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季肴酒 駄介 Dasuke by Sakemaru 是少數以日本新潟料理為主的台北日式餐廳. 日籍主廚高橋優介設計出 季肴酒駄介 的單點菜單與無菜單料理.
Dasuke by Sakemaru is a Taipei Japanese Restaurant that offers Niigata cuisine. Chef Yusuke Takahashi designs both Dasuke by Sakemaru omakase menu and al carte menu.


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季肴酒 駄介 訂位

Dasuke by Sakemaru Reservation

2023 新開幕的季肴酒駄介餐廳地址為台北市大安區四維路375-2號1樓 , 離科技大樓捷運站只需 5 ~ 10 分鐘路程. 一進門, 左邊有各式各樣的清酒 , 經店員介紹才知道季肴酒駄介餐廳是 SAKEMARU 日本酒酒藏進口公司 (link ) 所創, 餐廳酒單十分精彩. 餐廳有單點吧台座位區 , Omakase 無菜單板前區, 桌席與包廂. 餐廳訂位建議用 inline (link) .
2023 newly-opened Dasuke by Sakemaru restaurant address is 1F , No. 375-2 , Siwei Road, Da-an District, Taipei City. It is about 5 ~ 10 minutes walking distance from Technology Building MRT station. Entering the front door,  at the left hand side, there are various sake selections. I am informed that the restaurant is opened by SAKEMARU company, which is a Japanese sake importer (link). The sake menu is impressive. The restaurant has al carte counter seating area, omakase seating Area ( Itamae ) , and omakase Seating Area (Table ). You can reserve via inline (link).

延伸閱讀: SAKEMARU Website Link

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al carte seating area



Omakase Seating Area ( Itamae )



Omakase Seating Area (Table )



Private Dining Room




Sushi Momo Price

✅ 單點吧台座位區: 依菜單價位為主, 低消 NTD $800/人
✅  板前 與 桌席 Omakase 套餐: NTD $3,880 / 人
Sake Pairing 5 杯 NTD $1,500 : 我會推薦點 Sake Pairing

✅ Al carte counter seating area: Minimum Charge NTD $800/person
Omakase seating Area ( Itamae/ Table ): NTD $3,880 /person
Sake Pairing 5 glasses NTD $1,500 : I would recommend sake pairing.



季肴酒 駄介無菜單評價

Dasuke by Sakemaru Menu Review

1. 無菜單內容裡的日文名稱皆是店員提供
2. 板前 Omakase 套餐: NTD $3,880 / 人

1. Japanese dish names are offered by the staff.
2. Omakase Set Price: NTD $3880/person



能平煮 のっぺ

Appetizer: Stewed lotus root, carrot, mushroom, taro, roe
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這道料理是由來自新瀉的日籍主廚高橋優介特別為新年推出的家常菜餚. 主廚以蓮藕、紅蘿蔔、香菇和里芋烹製而成, 呈現出精緻的燴菜(Noppe のっぺ).每一項食材都不會影響到各自風味. 高湯比預期地飽滿。每一口都能感受到鮭魚卵的爆汁與鮮味衝擊, 再搭配金箔的點綴. 不僅味覺上令人滿足,而且視覺效果相當華麗。店員還搭配上了日本新年傳統的屠蘇酒,使得這一道前菜與酒的搭配相當獨特而有趣。
This dish is a home-style cuisine specially introduced for the New Year by Chef Yusuke Takahashi from Niigata, Japan. The chef prepares it with lotus root, red carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and taro, creating an exquisite stewed dish (Noppe のっぺ). Each ingredient maintains its distinct flavor without overpowering the others. The broth is fuller than expected. Every bite delivers the burst of salmon roe and freshness, complemented by the embellishment of golden foils. It not only satisfies the tastebuds but also presents a visually stunning effect. The staff also pairs it with the traditional Japanese New Year’s sake, making this appetizer’s combination with the sake unique and intriguing.




Stewed with white miso, taro, carrot and rice cake
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

主廚用日文解釋, 將里芋巧妙地切成六角形,呈現出象徵吉祥的烏龜殼圖案。 品嚐日本年糕則是新年習俗. 與上一道不同, 此道菜餚的里芋煮得更透且軟口感, 餐廳自製的年糕則保有十足的Q彈口感. 白味噌汁微甜, 可惜的是柴魚風味稍微偏濃.
The chef explained in Japanese that the taro is ingeniously cut into hexagons, presenting a turtle shell pattern symbolizing good fortune. Tasting Japanese rice cakes is a New Year’s tradition. Unlike the previous dish, the taro in this dish is cooked to a softer and more translucent texture, while the homemade rice cake maintains a satisfying chewiness. The white miso soup is slightly sweet, but unfortunately, the bonito flavor is slightly intense.



