SUSHI MOMO TAIPEI 》終於吃到台北喜來登桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 )

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桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 )米其林一星明壽司喜來登合作的 2023 新開幕台北日式無菜單餐廳, 此篇文章內容有 桃山明壽司訂位 , 價位與用餐內容.
Sushi Momo is a Taipei Sheraton Hotel Japansese Restaurant that cooperates with Michelin One Star RestaurantSushi Akira. This article includes Sushi Momo reservation, price, and omakase menu.

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桃山明壽司訂位 ( すし桃 )

Sushi Momo Sheraton Reservation

桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 位於台北喜來登大飯店的 2F,  地址為台北市中正區忠孝東路一段12號2樓, 離善導寺捷運站二號出口與三號出口非常近 , すし 桃 是桃山日本料理的店中店, 並不是桃山日本料理改名為すし桃.「 すし 」的中文是壽司, 以下會以「 桃山明壽司 」來撰文. 餐廳是預約制, 無法 Walk-in. 桃山明壽司訂位連結為 (Link: ) . 訂金與細節皆在 inline 頁面.
桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 共有兩個小包廂 (圖ㄧ), 可合併為一個大包廂, 平常也接散客, inline 頁面有標示一人也可訂位.
Sushi Momo is located at Taipei Sheraton Hotel 2F. The address is 2F No. 12, 1st Section, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzhang District, Taipei City. It is near Exit 2 and Exit 3 of Shandao Temple MRT Station. You will need to reserve via inline link (Link: ). You cannot walk in. The downpayment and details are at the inline page. Picture 1 shows the small private dining room. The inline page shows that one person can reserve seat.

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桃山明壽司價位 ( すし桃 ) ⭐

Sushi Momo Price

桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 是 米其林一星明壽司 與喜來登共同合作, 菜單上有多款是明壽司招牌菜餚, 以江戶前壽司與割烹為餐廳特色. 95%的食材皆是日本空運, 桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 有午餐價位與晚餐價位.

✅ 午餐 Omakase 套餐 NTD $4000 +10% /人
✅ 晚餐 Omakase 套餐 NTD $5000+10%/人
價位不同, 皆是 20 道, 晚餐套餐內容會升級
**我吃的是2023.7 月午餐 Omakase 套餐.

Sushi Momo menu is designed by Michelin One Star Restaurant Sushi Akira and Momoya Japanese restaurant. Several dishes are Sushi Akira’s signature dishes. 95% ingredients are imported from Japan. Sushi Momo has Lunch Set and Dinner Set.

✅ Lunch Omakase Set NTD $4000 +10% /人
✅ Dinner Omakase Set NTD $5000+10%/人
Prices are different. There are 20 courses. However, the content will be upgraded for Dinner Set.
**I have the July Lunch Omakase Set


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Sushi Momo Omakase Menu Content

以下是我品嚐的 2023.7 月桃山明壽司 omakase 午間套餐, 內容會依當日食材而改變, 價位 NTD $4000 +10% /人.
I have the July Lunch Omakase Set . The menu content may be vary. The price is NTD $4000+10% / person.



Impressive and Delicious Dishes


Hand Roll with Grilled Eel with sauce ( Kabayaki )

從宇翔師傅手中接過蒲燒鰻魚手卷時, 立刻感受到炙熱程度超乎預期, 燒烤後的鰻魚皮層酥脆可口. 由於溫度高, 這道手卷的醋飯酸度也隨之增加, 使得蒲燒鹹甜醬汁更加彰顯出多種風味. 後來才得知原來明壽司的招牌菜餚也是這一道招牌蒲燒鰻魚手卷 . 這道意想不到的蒲燒鰻魚手卷,成為我在當天最喜歡的菜餚.
When I received the Grilled Eel Hand Roll from the chef, I immediately felt that it was much hotter than I expected. The grilled eel skin is crispy and delicious. Due to the high temperature, the vinegar rice in this hand roll became more acidic, enhancing the various flavors of the savory and sweet eel sauce. Later on, I discovered t that this signature Grilled Eel Hand Roll is also a specialty of Sushi Akirai. This unexpected dish became my favorite of the day.



Tuna Hand Roll with Japanese Green Onion

日本鮪魚腹肉被切得細緻, 堆疊在赤醋與米醋製成的醋飯上. 搭配日本大蔥的蔥白絲與山葵, 再刷上醬汁. 食材缺一不可. 讓原本在其他日式料理餐廳被當作中場休息的菜餚,升級為我當天最喜歡的菜餚之一.
The Japanese tuna belly is finely sliced and layered on top of rice marinated with red and rice vinegar. It is served with Japanese green onion slices and wasabi, then brushed with sauce. Each ingredient is indispensable and the dish is incredibly delicious. This dish, which is typically considered an intermezzo at other Japanese restaurants, has been elevated to one of my favorites of the day.




