Peng ’s Gourmet & Banquet 》 關於彭園私宴的五個重點

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彭園台北湘菜餐廳推薦之一 , 左宗棠雞與富貴雙方皆是彭園菜單的招牌菜餚, 這次到彭園林森店品嚐彭園私宴菜單.
Peng Yuan Restaurant is one of the Taipei Chinese Restaurant recommendations. This time, I tried their Private Banquet menu dishes that are exclusively offered only at Linsen Branch.

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Peng Yuan Restaurant Reservation

彭園在台北有非常多分店與婚宴館 ( Link: ) , 我這次去的是 “彭園林森創始店” , 離雙連捷運站 2 號出口只有 10 分鐘路程, 非常方便. 彭園林森店位於 2 F , 可搭電梯, 散客座位在2F (圖一), 包廂則是在 3F. 用餐環境對年長者友善, 也適合家庭聚餐.

打電話 02-2551-9157.
打電話 02-2551-9157 . 這次的彭園私宴菜單唯獨在彭園林森創始店才有提供, 由於需準備食材與長時間製作, 建議需 3 ~ 4 天前訂位.

Peng Yuan Restaurant has many branches and Banquet Room Restaurants ( Link: ) . I went to the Linsen branch restaurant, which is only 10 minutes walking distance from Exit 2 of Shuanglian Metro Station (R12). It is located at the 2F and it has elevator. The private dining rooms are at the 3F. The dining environment is friendly to elders and suitable for family gathering.

✅ Regular Reservation
Call 02-2551-9157.
✅ Private Room Reservation
Call 02-2551-9157 . I tried their Private Banquet menu that is exclusively offered at Linsen Branch. Since the restaurant needs time to prepare the ingredients and make the dishes , the restaurant suggests to reserve 3 ~ 4 days prior visiting.





彭園包廂 ( 林森店 )

Peng Yuan Restaurant Private Dining Room ( Linsen Branch )

彭園林森店的包廂位於 3F, 這次我們的彭園私宴包廂是 8 ~ 10 位座位小包廂 (圖一) , 彭園也有中大包廂 (圖二).
Peng Yuan Restaurant Private Dining Rooms are located at 3F. This time, we dined at 8 ~ 10 people small private dining room (pic 1). They also have medium/large private room.


彭園私宴菜單價格 ⭐

Peng Yuan Private Banquet menu Price

彭園私宴菜單料理僅限8人以上預訂, 2023.8月價格 價格為 NTD $2000 +10%/人

✅ 需3 ~ 4 天前預訂彭園私宴, 僅接受電話訂位, 訂金部分請自行詢問餐廳

✅ 最初我對「 私宴 」這一個名詞有點疑惑, 後來看到私宴菜單內容才了解, 原來「 私宴 」是彭園老董宴客喜歡準備的菜餚, 換句話說- 彭園老董自己喜歡吃, 也喜歡與朋友分享, 並不拘泥於八大菜系的傳統大菜.

Here are the important information
Peng Yuan Restaurant Private Banquet menu minimum guests are 8 people or above. 2023. August price is NTD $2000+10%/person

✅ You will need to reserve 3 ~ 4 days prior. They only accept phone call to reserve private dining room and VIP Private Banquet menu dishes. You will need to ask for downpayment details with the restaurant.

✅ At first, I was a bit confused on the words「 Private Banquet 」. After I see the menu, I realize that this is the menu for former Peng Yuan Restaurant CEO to treat and share with his guests. In another words, former CEO Mr. Peng likes those dishes and it doesn’t have to be traditional style Chinese cuisine.



彭園私宴菜餚 Review

Peng Yuan Private Banquet Menu Review

我會照上菜順序寫 – 從前菜到甜點
I will write the dishes in order – from appetizer to dessert



Deep-Fried Stinky Tofu Sandwiches
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

主廚將脆皮臭豆腐與特製台式泡菜融合在一起. 再置放於弧形生菜. 以刈包的方式呈現. 炸豆腐外層極度酥脆, 搭配爆汁效果. 除了臭豆腐經典風味外, 舌尖也能同時感受到辣香和蒜香的組合. 完全意想不到的平易近人台式小吃.
The chef combines crispy stinky tofu with a special Taiwanese pickled vegetable. The chef places it on the curved lettuce leaf, resembling a “gua bao” style presentation. The fried stinky tofu’s outer layer is extremely crunchy, complemented by a burst of flavor. In addition to the classic stinky tofu taste, the palate could also experience the combination of spiciness and garlic aroma. It was a completely unexpected and approachable Taiwanese appetizer.



