CS Club Sushi Kappou 》在辰壽司割烹包廂品嚐海膽宴菜單

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這次用餐地點是在台北海峽會的辰壽司割烹日料餐廳, 在獨立包廂品嚐鍾謦謙料理長準備的 omakase 客製化海膽宴菜餚 , 也吃到黑鮪魚握壽司.
We dined at CS Club Sushi Kappou restaurant at Taipei City. We tasted the sea urchins omakase menu that was prepared by Chef Chian Zong at the private dining room. We also tasted the maguro nigiri.


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前言 Preface – Must Read ⭐

辰壽司提供以下資料「 壽司, 割烹 與 會席 」三個類別的差異, 依照你們想要的生熟食比例來選餐廳類別:

生食 90% + 熟食 10%
✅ 「辰壽司・割烹」鍾謦謙料理長
生食 50% + 熟食 50%
✅「辰壽司・割烹・會席 」門間賢彥料理長
生食 20 % + 熟食 80%

There are three categories of Japanese restaurants at CS Club. You can choose the restaurant based on the percentage of Raw vs Cooked cuisine.

✅ CS Club Sushi
Raw 90% + Cooked10%
✅ CS Club Sushi Kappou
Raw 50% + Cooked 50%
✅ CS Club Sushi Kappou Kaiseki
Raw 20% + Cooked 80%

延伸閱讀: 一訪辰壽司割烹 Sushi Kappou 》在海峽會品嚐日式無菜單料理美食

延伸閱讀: Taipei Sushi Restaurant 》 三訪終於吃到海峽會辰壽司菜單

延伸閱讀: 辰壽司割烹會席 Sushi Kappou 》二訪吃雙活蟹會席料理



CS Club Sushi Kappou Reservation

海峽會辰壽司割烹會席地址為台北市松山區敦化北路167號B1 , 離小巨蛋捷運站 1 號出口約 10 分鐘路程. 請記得海峽會的餐廳都需要事先預約 , 不能 Walk-in. 辰壽司割烹訂位專線為 02-7707-6666 . 不用擔心, 即使不是海峽會的會員也可以用餐!
CS Club Sushi Kappou Kaiseki Restaurant’s address is B1 , No. 167, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City. It is about 10 minutes walking distance of Exit 1 of Taipei Arena MRT station. Please note that you would need to reserve seats in advance. The reservation phone number is 02-7707-6666. No worries, you don’t need to be the CS Club member to dine there.

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CS Club Sushi Kappou Omakase Sea Urchin Menu

這是我第四次到海峽會用餐, 也是第二次在「 辰壽司割烹 」獨立包廂品嚐 鍾謦謙料理長準備的菜餚.

這次我們的主題是包廂客製化海膽宴, 準備了五種海膽
✅ 利尻島馬糞海膽
✅ 北海道馬糞海膽
✅ 余市水海膽
✅ 愛媛縣板海膽
✅ 宮城縣紫海膽

This is my fourth time dining at CS Club. And this is my second time to dine at CS Club Sushi Kappou private dining room.

Our theme is Sea Urchin Omakase Menu custom-made for Private Dining Room. The chef prepares Five type of Sea Urchin.
✅ Rishiri Island Sea Urchin
✅ Hokkaido Sea Urchin
✅ Yoichi Sea Urchin
✅ Ehime-ken Sea Urchin
✅ Miyagi Purple Sea Urchin




Impressive and Delicious Dishes

北海道縞蝦 / 蝦卵握

Hokkaido Morotoge Prawn Nigiri / Shrimp Roe

因為多數餐廳的皆是明蝦. 因此蝦握壽司並未留下太多深刻印象, 之前在 “花蕉” 也有吃過高單價的北海道縞蝦握壽司. 這次在辰壽司割烹品嚐到更美味的北海道縞蝦握壽司 , 主要原因是料理長巧妙地擺放了縞蝦卵在握壽司上方. 整體不只鮮甜程度高, 口感也非常細緻. 鍾謦謙料理長也端出有著亮麗條紋且產量稀有的北海道縞蝦供拍照. 這是我當天最喜歡的菜餚.
Due to the prevalence of regular shrimp at most restaurants, shrimp nigiri sushi hasn’t left a lasting impression. I have previously tried high-priced Hokkaido Hokkaido Morotoge Prawn Nigiri nigiri sushi at “ Hanasho Restaurant”. This time at CS Club Sushi Kappou restaurant , I had the opportunity to taste even more delicious Hokkaido Morotoge Prawn Nigiri. The main reason is that the chef artfully placed the shrimp roe on top of the nigiri. Not only is it exceptionally fresh and sweet, but the texture is also extremely delicate. The Chef proudly presented the visually stunning and rare shrimps in front of all guests. This s my favorite dis of the day.