Grilled Eel without sauce (shirayaki)

桃山明壽司師傅將只用鹽巴調味的白燒鰻魚放在菜單. 這道白燒鰻魚令人驚艷的酥脆程度讓人誤以為是經過酥炸過程, 每一口都有美味的酥香感, 給人留下深刻的印象.
The Chef added a dish of Grilled Eel seasoned only with salt to the menu. This  Grilled Eel is astonishingly crispy, making one mistakenly think it has undergone a frying process. Every bite brings delightful crispiness, leaving a profound impression.



Squid Nigiri

這道北海道槍烏賊握壽司確實展現了多層次且令人印象深刻的風味. 醋飯溫度釋放出酸度 , 而酸橘的加入更襯托出清爽的酸味. 槍烏賊本身的脆爽, 法國鹽之花的點綴讓鮮甜的味道在口中充分釋放. 被我列為當天喜歡的握壽司之一.
The Hokkaido Squid Sushi indeed showcases multi-layered and impressive flavors. The temperature of the sushi rice releases its acidity, and the addition of yuzu enhances the refreshing sour taste. The texture of the Hokkaido squid, complemented by the French fleur de sel, allows the sweet and fresh flavors to fully unfold in the mouth. This sushi has earned a spot as one of my favorites.





Grilled Yuzu Soy Sauce Marinated Japanese Horse Mackerel ( Amadai )

甘鯛為日本馬頭魚, 甘鯛的油亮魚皮吃起來頗酥脆且微微帶有焦香. 入口時可感受到日本料理的經典「 幽庵燒 」醃漬燒烤法所帶來的風味. 甘鯛魚肉以味噌為主導, 時不時會感受到清爽柚子風味, 甘鯛魚肉比預期地更多汁鮮嫩.
Japanese Horse Mackerel, is commonly used in Taiwan restaurant as well. The oil-rich and lustrous skin of the provides a delightful crispiness with a subtle charred aroma. Upon tasting, one can experience the classic flavors of Japanese cuisine from the marinating and grilling technique called Misoyaki. The fish meat is primarily infused with miso, occasionally complemented by refreshing hints of yuzu. Surprisingly, the fish meat is more succulent and tender than expected.



Marinated Mackerel Sushi

桃山明壽司師傅選用以醋浸醃過的肥美鯖魚製成. 咬一口後, 你會發現脆海苔中藏著意想不到的紫蘇葉, 醃漬薑片與細蔥. 先是脆海苔的口感, 接著感受到醃漬鯖魚帶來的酸鮮風味, 最後是甜薑與細蔥兩種截然不同的風味. 這多款食材堆疊成的一款壽司, 鯖魚風味恰到好處, 不會掩蓋其他食材的風味.
The chef uses vinegared and marinated fatty and succulent mackerel to create this dish. Upon taking a bite, you’ll discover a delightful surprise hidden within the crispy seaweed – shiso leaves, pickled ginger slices, and finely chopped scallions. The experience begins with the crispiness of the seaweed, followed by the tangy freshness of the marinated mackerel, and finally, the contrasting flavors of sweet ginger and scallions. This sushi, composed of multiple layers of ingredients, showcases the perfect balance of mackerel’s flavor, allowing the other elements to shine through harmoniously.





Japanese Maguro (Tuna) Belly Nigiri (Chūtoro)

由日本長崎進口的鮪魚中腹握壽司揭開序幕, 展現出最原始的鮪魚海鮮風味.
The journey starts with the medium-fatty tuna nigiri sushi, revealing the most authentic and pure essence of tuna’s seafood flavor. The Maguro is from Nagasaki, Japan.



Japanese Maguro (Tuna) Belly Nigiri (Otoro)

鮪魚大腹是我最喜歡的鮪魚部位, 師傅切下的鮪魚大腹令人期待滿滿. 油花細密均勻宛如日本和牛的質感. 品嚐這道鮪魚大腹握壽司, 先感受到醋飯帶來的短暫酸香, 隨後展現旨味與細緻度。每一口都充滿鮪魚的鮮美與油脂滋潤.
The fatty tuna belly is my favorite part of tuna. The slice of fatty tuna belly prepared by the chef is truly enticing. Its finely marbled texture resembles that of Japanese wagyu beef. Tasting this fatty tuna belly nigiri sushi, I first experience the fleeting acidity from the vinegar rice, followed by the signature umami and delicate flavors of sushi. Each bite is filled with the deliciousness of tuna and the richness of its fatty goodness.




Japanese Maguro (Tuna) Nigiri (Akamai Tsuke)

饕客們皆知道鮪魚背部肉的油花不多. 旨味也不是很明顯. 只是偏溫醋飯賦予的酸度有感, 讓鮪魚的特色不夠突出.
Tuna back meat doesn’t have much marbling and its umami flavor is not very pronounced. The slightly warm vinegar rice does add some acidity, but it may overshadow the distinct characteristics of the tuna.