Stir-Fried Lamb tripes with chives
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

韭黃羊肚絲是知名的中式經典湘菜菜餚, 之前我只在台北的 “豐光溫體羊肉爐“ 吃過涼拌羊肚. 這次在彭園私宴品嚐的是熱炒韭黃羊肚絲. 我建議吃完臭豆腐三明治前菜後,先喝一口茶水. 讓味蕾休息, 才能品嚐出這一道菜餚的韭黃香氣. 細切羊肚嫩度比預期地高. 主廚提到羊肚有先用蔥薑米酒加水煮過, 讓風味並沒有羊羶味. 辣椒辛香的點綴很下飯, 正是我個人喜歡的風味. 這道菜餚也有在彭園的單點菜單上供應.
The Chives and Lamb Tripe Stir-fry dish is a well-known classic Chinese Hunan cuisine dish. I had only tried the cold lamb tripe salad at “Fengguang Lamb Hot Pot” in Taipei. This time at Peng Yuan Private Banquet, I got to taste the hot stir-fried version. I am fully appreciated the aroma of the chives in this dish. The finely sliced lamb tripe turned out to be more tender than expected. The chef mentioned that the lamb tripe was first boiled with spring onions, ginger, and rice wine to remove any gaminess. The touch of spiciness from the chili peppers was a great complement. It is exactly the type of flavor I personally enjoy. This dish is also available on the a la carte menu at Peng Yuan Restaurant.

延伸閱讀: 豐光溫體羊肉爐 Lamb Hot Pot 》如果不點全羊大餐那推薦點什麼



Stir-Fried Beef Brisket with cumin seed and chilis
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

對於平常只吃小辣的我來說,紅通通的乾鍋孜然牛腱確實是一道具有挑戰性的菜餚。我只敢品嚐兩片美國牛腱肉片,但值得一提的是這道菜餚的肉質保持濕潤不乾柴, 而且乾爽口感並未加上勾芡。經過熱炒的孜然粒散發出濃烈的小茴香辛香風味, 喜歡川菜的饕客會很喜歡這一道菜餚.
For someone like me who usually prefers mild spiciness, the dish with its intense heat is indeed a challenging dish. I dared to try only two slices of the US beef tendon. It is worth mentioning that the meat remained moist and not dry. The stir-fried cumin seeds released a strong aroma of fennel, giving the dish a distinctive and spicy flavor. Fans of Sichuan cuisine would definitely enjoy this dish!


Hunan Style Stir-Fried Red and Green Pepper
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

湖南青紅椒菜餚是彭園招牌菜餚之一. 看似簡單, 實則需要去皮也需要挑籽, 口感偏嫩, 建議搭配飯.
The Hunan Style Stir-Fried Red and Green Pepper is one of the signature dishes at Peng Yuan. The display seemed to be easy. However, the chef will need to peel the red and green pepper and its seeds. The texture is toward tender unlike the typical peppers. I would recommend pairing it with the rice.



Stir-Fried Seasonal Vegetable
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這次準備的時蔬是地瓜葉, 清脆且平易近人.
The vegetable prepared this time is sweet potato leaves, which are crisp.



Peng Yuan Signature Chicken Broth with Clay Pot
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

彭園一品鍋食材豐富, 份量多到滿出來的視覺感能感受到私宴規格.

✅ 彭園一品鍋食材有: 排翅, 鮑魚. 干貝, 松茸, 花膠, 香菇, 芽白, 土雞
✅ 餐廳店員會服務分配一人一碗湯, 而且會將排翅先拿起放一旁, 與 “請客樓”包廂服務一樣有專業度.

彭園主廚將老母雞熬煮8小時, 再過濾, 造就此款有濃郁雞湯風味的清澈湯頭, 值得一提的是食材皆分開熬煮, 不會互相影響, 費時費工. 花膠賦予適量膠質, 白菜脆度依舊不減, 排翅保持完整與細緻, 湯碗的擺盤也非常講究. 我個人最喜歡軟嫩鮑魚, 吸滿雞湯精華的香菇與濃郁湯頭, 忍不住想要多喝一碗雞湯. 彭園一品鍋值得推薦, 只在彭園私宴菜單才有提供.