Shrimp / Yam paste /Wasabi
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

以日本山藥泥為基底, 堆疊起醋飯與宜蘭甜蝦生食. 粒粒分明的醋飯與黏稠的山藥泥組合, 再搭配蝦的微脆, 此道菜餚呈現層次口感. 建議先單吃一口宜蘭生甜蝦, 經過昆布漬提升鮮味.而芥末刺激感更是帶出甜蝦的鹹鮮.
Built on a base of Japanese yam paste, this dish layers vinegar rice (sushi rice) and raw sweet shrimp from Yilan. The distinct grains of the vinegar rice, combined with the sticky yam paste and the slight crispiness of the shrimp, create a multi-textural experience. It is recommended to first try a bite of the raw Yilan sweet shrimp, which is enhanced by the kelp marinade. The wasabi adds a stimulating kick that brings out the savory sweetness of the shrimp.



Vinegar Marinated Spanish mackerel
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

我目前只在台式餐廳 ( 例如: “儂來會館” ) 吃過土魠魚西滷鍋 ,並沒有吃過土魠魚生魚片. 餐廳用炭火微炙燒土魠魚表層, 間接凸顯魚肉的軟嫩. 值得一提的是搭配醬汁並非一般的醬油, 而是煎酒. 煎酒不會有酒味, 而是有柔和的酸鹹鮮滋味, 勾勒出土魠魚適量的鮮美 . 不僅有芥末一絲辛香, 也搭配茗荷. 對於不太熟悉日式料理的饕客而言, 這一道菜餚充滿驚喜.
I have only had Spanish mackerel hot pot at Taiwanese restaurants (for example: “Nong Lai Restaurant”) . I never tried Spanish Mackerel sashimi. The restaurant lightly sears the surface of fish with charcoal fire, indirectly highlighting the tender texture of the fish meat. It is worth mentioning that the accompanying sauce is not the typical soy sauce , but rather a sake-based sauce. The sake sauce doesn’t have a strong alcoholic taste but offers a gentle, tangy, and fresh flavor, enhancing the moderate deliciousness of the fish. Besides a hint of wasabi for spiciness, it also comes with myoga. For those not very familiar with Japanese cuisine, this dish is full of surprises.

延伸閱讀: 儂來會館 Nong Lai Taipei 》二樓可當大包廂的台北台菜餐廳



Japanese Maguro (Tuna) Belly Nigiri (Chūtoro)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

相較於之前在”台北喜來登桃山明壽司”所品味到的版本,這一次在季肴酒駄介的呈現更顯原始. 黑鮪魚中腹獨特的海鮮風味在單吃時得以完美展現。細心觀察可見,佃煮岩海苔的運用營造出豐富的層次感。而在沾取蛋黃醬油後品嚐,我發現主廚精心追求的並非僅僅是高級黑鮪魚的味蕾享受,而是一種多層次且平衡的美味體驗。
Compared to the version I had previously at “Sheraton Grand Taipei Momo Japanese Cuisine,” this presentation at Dasuke by Sakemaru is more primitive. The distinctive seafood flavor of the Japanese Maguro Belly is perfectly showcased when eaten on its own. Upon closer observation, the use of pickled seaweed creates a rich sense of flavor. When dipped in the yolk soy sauce and tasted, I realized that the chef is not merely aiming for the exquisite taste of premium Japanese Maguro tuna, but rather a multi-layered and balanced culinary experience.

延伸閱讀: SUSHI MOMO TAIPEI 》終於吃到台北喜來登桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 )



Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

DASU BURGER ( 駄斯小漢堡 ) 只有 omakase 菜單才有, 單點區並無販售. 此道為招牌菜餚, 漢堡內餡會不定期更換 , 不會像 “logy “ 的茶碗蒸一成不變. 餐廳為了這一道特別訂製了專屬的漢堡盒. 漢堡包先用備長炭的炭火烤過, 推疊起生菜與蘋果絲.店員還提到透露醬料中融入了些許日式南高梅檸檬醬. 漢堡內餡是干貝真丈天婦羅, 與一般的豬肉或牛肉截然不同. 不得不說, 這一款漢堡滿滿細節, 而且非常美味. 這是當天我最喜歡的料理.
DASU BURGER is only available on the omakase menu and is not sold separately at al carte menu. This dish is a signature item, and the filling of the burger changes periodically, unlike “logy” chawanmushi. The restaurant has custom-made a dedicated burger box for this dish. The burger bun is first grilled over charcoal, layered with lettuce and apple slices. The staff also mentioned that the sauce incorporates a bit of Japanese Nanko Ume lemon sauce. The burger filling is made of mixed scallop and fish meat tempura, instead of usual pork or beef patty. I must say, this burger is full of details and incredibly delicious. It was my favorite dish of the day.

