on the right side. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the meticulous details, including a thin layer of transparent Jerusalem artichoke jelly with the delightful texture of pear granules. The slight acidity from Sanbaizu vinegar complements the fresh and salty taste of the smooth and juicy oyster. Caviar can be enjoyed with the oyster, adding an extra layer of rich umami flavor.



MAGURO| Yamaim|Ume|Cheese
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黑鮪魚生魚片的夾層裡有味噌起司與山藥. 菜餚色調呈現法式優雅美感. 味蕾可以感受到起司奶香與鮮美黑鮪魚的多層次風味. 山藥的綿密口感更是與起司口感相似. 烏梅並沒有很明顯. 海藻油將整體菜餚的鮮味提升更多. 這是當天我最喜歡的一道菜餚之一.
The layers maguro sashimi feature a filling of miso cheese and yam. The dish color exhibits a French-style elegant aesthetic. The tastebuds can perceive the milky flavor from the creamy cheese and seafood flavor from the maguro. The dense texture of yam adds a similarity to the sensation of cheese. The plum is not obvious. The addition of seaweed oil enhances the seafood flavor of the dish. This is one of my favorite dishes of the day.



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這一道是蘭餐廳的招牌菜餚之一. 不同於其他西式餐廳提供的歐式酸種麵包, 蘭餐廳主廚則是準備自製日式生吐司. 海藻奶油與鬆軟生吐司是不錯的搭配.
Diverging from the European-style sourdough commonly offered in other Western restaurants, Orchid Restaurant Chef prepares homemade Japanese-style shokupan (milk bread). The combination of homemade seaweed butter and soft shokupan creates a delightful pairing.



CHAWANMUSHI| Jamón ibérico| Maitake |Wakame
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之前在台北餐廳吃過各式各樣的茶碗蒸, 例如 “logy“ 茶碗蒸與 “初梅”的甲魚茶碗蒸. 這次在蘭餐廳吃到的茶碗蒸則是有西式食材 – 伊比利火腿. 肉香再搭配蕈菇獨特風味, 間接蓋住茶碗蒸的蛋香. 可惜此道茶碗蒸的溫度偏溫而非熱騰騰.
I’ve had various types of chawanmushi in Taipei restaurants before, such as the chawanmushi at “logy” and the soft-shelled turtle chawanmushi at “Hatsuume Taipei”. This time at Orchid Restaurant, the chawanmushi had a Western twist with Iberico ham. The meaty aroma, combined with the unique flavor of mushrooms, indirectly subdued the eggy essence of the chawanmushi. However, the temperature of this chawanmushi was warm rather than hot.

延伸閱讀: Logy Taipei 》2022 台北米其林二星 logy 餐廳美食

延伸閱讀: Hatsuume Taipei 》在台北味処初梅餐廳品嚐甲魚宴




SAWARA (Japanese Spanish Mackerel) | bone broth, | Wintermelon (Togan) |Negi
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近期台北餐廳主廚喜歡運用土魠魚 , 我在 “earnestos Taipei” 與 “季肴酒 駄介”分別吃到土魠魚料理. 蘭主廚 Sato Kiyoshi 佐藤清準備的半熟土魠魚嫩度高, 注入魚骨高湯讓單一鮮味更為濃郁. 冬瓜更是吸收魚湯精華, 讓整道食材更為融合.
Recently, Taipei chefs have been fond of using Spanish Mackerel. I had the opportunity to try the Spanish Mackerel dishes at both “earnestos Taipei” and “Dasuke by Sakemaru “. Orchid Restaurant Chef Sato Kiyoshi’s preparation of semi-cooked Spanish Mackerel exhibited a high level of tenderness. The infusion of fish bone broth intensified the singular freshness of the fish. Winter melon, having absorbed the essence of the fish broth, further contributed to the harmonious integration of the entire dish.