Peng Yuan Signature Chicken Broth with Clay Pot is abundant in ingredients. The generous portion creates a visually satisfying experience that reflects its private banquet standard.

✅ The ingredients include Fish Fin, Abalone, Scallop, Matsutake , Fish Maw, Mushroom, Cabbage, Chicken
✅ The restaurant staff provides individual bowls of soup for each diner. They also demonstrate professionalism by setting aside the fish fin separately. This level of service is reminiscent of the hospitality one would receive in a high-end banquet hall like “The Guest House.”

The Chef at Peng Yuan Restaurant slow-cooks the chicken for 8 hours, then filters it, resulting in a rich and flavorful clear broth. The ingredients are cooked separately, ensuring that they do not affect each other. The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The fish maw adds an appropriate amount of collagen. The cabbage remains crispy. The presentation of the soup bowl is also meticulously done.  I especially enjoyed the tender abalone, the mushrooms absorbed the rich chicken broth essence, and the delectable soup. I couldn’t resist having another bowl of the chicken soup. This dish is highly recommended, and it is exclusively available on their private banquet menu.

延伸閱讀: The Guest House 》喜來登請客樓菜單推薦 ( 內有預訂桌菜)

延伸閱讀: 台北雞湯名店餐廳推薦懶人包 》Taipei Chicken Soup Guide



Deep Fried Chicken with Chili
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

尖椒雞源自於重慶, 而彭園私宴菜單不拘泥於湘菜. 爆炒後的切塊雞腿肉嫩度令人滿意. 而且入口後能品味到椒麻香與醬香, 這是尖椒雞的獨特風味和味覺標誌, 展現出經典的色香味俱全
Deep Fried Chicken with Chili is originated from Chongqing, China. The diced chicken leg meat, stir-fried to perfection, offers a satisfying tenderness. The dish exhibits a unique flavor profile with hints of peppery and spicy aromas, which are the distinctive characteristics symbol of this specific dish. This dish is a classic combination of colors, aromas, and flavors that truly delights the senses.



Fish Fillets with Preserved Vegetables Soup (Hunan Style)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

湖南酸菜魚一上桌, 我自問「 我吃小辣, 可以接受這辣度嗎? 」 , 彭園主廚選用烏鱧魚, 搭配店家自製酸菜, 朝天椒與青龍椒增添香氣與辛香風味. 當店員協助勺湯時, 我特別告知我的湯裡不要放紅辣椒. 可感受到有魚肉的鮮嫩與酸菜的爽脆,之後自己可再將炸沙巴魚片(圖二) 放進自己的湯碗裡搭配. 整道菜餚形成均勻複雜的口感 這道菜餚讓我最意外的是 – 我可以喝湖南酸菜魚的湯頭! 整體酸度與辣度和諧, 不錯吃. 若宴客名單裡有人只吃小辣, 建議跟餐廳溝通做成 “湯頭也可以喝“ 的湖南酸菜魚.
When serving, I questioned myself, “Can I handle this level of spiciness?”. The fish fillet pairs with the house-made pickled vegetables, red and green chilies, to enhance the aroma and spiciness. I could taste the tender fish meat and the crispness of the pickled vegetables, creating a harmoniously complex texture. You can also add the fried fish skin at the soup (Pic 2). What surprised me the most was that I could actually drink and enjoy the soup! The overall balance of acidity and spiciness was excellent and delicious. If there are guests who prefer mild spiciness, I recommend communicating with the restaurant to make the soup more drinkable.



Scallion Pancake with spicy radish
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

彭園自製的蔥油餅呈現台式風格, 與“晶華軒”的厚實蔥餅有所不同. 主廚運用多折方式製作彭園蔥油餅, 脆度非常高, 每一口都能品嚐到宜蘭三星蔥的濃郁蔥香, 而且並不會有麵粉的味道. 我個人很喜歡這款彭園蔥油餅.
Peng Yuan’s house-made scallion pancake is presented in a Taiwanese style, differing from the thick and substantial scallion pancake at “Silks House Taipei “. Scallion pancake is made using a multi-layer folding technique, giving it a remarkably crispy texture. With each bite, you can savor the rich aroma of Yilan scallions. And there is no trace of flour taste. Personally, I really enjoy Pengyuan’s scallion pancake.