延伸閱讀: Logy Taipei 》2022 台北米其林二星 logy 餐廳美食



Kagoshima Wagyu Beef A5 Shabu Shabu
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

主廚先展示鹿兒島A5沙朗和牛 ( 圖二則是一人份 ). 再直接在客人面前涮和牛, 確保其處於完美的7到8分熟狀態. 盤底有炭火熱度, 建議趁熱享用, 充分享受和牛的鮮嫩口感. 主廚也滴些許日本新瀉的神樂南蠻辣油 . 我比較希望白花椰菜泥佐醬放一旁 . 單吃日本和牛肉佐一點點辣油是我喜歡的方式.
The chef presented the Kagoshima Wagyu Beef in front of the guests. Then, the chef cooks the beef with Shabu Shaba style in order to keep the medium-done texture. I would suggest to taste the beef as soon as possible since they put the charcoals at the bottom . The chef also dropped a few spicy oil from Niigata. I would prefer the white broccoli paste can be put aside. I like tasting the beef with hints of spicy oil .



Fried Spring Roll with Queen Crab and uni
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

原先我以為季肴酒駄介沒有高貴食材, 而是以常見食材, 製作日本新潟地方料理. 這次超乎預期, 吃到以松葉蟹與北海道海膽為內餡的春捲, 再現刨烏魚子於薄脆的春捲外層. 這樣的搭配充滿鮮味,呈現出豐富的口感非常美味.
Originally, I thought that Dasuke by Sakemaru might not use luxurious ingredients but instead create dishes with common ingredients, showcasing local flavors from Niigata, Japan. However, this time exceeded my expectations. I had spring rolls filled with queen crab and Hokkaido sea urchin, topped with grated mullet roe on the crispy outer layer of the spring roll. This combination was full of umami and presented a rich texture, making it delicious.



Grilled Shirako with Tong-Ou (Crown Daisy)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

上次在 “中壢樂魚料理” 吃的是河豚白子, 這次在季肴酒 駄介吃到的鱈魚白子. 先將台灣山茼蒿製作成類似濃稠青醬放置碗底, 再進行炙燒白子. 比較可惜的是山茼蒿風味覆蓋住白子的獨特風味.
I tried the puff fish shirako last time at “Leyu Ryotei Japanese restaurant”. This time at Dasuke by Sakemaru, I tasted the cod shirako. They put the crown daisy green paste at the bottom of the bowl. Then, they grilled the Shirako. However, the crown daisy paste flavor covers the special flavor of the Shirako.

延伸閱讀: 樂魚料亭 Leyu Ryotei 》關於這家中壢日式無菜單料理的四個重點




Dessert with Tofu, Pear, and Peanut
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

水梨, 花生, 豆腐三款食材並不會互相抵觸. 每一口有切塊水梨的清新, 充滿堅果風味的花生, 豆腐獨特香氣也是頗特別.
Pear, peanuts, and tofu, these three ingredients do not conflict with each other. Each bite offers the refreshing taste of diced pear, the rich nutty flavor of peanuts, and the unique aroma of tofu, making it quite special.



Eel Claypot Rice
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

我本來就喜歡吃鰻魚飯. 相較於山芹菜與牛蒡絲 , 我個人比較喜歡新瀉越光米的米香與蒲燒鰻魚的鹹香. 山椒粉更是讓鰻魚增加鹹香度. 圖一是一人份的蒲燒鰻魚 , 一人可以吃至少兩碗與適量蒲燒鰻魚沒問題. 如果釜飯吃不完, 師傅還會包成飯糰, 就跟 “辰壽司割烹會席 Sushi Kappou “ 一樣 , 也會有外帶紙袋.
I always like eel rice. Compared to Japanese parsley and burdock root, I personally prefer the rice aroma of Niigata rice and the savory taste of grilled eel. The use of sansho pepper enhances the savory flavor of the eel. Picture one shows the eel rice for one person. Each person is able to eat at least two bowls with fair amount of grilled eel. If you can’t finish the rice, the chef will wrap it into rice balls, just like at ” Chen Sushi Kappou” and provide a takeout paper bag.

延伸閱讀: 辰壽司割烹會席 Sushi Kappou 》二訪吃雙活蟹會席料理



Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這一道是新潟縣的知名甜點 , 全名是新潟縣ポッポ焼き おしるこ . 類似黑糖糕, 沾進有顆粒的熱紅豆湯. 有趣的用餐經驗.
This is a dessert from Niigata, Japan. It is similar with brown sugar cake. You can dip in the hot red bean soup and taste it. It is an interesting dining experience.


