Affiliate Marketing Taiwan 》台灣聯盟行銷平台心得與評價

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台灣聯盟行銷平台有哪些? 這篇文章會著重在 Affiliates.One 聯盟網 , iChannels 通路王Momo 點點賺被動收入平台.
What are the Taiwan Affiliate Marketing Platforms? This article will focus on Affiliates.One , iChannels, and Momo affiliate program.


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目錄標註: 只需要按下自己想找的項目, 會直接到所選擇的項目

Table of Content Remark: Just click the subject that you want to look for. It will bring you to the subject right away.



前言 Preface – Must Read

我花了 2 ~ 3 天的時間以 ”推廣者 “ 身份親自註冊台灣聯盟行銷平台

Affiliates.One 聯盟網
iChannels 通路王
Momo 點點賺 [需用 Google Chrome ]
** 我將我自己在 Momo 買的產品做成文章, 連結則是用Momo 點點賺連結.

其他例如「 博客來 」,「 KKDAY 」,「 KLOOK 」, 我則是沒有另外註冊, 其實Affiliates.One 聯盟網 與 iChannels 通路王可以一次管理.

I spent 2 ~ 3 days to understand and register as “promoter/influencer” at Taiwan Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Momo affiliate program [ You need to use Google Chrome ]
** I use Momo affiliate program to promote the products at Momo E-Commerce website.

Others for example 「 」,「 KKDAY 」,「 KLOOK 」, I didnt register. In fact, Affiliates.One and iChannels platforms can manage all the vendor accounts together.

延伸閱讀: 我在 MOMO 購物 買了哪些產品 》What do I purchase at Momo E-Commerce Taiwan




Why not register foreign Affiliate Marketing platforms?

在 Instagram 與 TikTok 常看到教大家賺錢的被動收入 (Passive Income) , 但是因為有些平台上註冊有難度 – 例如國家沒有台灣選擇, 有些熱門品牌需要 「 申請 」, 網站需要編輯證明網站是自己的網站

Amazon 行銷聯盟: 國際推廣者的佣金會用 Payoneer, 我是用 Paypal 行銷聯盟: 頁面最美且具有國際化, 只是目前卡在「 網站證明是自己的」, 客服是chatbot
✅ 平台還有 CJ Affiliate , Clickbank …etc.

There are many passive income video on Instagram and Tiktok. However, some platforms are difficult to register. For example, the counties option do not include Taiwan, some popular brands need to 「 apply 」or some websites need to approve that it is yours.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing: International payment method is Payoneer. However, I use PayPal. Affiliate Marketing: The website is beautiful and international. However, I have difficulties to get my website certification. Their customer service is chatbot.
✅ There are also CJ Affiliate , Clickbank …etc.





Affiliates.One 優缺點

Affiliates.One Pros and Cons

我直接講重點, 截圖為我自己帳號的後台頁面.

Website: Affiliates.One


1.可用 Google, Line, WeChat 登入: 具有國際化與方便
2.有接案專區: 廠商可找推廣者, 推廣者可找廠商.
3.後台專業度一目暸然, 接案專區也在後台
4.有Affiliates.One的推廣連結, Funnow , 台畜購物網站, 比較特別.


1.NTD $1000 可請款, iChannels NTD $500 即可請款
2.幾乎都是旅遊, 課程..etc. 旅遊推廣者與教育推廣者比較適合


I will go straight to the point. The picture is my Affiliates.One content management system.

Website: Affiliates.One


You can use Google, Line and WeChat to register and log in. It is international and convenient.
Project Section for Influencers: The vendor can search for influencers. And influencers can apply for the project.
The content management system is quite professional. The Project Section is also at the system platform,
It has Affiliates.One promotion link. It also has Funnow and T-Ham professional link.


You can ask for cash out when the payment exceeds NTD $1000. However, iChannels is $500.
Most website are travel, courses..etc. It would be better for travel influencer or educational influencer.
You need to upload ID card and Bank Account Copy to prove your identity


iChannels 通路王優缺點

iChannels Pros and Cons

Website: iChannels 通路王


1. 客服可用 LINE 詢問
3.iChannels NTD $500 即可請款
4.合作廠商眾多, 有 7-11 , Macy’s , Nike, Apple , 卷卷..etc.


1.只能 Facebook 與 Email 註冊
2.當我用 iChannels 通路王轉連結時, 每個推廣連結主網址皆不一樣 [圖一] 3.需要上傳身分證與銀行戶頭證明身份



1.Customer Service can chat via LINE
2.The page design looks more comfortable.
3.iChannels can be cashed when exceeding NTD $500.
4.There are many cooperated vendors – 7-11, Macy’s, Nike, Apple.. etc.


1.You can only use Facebook and Email to register
2.When I use iChannels for the promotional link, the website link may be slightly vary (Pic 1)
3. You need to upload ID card and Bank Account Copy to prove your identity.

Momo 點點讚優缺點

Momo Affiliate Program Pros and Cons

Website: Momo 點點讚 [需用 Google Chrome ]



1.轉成 Momo 點點賺推廣連結步驟很簡單
2.可 PO 到 Facebook 推廣
3. 只需第一次領取佣金時, 需郵寄提供身分證 Copy, 點點賺頁面皆有詳細說明


1.需是 Momo 會員
2.佣金達到 NTD $1000 能領取, 但是只能轉成 Momo 幣紅利金, 只能在 Momo 平台使用


1.It is easy to operate the affiliate project. Just copy, paste and enter.
2.You can also choose to promote on Facebook.
3.You dont need to upload ID card and Bank Account Copy


1. You need to be Momo Ecommerce Member
2.You can cash out when the commission exceeds NTD $1000. However, the commission will become Momo coins, which can only be on purchasing products on Momo website.

延伸閱讀: 我在 MOMO 購物 買了哪些產品 》What do I purchase at Momo E-Commerce Taiwan



For the Vendors

國外聯盟行銷很流行 , 台灣聯盟行銷平台並沒有很熱門. 我自己分析的原因是台灣市場太小, 可推廣的通路很多 -部落客 , Instagram 客 , Youtuber, Line@ , 團購 …etc. 如果是小品牌, 建議直接找 KOC 或 KOL. 如果是有很多分類的商城/網站, 可嘗試看看, 給推廣者的分利比例並不多.
Affiliate Marketing Platforms are famous in foreign countries. However, Affiliate Marketing Platforms are not popular in Taiwan yet. My own analysis is that the Taiwan market is too small. There are many methods to promote – bloggers, instagrammers, YouTuber, Line@ …etc. If you are a small brand, I would suggest you to find KOC or KOL. If you are a website with many categories to purchase, you can give it a try. It doesn’t give out much commission percentage.




For the Promoter/Influencers

在台灣販售的品牌幾乎都採用 KOL /KOC 或是團購行銷方式. 「 聯盟行銷 」是被動行銷, 而且在台灣並沒有很流行, 相對推廣者的佣金少, 不可能馬上就有收入. 如果你已經是一位粉絲很多的生活類型或是教育類型的 KOL/KOC, 而且有自己的網站或是痞客邦, 建議可試試看, 但是記得先自己斟酌時間成本.
Most brands in Taiwan uses influencer marketing (KOL/KOC) . The Affiliate Marketing Platforms is passive income and not popular in Taiwan. The commission percentage is low and the payout days are long (You can’t get rich soon). If you are a lifestyle or educational KOL/KOC with his/her own website or pixnet blog, you can try it out. However, please evaluate your time cost vs profit.