延伸閱讀: earnestos Taipei 》 關於 earnestos 餐廳 的五個重點

延伸閱讀: 季肴酒 駄介 Dasuke by Sakemaru



Duck | Beetroot | Umeshu |Amaranth
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蘭餐廳的鴨食材的展示方式類似 “ FRASSI ” 展示鴨的方式. 蘭主廚選用宜蘭櫻桃鴨, 經過七天熟成, 肉質更加軟嫩. 單吃已經有足夠的香濃肉香. 油脂豐富的焦香鴨皮襯托出鴨胸肉的嫩. 莧菜籽顆粒感則是襯托出甜菜根的綿密. 中間的台灣洛神花醬汁賦予味蕾些許酸甜度, 搭配鴨肉是經典組合.
The presentation of the duck ingredient at Orchid Restaurant is reminiscent of how it’s done at “FRASSI”. Chef Sato opts for Yilan duck, aged for seven days to achieve a softer and more tender texture. The duck meat alone offers a sufficiently rich and flavorful experience. The crispy duck skin, rich in fat, complements the tenderness of the duck breast. The grainy texture of amaranth seeds accentuates the denseness of the sweet beetroot. The Taiwan hibiscus flower sauce in the center adds a touch of sweetness and acidity, creating a classic combination with the duck.

延伸閱讀: FRASSI 》關於這一家台北大直義大利餐廳的五個重點


羊里肌|茄子|焦化檸檬  (主餐擇一)

Lumina Lamb Loin | Eggplant | Lemon | Makauy
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2024.1月的晚餐菜單依舊有蘭經典和牛派. 蘭餐廳菜單目前並沒有急轉彎, 將威靈頓牛肉派刪除 (也許未來有可能會刪除?! ) . 近期台灣人對西式餐廳的羊肉部位接受度變高 . 例如之前我在 “La Vie by Thomas Bühner 睿麗餐廳 “ 就品嘗到炭烤去骨羊鞍與油封羊腩部位. 這次在蘭餐廳品嚐到的是 “無骨帶皮的Lumina 羊里肌”. 厚切羊里肌以迷人的粉色呈現. 單吃並沒有過多複雜調味, 也不帶有羊羶味. 茄子天婦羅偏溫和柔軟. 我個人會建議脆皮讓搭配羊肉入口, 有脆有嫩.
2024 January dinner menu at Orchid Restaurant still features Beef Wellington option. Recently, there has been an increased acceptance among Taiwanese diners for lamb in Western restaurants. For example, in my previous experience at “La Vie by Thomas Bühner“, I tasted charcoal-grilled boneless lamb saddle and oil-sealed lamb belly. This time at Orchid Restaurant, I tasted the “Boneless Lumina Lamb Loin with Skin.” The thick-cut lamb loin presented itself in an enchanting pink color. When eaten alone, it wasn’t overly complex in seasoning and didn’t carry a strong lamb flavor. The eggplant tempura is a bit soggy. I would suggest enjoying the crispy skin along with the lamb for a mix of textures.

延伸閱讀:La Vie by Thomas Bühner 睿麗餐廳 》品嚐短版菜單



雪室熟成牛肉|紅蘿蔔|甘藷 (主餐擇一)

SNOW WAGYU | Carrot |  Satsumaimo
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主餐若是選擇日本雪室熟成和牛牛肉 , 需加價 NTD $580. 這是我第一次看到雪室熟成和牛牛排的Display ( 圖四) . 在台灣餐廳幾乎沒有見過日本雪室熟成牛排在菜單上. 店員解釋此款日本A5 肋眼牛在雪室熟成 14 天. 單吃入口非常驚艷, 有著類似美牛的濃郁肉香. 紅蘿蔔醬的獨特風味並不會覆蓋住牛排的特色. 我對此道的肋眼牛嫩度與美味程度都非常滿意. 我個人會推薦加價點這一道日本雪室熟成牛排.
If you choose the Japanese Snow Wagyu as the main course, there is an additional charge of NTD $580. This is the first time I’ve seen a display of Snow Wagyu Beef (Pic 4). It is rare to find the Japanese Snow Wagyu Steak dish on the menus in Taiwan. The staff explained that this Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye beef is aged in a snow room for 14 days. Trying it on its own was a delightful experience, with a rich meaty flavor reminiscent of USA Beef. The unique taste of the carrot sauce doesn’t overshadow the distinctive characteristics of the steak. I am very satisfied with the tenderness and deliciousness of this ribeye beef. I would also recommend to add extra charge NTD $580 for Japanese Snow Wagyu.

延伸閱讀: 台北牛排推薦 (分區) 》Taipei Steak House Recommendation (By District)



Japanese Rice ( Koshihikari ) | Crab | Japanese ginger
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在西式餐廳吃到米飯是當代西式或是無國界料理的趨勢 (例如: “Ad Astra “ ) 這次在Orchid 蘭餐廳則是日本米搭配螃蟹.
Having rice in Western restaurants is a trend in contemporary Western or fusion cuisine (for example, “Ad Astra“). This time at Orchid restaurant , Japanese Koshihikari rice paired with crab.

