花蕉 Hanasho 》二訪品嚐台北 Omakase 日料晚餐菜單

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(Closed Down ) 花蕉 Hanasho 是頂級台北無菜單日本料理餐廳, 此次二訪品嚐日籍料理長岩城勉準備的 2023 Omakase 花蕉晚餐套餐菜餚.
(Closed Down) Hanasho Restaurant is a High-End Taipei Omakase Japanese Restaurant. We tasted the 2023 Omakase Dinner Set Menu that Executive Chef Iwaki Tsutomu prepared.

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前言 Preface – Must Read ⭐

此篇二訪文章會沿用我一訪時後的照片, 文章內容包括花蕉地址 / 訂位方式/ 價位. 在結論也會提到二訪與一訪不同的地方.
I will use some of the pictures from my first visit. The article content includes Hanasho address/reservation method/price. At the conclusion, I will also mention the difference between first visit and second visit.

延伸閱讀: 一訪花蕉 Hanasho 》關於這家 台北 omakase 日料餐廳的五件事



Hanasho Restaurant Address

Google 並沒有花蕉 Hanasho 店家資訊, 花蕉資訊如下.
Google doesn’t have Hanasho restaurant completed information. So, I list out Hanasho restaurant information for you.

店名: 花蕉 Hanasho
地址: 台北市大安區仁愛路三段123巷9弄11號1樓 (Map)
捷運站: 忠孝復興捷運站
電話: N/A (聯絡需要私訊 Facebook 粉絲頁或是 Line@ Group)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibyhanasho/
Restaurant: Hanasho restaurant
Address: 1F, No. 11, 9th alley, 123 lane, 3nd Section, Re’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station
Tel: N/A (You would need to contact with Facebook Fan Page or Line@ Group)




Hanasho Reservation

花蕉 Hanasho 有 10 ~ 12 人板前座位, 皆需先支付一半的訂金, 訂位有兩種方式

1.訂位請透過 LINE, 請直接加 @hanasho (要加 @ )
2.若沒有 Line, 可透過 Facebook 粉絲頁詢問. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibyhanasho/

Hanasho Japanese restaurant has 10 ~ 12 itamae seats. However, you would need pay 50% downpayment after reserving. There are two reservation methods:

1.You can message via LINE group ( @hanasho ) (Remember to add @)
2.If you don’t have LINE, you can ask via their Facebook Fan Page. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibyhanasho/



Hanasho Omakase Price

花蕉 Hanasho 是 Omakase 套餐, 菜單不定期更換, 2023 沒有漲價! 午餐價格是每人 NTD $7000 + 10% , 每人的晚餐價格 NTD $9800 +10%, 花蕉 Hanasho的食材至少 98% 是日本空運進口漁貨與進口食材, Omakase 套餐總共 22 ~ 24 道菜餚, 岩城料理長還會在最後問 “有沒有吃飽?” , 若沒有吃飽, 岩城料理長會準備額外一道料理給你.
Hanasho restaurant offers Omakase set menu. 2023 price stays the same! The lunch menu price is NTD $7000 + 10% / person . The dinner price is NTD $9800 +10% / person. 98% of Hanasho ingredients (Seafood and others) are imported from Japan or other countries. Total dishes are 22 ~ 24 dishes. At the end, Chef Iwaki Tsutomu will ask you if you fulfill your appetite yet. If not, he will prepare one last extra dish for you.



花蕉 – 無菜單晚餐套餐

Hanasho – Omakase Dinner Set

2023.1月的晚餐價格 NTD $9800 +10% /人.
2023.January Dinner Set Price NTD $9800 +10% /人.




Impressive and Delicious Dishes



Fried Tiger Puffer Fish Shirako

在 “樂魚料亭 “ 吃過河豚白子, 這次在花蕉吃到的截然不同的料理方式. 炸虎河豚白子外層麵衣酥脆, 伴隨著藻鹽的微鹹與米果的微顆粒感, 主角白子本身具有細緻感, 彷彿鮮奶油般滑順,   這是當天我個人最喜歡的菜餚.
I tasted puffer fish shirako at “Leyu Ryotei Restaurant”. This time at Hanasho restaurant, I tasted different cooking method. The golden appearance with rice cracker is perfect with crispy sounds. Pairing with the alga salt offers hints of salty taste. The shirako texture is smooth, just like whipped cream. This is my favorite dish of the day.

延伸閱讀: 樂魚料亭 Leyu Ryotei 》關於這家中壢日式無菜單料理的四個重點



Japanese Maguro (Tuna) Nigiri Series

一訪與二訪皆有吃到日本青森縣進口的鮪魚, 仿佛已經成為花蕉 Hanasho 的招牌食材. 這次二訪吃到兩款鮪魚握壽司菜餚

✅ 微炙燒鮪魚大腹
✅ 鮪魚赤身醬油漬

鮪魚赤身醬油漬吃起來不錯 (圖三), 但是我個人是比較喜歡微炙燒鮪魚大腹, 花蕉料理長將鮪魚置放在備長炭上面的瞬間, 聲效搭配視覺, 煙霧繚繞, 誘人煙燻香氣佈滿整個空間, 入口品嚐時, 焦香襯托出魚肉的嫩, 鮪魚油脂賦予嫩且滋潤的口感,讓這一貫握壽司非常美味.