延伸閱讀: 花蕉 Hanasho 》二訪品嚐台北 Omakase 日料晚餐菜單




Sea Urchin Tempura with shiso leaf

身為一位不常吃日料餐廳的人, 我沒吃過紫蘇海膽天婦羅. 坐在板前. 注視著料理長精巧地將北海道馬糞海膽放在紫蘇葉上, 裹薄麵衣的紫蘇葉完整地包住海膽內餡, 並未散開保持著完整的形狀 ,海膽的水分並未影響到紫蘇葉天婦羅的香脆程度, 入口的海膽更是鮮味濃郁與美味, 這是我當天最喜歡的菜餚之二.
As someone who doesn’t frequent Japanese restaurants, I had never tried shiso leaf tempura with purple sea urchin before. Sitting at the counter, I watched attentively as the skilled chef delicately placed Hokkaido Sea urchin on the shiso leaf, carefully wrapping it in a thin layer of batter. The shiso leaf enveloped the sea urchin filling, maintaining its intact shape without falling apart. Despite the moisture of the sea urchin, it didn’t affect the crispiness of the shiso leaf tempura. The sea urchin had a rich and delicious flavor when I took a bite, making it my second favorite dish of the day.


鮑魚肝醬素麵 / 馬糞海膽

Abalone Liver Sauce with Somen Noodle and Sea Urchin

之前西式餐廳的內臟類肝醬皆是直球般的濃苦風味衝擊 , 近年陸續到多家日料餐廳, 才發現料理長們巧妙運用其他食材來中和和調味內臟類肝醬,為其帶來全新的味道體驗. 極細日式素麵均勻吸收鮑魚肝醬, 風味不會厚重偏清爽,馬糞海膽為菜餚注入了醇厚且飽滿的鮮味, 整體造就完整的風味架構.
Western-style liver pâtés served at restaurants often possess a strong and bitter flavor. However, in recent years, I have discovered a new culinary experience at several Japanese restaurants, where skilled chefs cleverly incorporate other ingredients to balance and season the liver pâté, resulting in a completely different taste profile. Japanese Somen Noodles absorb the flavors of the abalone liver pâté. The resulting flavor is not heavy, but rather refreshing. Additionally, the inclusion of Hokkaido sea urchin infuses the dish with a rich and robust freshness, creating a harmonious and well-rounded flavor structure profile.



富山白蝦/ 魚子醬 / 濃縮蝦湯

Toyama white shrimp Carpaccio / Caviar / Condense Shrimp Broth

之前第一次造訪就讓我深深感受到料理長獨特的歐式優雅展示美感. , 我在 “Malavida 餐廳 ” 與知名 “侯布雄” 吃過義式薄切生魚片 ( Carpaccio ). 整齊置放著生食級的富山白蝦薄切, 展現出生鮮度和細緻度, 搭配濃縮蝦湯, 再綴以魚子醬的推疊, 這道菜的風味層次得以展現. 一開始, 濃縮蝦湯的主要風味在口中散開, 而 Oscietra魚子醬的適量鹹度則讓這種鮮味更加持久.
Last time during my first visit, I was deeply impressed by the chef’s unique and elegant presentation style, which showcased European sophistication. I tasted the similar Carpaccio at “Malavida “ and “L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei “. The neatly arranged slices of premium Toyama white shrimp showcased their freshness and delicacy. Accompanied by a rich shrimp broth reduction and garnished with caviar, this dish exhibited a wonderful depth of flavors. Upon tasting, the concentrated shrimp broth immediately unfolded its dominant flavors in the mouth, while the well-balanced saltiness of the Oscietra caviar enhanced and prolonged the freshness of the dish.

延伸閱讀: L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei 》侯布雄菜單 2021 幾乎全都點

延伸閱讀: Malavida 餐廳 》新開幕台北西班牙餐廳 (內有訂位方式與菜單)

延伸閱讀: 辰壽司割烹 Sushi Kappou 》在海峽會品嚐日式無菜單料理美食



Squid Nigiri

這一道槍烏賊握壽司展現了令人印象深刻的細緻刀工, 槍烏賊握壽司的口感脆爽, 帶有鮮甜的味道, 不錯吃
This impressive dish of Squid Nigiri showcases exquisite knife work. The texture of the squid is delightfully crisp, offering a refreshing and sweet flavor. It is truly enjoyable to indulge in.



Kuro Maguro Nigiri with Soy Sauce Marinated

本鮪又稱為黑鮪魚, 辰壽司割烹選用了當令日本青森縣的野生黑鮪魚, 確保了食材的新鮮度和品質. 黃芥末與醬油漬是廣受人們喜愛的搭配調味, 這次品嚐起來更為順口與美味.
CS Club Sushi Kappou chef selected seasonal wild catch Kuro Maguro in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, ensuring the freshness and quality of the ingredient.The combination of yellow mustard and soy sauce marinade is a beloved flavor pairing. This time this Kuro Maguro Nigiri with soy sauce marinated is overall even more smooth and delicious to taste.