延伸閱讀: Ad Astra Taipiei 》關於這一家台北米其林一星餐廳的五個重點



Yuzu|Cultured Butter
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It tastes similar with Yuzu flavor yogurt.



Milk|Honey| Ginger
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在餐廳菜單裡, 提到有“蜂蜜” 通常都是淡淡的蜂蜜香 , 不太容易察覺. 這次在Orchid 蘭餐廳 , 甜點上方的酥脆焦糖蜂巢餅乾有著迷人的蜂蜜風味 , 連生薑牛奶冰淇淋都成為配角. 此款盤式甜點與食材看似平凡 , 卻非常美味.
In restaurant menus, when “honey” is mentioned, it usually implies a subtle honey aroma that’s not too pronounced. However, at Orchid Restaurant this time, the crispy caramel honeycomb biscuit atop the dessert carries a captivating honey flavor, making even the ginger milk ice cream a supporting player. This seemingly ordinary plated dessert is, in fact, very delicious.




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這次蘭餐廳推出兩款不同茶點 – 威士忌巧克力與柿餅白豆沙. 甜柿餅吃起來很特別.
This time, Orchid restaurant has two mignardise – Whisky Chocolate and Hoshigaki. The Hoshigaki is quite special.



Matcha or Coffee
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這次最大的改變是將西式茶換成桌邊服務現沖的熱抹茶 , 展現日式風格 . 餐廳店員 Step by Step 現場製作抹茶非常具有記憶點.
The most significant change this time is replacing Western-style tea with tableside-served freshly  hot matcha, showcasing a Japanese style. The step-by-step preparation of matcha by the restaurant staff is very memorable.






Beverage Pairing

這次 Pairing 因為有清酒, 所以菜單是寫 Beverage Pairing.
Since there is sake in the pairing menu, the wine pairing changes to beverage pairing.

✅ 4 glasses NTD $2680
✅ 5 glasses NTD $2680



結論 Conclusion ⭐

這次吃的是 2024.1 月的晚餐菜單. 蘭餐廳日籍新任主廚- Sato Kiyoshi 佐藤清正在慢慢地改變蘭餐廳的菜單, 成為現代摩登日法料理風格.

✅ 多了雪室熟成牛肉選項
雖然需要多加價 (NTD $580 ) , 因為雪室熟成牛肉非常少見, 吃起來類似美牛有著濃郁肉香, 美味且驚艷. 推薦一人加價即可.
✅ 將餐後西式茶改成抹茶
一樣是桌邊服務. 改變餐後茶也會讓客人們明顯感受到蘭餐廳正在轉型
✅ 盤式甜點比第一次好吃
之前第一次是巧克力與冰淇淋 , 這次有設計過盤式甜點 Display, 美味程度也有增加

This time, I tried the dinner set menu for January 2024. The new Japanese chef at Orchid Restaurant, Sato Kiyoshi, is gradually transforming the menu into a modern Japanese-French fusion style.

The experience has improved compared to the first time:
✅ Add the option of Snow Wagyu Steak
Although it comes with an additional cost (NTD $580), the rarity of snow-aged ribeye steak , with its rich and flavorful taste similar to US Beef, makes it delicious and impressive. I recommend to pay extra for this Snow Wagyu
✅ Change the Western-style tea to Japanese matcha
It’s still a table side service. Changing to Japanese Matcha allows customers to distinctly feel the restaurant’s transition.
✅ Improve plate dessert compared to the first time
Previously, it was chocolate and ice cream. This time, there’s a thoughtfully designed display of plated desserts, elevating the overall deliciousness.


♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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Orchid Restaurant 蘭 資訊

Orchid by Nobu Lee Information

店名: Orchid 蘭餐廳
地址: 台北市大安區安和路二段83號 (Map)
捷運站: 信義安和捷運站
電話: 02-2378-3333
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OrchidTaipei/
Website: https://www.orchid-restaurant.com.tw/intro
Restaurant: Orchid Restaurant
Address: No. 83, 2nd Section, Anhe Road, Da’an District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby Metro Station: Xinyi Anhe Metro station.
Tel: 02-2378-3333