Smoked Bonito

桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 的 95%食材皆是日本空運, 師傅採用日本鰹魚, 而非台灣鰹魚. 這一道煙燻鰹魚並沒有刻意的燻香. 師傅巧妙地利用微炙燒方式帶出原始的海鮮鮮香, 使魚肉保持半生微嫩的粉色調. 再搭配脆感的橙醋洋蔥,這道煙燻鰹魚展現出樸實的美味和精緻的口感. 整體不錯吃.
95% of Sushi Momo seafood ingredients are imported from Japan. The chef uses Japanese bonito instead of Taiwanese bonito .The smoked bonito dish is not deliberately smoky. Instead, the chef skillfully uses a light searing technique to bring out the original seafood flavor, keeping the fish semi-raw with a delicate pink hue. The addition of vinegar marinated onion sauce complements the dish, showcasing its simple yet refined taste and texture. Overall, it is quite delicious.




Hokkaido Snow Crab / Crab Roe Paste

這一道不僅使用蟹腳, 宇翔師傅也採用北海道松葉蟹身. 並沒有多做調味, 單吃有蟹肉的原始鮮甜. 蟹膏份量雖然不多 , 也足夠勾勒出更明顯且不同層次的海鮮鮮甜味.
The dish not only features crab legs but also includes the body of Hokkaido snow crab. It is delicately seasoned to allow the natural sweetness of the crab meat to shine through. Even though there isn’t a large amount of crab roe, it is sufficient to bring out a more distinct and layered seafood sweetness to the dish.



Toyama white shrimp / Seaweed Tempura

我上次吃到富山白蝦是在 “海峽會辰壽司割烹” , 那時是以偏西式的方式呈現, 這次在桃山明壽司吃到的則是日式風格, 海苔的微鹹風味與炸海苔的酥脆口感給這道料理帶來了獨特的風味,同時覆蓋住了富山白蝦的生鮮度, 海苔沒有過厚麵衣, 能充分展現出富山白蝦的綿密口感.
Last time, I tasted Toyama white shrimp at “CS Club Sushi Kappou”, which is represented in Western Style. This time at Sushi Momo is toward original Japanese style.The subtle saltiness of the seaweed, along with the crispy texture of the seaweed tempura, brought a distinctive taste to the dish. Additionally, it cleverly masked any potential loss of freshness in the Toyama white shrimp. The seaweed was lightly coated, allowing the rich and tender texture of the Toyama white shrimp to shine through.

延伸閱讀: CS Club Sushi Kappou 》在辰壽司割烹包廂品嚐海膽宴菜單





Other Dishes


Flounder / Fin Meat / Sea Uurchin

晶瑩剔透的薄切比目魚刀功細緻, 紫蘇花點綴讓這道菜餚多些優雅. 先品嚐比目魚本身的鮮美, 再沾取法國鹽之花, 使得鮮味更加突出. 隨後嘗試鰭邊肉與山葵, 口感轉變豐富多樣. 而日本水海膽賦予菜餚綿密的口感和微甜的風味, 作為結尾是一個不錯的選擇.
The thinly sliced flounder in Taoyama Ming Sushi is expertly cut, creating a translucent and delicate appearance. The addition of perilla flowers adds a touch of elegance to this dish. I first savored the natural freshness of the flounder, and then enhanced the flavor by dipping it in French sea salt. The experience changed as I explored the fin meat and wasabi, offering a diverse range of textures and tastes. The inclusion of Japanese sea urchin at the end brought a creamy texture and subtle sweetness to the dish, making it a delightful conclusion to the meal.




White Pomfret Nigiri (White Bream Sushi )

這是我第一次吃到日本白鯧魚握壽司, 口感細膩, 偏溫的醋飯展現出醋香, 因此整道握壽司並沒有過多的旨味
This is my first time trying Japanese white bream sushi, and I find the texture to be delicate. The slightly warm sushi rice brings out the aroma of vinegar, resulting in a sushi that doesn’t have an overwhelming umami flavor.



Stripe Jack Nigiri ( Simaaji )

魽魚系列常出現在台北日式餐廳 ( “和蒔炭火割烹”) , 甚至我在 “LOPFAIT 樂斐” 也吃過日本青魽, 油脂讓魚肉口感更迷人, 我個人是比較希望能夠多些旨味.
Stripe Jack series always appear at Taipei Japanese Restaurants ( For example: “Wamaki Taipei” ). I even tasted stripe jack at “Lopfait restaurant”. The texture is tender. However, I wish that there are more umami flavor.