清酒 Pairing (5 杯)

Sake Pairing (5 Glasses)
Price: NTD $1500

季肴酒駄介餐廳是 SAKEMARU 日本酒酒藏進口公司創立 , 唎酒師挑選搭配5款清酒不侷限於新瀉地區, 而是全日本的清酒.
Dasuke by Sakemaru is established by SAKEMARU company (link). The sake sommelier will prepare 5 sakes from all over Japan.

🍶 旨辛萬作 -純米酒

來自日本秋田縣的純米酒, 先是淡花香與微酸 , 入口可感受到飽滿旨味 , 最後則是展現經典的俐落.
This sake is from Akita, Japan. At the beginning, it is hints of floral aroma and acidity. Then, there are full amount of umami flavor. Then, the taste of sake is clean and sharp.


🍶七水 – 純米吟醸

酒體輕盈且有充沛的迷人果香 , 可感受到微旨味與微甜.
The sake is light and full of fruity flavor. The tastebuds can sense hints of umami and hints of sweetness.


🍶 寫樂- 純米吟釀

寫樂品牌是台灣人熟悉的知名清酒, 也贏過 IWC(International Wine Challenge ) 清酒項目. 飽滿酒體很適合搭下酒菜, 悠長尾韻散發著水蜜桃甜果香.
This brand is a famous sake brand and won IWC (International Wine Challenge ) sake category. Sake has full body and suitable for thick flavor dishes. The peach aroma and flavor can long stay at the tastebuds.


🍶 虎屋本店 x 七水: JUICY 果華 Fruit Punch 生原酒

豐富且香醇果香的清酒 .
This sake is complex and full of fruity flavor.


🍶 白木久: BLACK SWAN Ⅱ The Dark Phoenix

季肴酒駄介將此款清酒與肉桂加熱, 成為獨一無二且具有西式風格的熱清酒.
They heat this sake with cinnamon roll. It becomes special hot sake with Western style.


季肴酒 駄介適合誰去? ⭐

Who are suitable to dine at Dasuke by Sakemaru ?

季肴酒 駄介 並不分類為 壽司 , 割烹或是會席, 而是分類為「 日本新潟地區料理 」. 這次在季肴酒駄介菜單裡, 有許多有特色的菜餚與不同的烹調手法.

季肴酒 駄介適合誰去:

來自日本新潟的日籍主廚高橋優介已有經營割烹餐廳的多年經驗, 這次設計菜單也有新潟常見的能平煮 , 神樂南蠻辣油與新潟縣ポッポ焼き おしるこ.

台北高級壽司餐廳通常都只展現單一高級食材的特色. 反觀 季肴酒駄介 , 主廚比較傾向將高級食材與其他食材搭配. 例如鱈魚白子與山茼蒿搭配.

比起其他餐廳, 1 人座位相對比較好訂位. 板前Omakase 套餐: NTD $3,880 / 人.

我推薦點 Sake Pairing , 因為餐廳是 SAKEMARU 日本酒酒藏進口公司 (link ) 所創, 酒單很精彩.

Dasuke by Sakemaru is not classified as sushi, kaiseki, or kappo but rather as “Niigata regional cuisine”. In the menu, there are many distinctive dishes and various cooking methods.

Dasuke by Sakemaru is suitable for:

Those interested in Niigata, Japan regional cuisine
Chef Yusuke Takahashi, originally from Niigata, Japan, has years of experience operating a kappo restaurant. The menu features common Niigata dishes such as Noppe ( stewed vegetable dish), Niigata spicy oil, and Niigata dessert.

Those curious about the pairing of premium and other ingredients
Unlike high-end sushi restaurants in Taipei that typically showcase the characteristics of a single premium ingredient, Chef Takahashi tends to pair premium ingredients with others. For example, Cod Shirako paired with crown daisy paste.

Solo diners
Compared to other restaurants, it’s relatively easy to book a seat for one person. The Omakase set menu price at NTD $3,880 per person.

Those who want to try sake pairing
I recommend trying the Sake Pairing because the restaurant is established by SAKE MARU, an imported Japanese sake company (link), and has an excellent sake menu.

♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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季肴酒 駄介 資訊

Dasuke by Sakemaru Information

店名: 季肴酒 駄介
地址: 台北市大安區四維路375-2號1樓 (Map)
捷運站: 科技大樓捷運站
電話: 02-2700-0375
inline link: https://inline.app/booking/-N_CWWhISrC4CtP-12Jx:inline-live-3/DasukebySakemaru
Restaurant: Dasuke by Sakemaru
Address: 1F , No. 375-2 , Siwei Road, Da-an District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby Metro Station: Technology Building Station Metro Station
Tel: 02-2700-0375