延伸閱讀: Silks House Taipei 》N訪後的晶華軒菜單推薦排行榜 (包括桌菜與港點)



Peng Yuan Signature Porridge
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

彭園一品粥顧名思義就是用彭園一品鍋湯頭精華熬煮出的粥. 彭園煮粥方式與 “橘色涮涮屋火鍋” 與 “牛肆火鍋” 的煮粥方式不同, 彭園店員會將一品鍋端進廚房, 由專業的廚師團隊親自熬煮這一大碗粥, 展現高度的專業度. 湯鍋裡的食材可打包, 一品粥的稠度恰到好處, 並無顆粒感或是過於軟綿. 多層次風味令人滿足, 我都連喝了兩碗一品粥.
As the name suggests, Peng Yuan signature Congee is made using the essence of Peng Yuan Signature Chicken Broth. The way Peng Yuan prepares their congee is different from “Orange Hot Pot” and “Niushi Hot Pot.” The clay pot is brought into the kitchen. A team of professional chefs personally cook this large bowl of congee, showcasing a high level of expertise. The leftover ingredients from the chicken broth can be packed to take away. The consistency of the Congee is just right, with no graininess or overly soft texture. Its multi-layered flavors are satisfying, and I ended up having two bowls of the signature Porridge.

延伸閱讀: 牛肆 Beef Hot Pot 》關於這家訂位困難台北溫體牛肉火鍋的五件事

延伸閱讀: 橘色涮涮屋 》信義新光三越A9餐廳推薦 | Taipei Wagyu Beef Hot Pot



Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這次的甜點是熱銀耳蓮子湯與手工棗泥軟餅, 兩者都不錯吃.
The Hot Chinese Chickpea White Fungus Dessert Soup and the Date pancake are quite delicious.



結論 – Conclusion ⭐

這篇文章是關於彭園私宴菜單, 這篇文章是關於彭園私宴菜單, 只有彭園林森店才有提供包廂私宴菜單

✅ 私宴並非私廚
私宴並非私廚,「 私宴 」是彭園老董宴客喜歡準備的菜餚, 換句話說- 彭園老董自己喜歡吃, 也喜歡與朋友分享, 並不拘泥於八大菜系的傳統大菜, 因此可吃到臭豆腐或是蔥油餅菜餚.

✅ 不建議更換私宴菜單項目
我不建議更換私宴菜單裡的菜餚, 尤其是一品鍋與酸菜魚, 若是客人名單有初次吃彭園的饕客, 而你想更換成彭園招牌菜餚, 請直接與餐廳討論細節.

✅ 只需 8 人即可預訂彭園私宴菜單
需要 3 ~ 4 天前打電話訂位.  2023.8月價格 NTD $2000 +10%/人. 8 人即可在舒適包廂用餐,

This article is about Peng Yuan Restaurant’s Private Banquet menu, which is only offered in Linsen Branch.

✅ Private Banquet is not private kitchen
I realize that this is the menu for former Peng Yuan Restaurant CEO to treat and share with his guests. In another words, the former CEO likes those dishes and it doesn’t have to be traditional style Chinese cuisine. So, you can taste the stinky tofu or scallion pancake in the menu.

✅ I don’t suggest to change the dish on the menu
I don’t suggest to change the dishes at Private Banquet menu, especially the chicken broth and the fish fillet with preserved vegetable. However, if there is first-time visiter, you can discuss with the restaurant regarding details.

✅ You only need 8 guests to reserve the Private Banquet menu.
You need to call to reserve  3 ~ 4 days prior. 2023. August Price is NTD $2000 +10%/人. 8 guests can enjoy the meals at the comfortable private dining room.



♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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彭園林森店 資訊

Peng ’s Gourmet & Banquet Information

店名: 彭園林森店
地址: 台北市中山區林森北路380號2F (Map)
捷運站: 雙連站 ( R12 )
電話: 02-2551-9157


Restaurant: Peng ’s Gourmet & Banquet
Address: 2F, No.380, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby Metro Station: Shuanglian Metro Station (R12)
Tel: 02-2551-9157