Kuro Maguro Nigiri ( Otoro )

鍾謦謙料理長將一整段日本進口野生黑鮪魚大腹端上餐桌, 瞬間引起了每一位饕客的驚嘆, 本鮪大腹大腹的油花紋路令人期待, 黑鮪魚大腹經過熟成後, 並沒有筋的口感, 肉質偏軟綿且美味.
The chef presented a whole section of Japanese Kuro Maguro belly. The intricate marbling patterns on the belly sparked anticipation. After undergoing an aging process, the Kuro Maguro Otoro exhibited a tender and succulent texture without any fibrous consistency, truly adding to its delightful flavor.


角瓜冷玉子 /佘市水海膽

Loofah Steamed Egg / Sea Urchin ( Uni )

以開胃菜份量, 佘市水海膽海膽份量相當有誠意. 佘市水海膽海膽的鮮甜和鮮味,與角瓜的脆爽口感完美契合, 搭配蒸蛋共三種食材一起入口互相襯托.
The portion of sea urchin as an appetizer is quite generous, demonstrating a sincere approach. The fresh sweetness and flavor of sea urchin complement the crisp texture of loofah creating a perfect harmony. When combined with the steamed egg, these three ingredients create a cohesive and delicious combination




Other Delicious Dishes

Sea Urchins Handrail ( Murasaki Uni )

滿滿的紫海膽一次入口, 先是感受到脆海苔, 鮮甜柔滑的紫海膽入口即化, 與其他海膽比較, 紫海膽風味偏淡雅.
With a mouthful of purple sea urchin, the initial sensation is the crispness of the seaweed. The sweet and velvety purple sea urchin melts in the mouth. Compared to other sea urchin varieties, the flavor of the purple sea urchin leans towards a more delicate and elegant profile.



Squid Sashimi

整體偏嫩, 比預期地美味
Overall, Squid texture is tender and delicious




Sea Urchin Nigiri

這道滿滿的板海膽確實給人一種驚喜和滿足的感覺。它的份量比例遠遠超過了握壽司的醋飯, 吃得很過癮.
This dish filled with abundant sea urchin truly delivers a sense of surprise and satisfaction. The portion of sea urchin far exceeds that of sushi rice, making it a truly indulgent experience.




Tamagoyaki with Black Truffle

料理長慷慨地在這道玉子燒上刨上了幾片黑松露, 搭配玉子燒是奢華的美味.
The chef generously sliced a few slices of black truffle onto this tamagoyaki, elevating it to a luxurious delicacy. The combination of tamagoyaki and black truffle creates a delicious and interesting flavor.



Kuro Maguro Hand Roll

It tastes quite good.



Fish Broth

這道湯品給人一種西式湯品的外觀,就像我在 “Tutto Bello” 品嚐過的蘑菇卡布奇諾湯一樣. 品嚐後的濃郁海鮮風味停留在舌尖許久, 不錯喝.
This soup has a Western-style appearance, reminiscent of the Mushroom Cappuccino soup I had at “Tutto Bello.” After tasting it, the rich seafood flavor lingers on the palate for a while, making it quite enjoyable to drink.

延伸閱讀: : Tutto Bello 》菜單單點推薦哪些義大利料理?


星鰻白燒 / 里芋

Eel / Taro

白燒星鰻散發著微妙的醬香, 肉質保持了綿密又嫩滑的口感, 不錯吃
Grilled eel is a delightful delicacy. It emits a subtle aroma of sauce, while the texture of the meat remains tender and velvety. It’s quite enjoyable to eat.


水蜜桃 / 杏仁豆腐

Peach / Almond Jelly

水蜜桃的甜微蓋住杏仁豆腐風味, 我最喜歡的杏仁豆腐甜點依舊是 “春美冰菓室” 的杏仁豆腐.
The sweetness of the peach slightly covers the flavor of the almond Jelly , but my favorite almond tofu dessert is still the one from “Chun Mei Ice Shop.”

延伸閱讀: Chun Mei Ice Shop 春美冰菓室 》招牌手打杏仁豆腐讓主廚江振誠驚豔



Shima Aji Nigiri



Isaki Nigiri



Mackerel Nigiri



辰壽司割烹會席 資訊

CS Club Sushi Kappou Information

店名: 辰壽司割烹會席
地址: 台北市松山區敦化北路167號B1 (Map)
捷運站: 小巨蛋捷運站
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070748266939
Website: http://www.csclub.com.tw
Restaurant: CS Club Sushi Kappou Kaiseki
Address: B1 , No. 167, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Taipei Arena
Tel: 02-7707-6666