延伸閱讀: 和蒔炭火割烹 Wamaki Taipei 》台北中山條通美食

延伸閱讀:  LOPFAIT 樂斐 》 2021 新開幕台北法式餐廳 (內有菜單)



Kohada Nigiri

桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 宇翔師擅長「 江戶前壽司風格 」 , 這一貫小肌壽司的醋香與鹹香並存, 平衡小肌本身的濃郁鮮味,
SUSHI MOMO chef is an expert in 「 Edomae Nigiri-Zushi 」category. This Kohada Nigiri has both heavy salty flavor and vinegar aroma. The acidity and mild saltiness balance the heavy seafood aroma.



Gunkan-maki – Hokkaido Sea Urchin

幾乎每一家高級日料皆會放海膽軍艦在菜單上, 也同樣考驗師傅堆疊海膽的功力, 桃山明壽司採用的北海道馬糞海膽偏滑嫩, 建議趕緊吃.
Almost every high-end Japanese restaurant would put Gunkan-maki with Sea Urchin on the menu. Hokkaido Sea Urchin is quite soft and slippery. I would suggest to eat this fish right after serving.



Miso Soup

赤味噌發酵時間較長, 口味偏鹹, 此款赤味噌湯相當順口, 是會讓想再續碗的味噌湯.
The fermented time is longer than the regular miso, therefore, the flavor is a bit salty. This is actually the type of soup that I am willing to keep drinking.




烘烤玉子燒外型像是蜂蜜蛋糕, 品嚐時, 是以雞蛋香氣為主, 只是這次吃到的玉子燒有些乾
The appearance of Hanasho Tamagoyaki looks like the Japanese Castella Cake (honey flavor cake). The major taste is still the eggy aroma along with small amount of sweet flavor. However, it is a bit dry.




Quite Delicious.


桃山明壽司適合誰去? ⭐

Who are suitable to dine at Sushi Momo?

桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 是 米其林一星明壽司 與喜來登合作的 2023 新開幕台北日式無菜單餐廳. 很多人最關心的兩個話題就是 “NTD $4000 /人的午間套餐有吃飽嗎? “ , 我的答案是 “ 我有吃飽, 因為共有 20 道”. 另一個話題則是 “跟明壽司比? ” , 我的第二個答案是 “我沒有吃過明壽司”.

✅ 一人可以訂位
台北高級日料餐廳幾乎都無法一人訂位. 喜歡自在一人吃飯的人很適合在桃山明壽司用餐. 請記得訂位, 這裡無法 Walk-In

✅ 喜歡吃高級日料, 但也想吃飽的人
桃山明壽司的午餐 (NTD $4000+10%/人) 與晚餐 (NTD $5000+10%/人) 皆有 20 道菜餚, 晚餐套餐內容升級. 師傅在最後會問有沒有吃飽.

✅ 訂不到明壽司, 想品嚐明壽司的招牌菜餚
桃山明壽司菜單有明壽司的招牌菜餚 – 蒲燒鰻魚手卷, 白燒鰻魚, 日本大蔥鮪魚腹手卷,鯖魚棒壽司與煙燻鰹魚..etc.

Sushi Momo is a Taipei Sheraton Hotel Japansese Restaurant that cooperates with Michelin One Star Restaurant – Sushi Akira. Many people are wondering two topics: “Can NTD $4000/per person Lunch set fulfill the appetite?”. The answer is “Yes, I am full since there are total 20 courses. “. The other topic is that “What is the comparison with Sushi Akira and Sushi Momo?” My second answer is “I never tried Sushi Akira before.”.

Who are suitable to dine at Sushi Momo?
✅ One person can reserve seat too
Most high-end Taipei Japanese Restaurants are not allowed one person to reserve the seat. If you like to dine alone, this restaurant is suitable for you. Please remember to reserve seat before visiting.

✅ Like to eat high-end Japanese cuisine, but want to fulfill the appetite as well.
Sushi Momo Lunch Set (NTD $4000+10%/person) and Dinner Set (NTD $5000+10%/person) both have 20 courses. The Dinner course content will be upgraded. At the end of the meal, the chef would ask you if you are full.

✅ You are not able to reserve Sushi Akira, but you want to try their signature dish.
Sushi Momo has Sushi Akira’s signature dishes – Grilled Eel hand roll with sauce, Grilled Eel ,Tuna Hand Roll with Japanese Green Onion, Marinated Mackerel Sushi, and Smoked Bonito.

♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 ) 資訊

SUSHI MOMO Information

店名: 桃山明壽司 ( すし桃 )
地址: 台北市中正區忠孝東路一段12號2樓 (Map)
捷運站: 善導寺捷運站 (BL13)
電話: 02-2321-1818
Restaurant: SUSHI MOMO
Address: 2F No. 12, 1st Section, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzhang District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Shandao Temple Metro Station (BL13)
Tel: 02-2321-1818