I tasted the world-wide famous Maguro (Tuna) from Aomori from my 1st and 2nd visit at Hanasho restaurant. It definitely becomes one of the Hanasho signature ingredients. I tasted two types of maguro Nigiri this time.

✅ Tuna Belly with hints of grill ( Otoro )
✅ Tuna marinated in Soy Sauce (Akami Tsuke)

The tuna marinated in soy sauce (Akami Tsuke) tastes good (Pic 3) . But I prefer the tuna belly with hints of grill (Otoro).The chef grills the tuna belly on the charcoal along with the sound, visual, charming aroma. Tuna fats melts and merges with the vinegar rice. This nigiri becomes quite delicious.


烤鱈場蟹肉 & 松葉蟹蟹膏

Grilled King Crab Meat & Snow Crab Paste

光是看料理長製作這一道「 烤鱈場蟹肉 & 松葉蟹蟹膏 」就覺得期待, 當刷上滿滿且濃稠的蟹膏時, 深怕蟹膏會滑落, 實際上兩口就可以吃完這一道菜餚. 這一道的份量比 “辰壽司割烹”多, 直球般的海鮮風味衝擊也讓人印象深刻且美味.
While Hanasho chef made this「 Grilled King Crab Meat & Snob Crab Paste」, I was drooling. I was afraid that the large amount of crab paste might fall. In fact, I finished this dish with two bites. The quantity is more than “CS Club Sushi Kappou”. The straight-forward pure seafood flavor is impressive and delicious.

延伸閱讀: 辰壽司割烹 Sushi Kappou 》在海峽會品嚐日式無菜單料理美食



Hokkaido Morotoge Prawn Nigiri

在西餐領域, 我喜歡的蝦種是金殼蝦 (例如在 “Pasti” 與 “草頭西” ) , 這次在花蕉吃到這一款北海道縞蝦握壽司 , 蝦肉的爽脆與海鮮的簡單甜味令人印象深刻, 不虧是日本的數量極少的三大高價生食蝦之一, 美味程度勝過於常見的牡丹蝦.
At Western Cuisine category, I prefer Grape Shrimp ( For example at “Pasti” and “Catouxi Bistro” ). This time at Hanasho Restaurant, I tasted this Hokkaido Morotoge Prawn Nigiri. I have to say that it is way more delicious than expected. No wonder morotoge prawn is rare and high-end shrimps at Japan. The delicious level is higher than Botanebi (Spot Prawn).

延伸閱讀: PASTi Trattoria 》關於這一家台北義大利餐廳的五個重點

延伸閱讀: Taipei Bistro 》搬家後訂位困難的草頭西餐酒館值得再訪



Kyoto Steamed Grated Japanese Shogoin Turnip ( Kabura Mushi )

所謂的「 吃日料長知識 」 就是指這次二訪花蕉 Hanasho 的用餐感想. 我特別 Google 了這一道 “京都聖護院蕪菁蒸” , 有整理出幾個重點

✅ 蒸蕪菁 (かぶら蒸し / Kabura Mushi ) 是京都傳統代表料理
✅ 蒸蕪菁是日本京都聖護院蕪菁磨成蓉, 再加蛋白與海鮮, 用蒸的料理方式
✅ 聖護院蕪菁是日本國內最大Size的蕪菁品種 (圖二)

花蕉料理長端出圖三的海鮮食材主角, 有白蝦, 干貝與穴子, 將打好的滑潤蛋清端出, 現場製作給我們觀賞, 呈現紮實的手藝, 費時也費工. 先是短暫感受到蒸蕪菁的清新與口感, 濃郁海鮮旨味也是這一道京都聖護院蕪菁蒸的特色.

「 Gaining Knowledge while Eating Japanese Cuisine 」is my thought after this second visit. I googled this dish and stated a few important points.

✅ かぶら蒸し / Kabura Mushi is Kyoto Style Traditional cuisine.
✅ Kabura Mushi is made with grated Kyoto shogoin turnip, egg white, and seafood. The cooking method is steaming.
✅ Shogoin turnip is the largest size turnip in Japan. (Pic 2)

Hanasho chef brings out seafood ingredients (Pic 3) – Shrimp, Scallop , and Eel. They also bring out the egg white and make at the site, which takes time and work. While tasting, you can sense the steamed turnip refreshing and smooth texture. The thick umami flavor is also remarkable.





Grilled Rosy Sea Bass

油亮魚皮與焦脆口感是第一印象, 炭烤高溫後的油脂融入紅喉魚的魚肉, 簡單美味.
First impression is the oily and crispy texture. The high temperature from the charcoal grilling melts the fats and merges into the Sea Bass and rice. It is simply and delicious.



Other Yummy Dishes


Snapper Shinjo Soup

「 真薯 」的「 真 」指的是白身魚肉, 在這一道菜餚則是鯛魚, 「 薯 」則是山藥, 所以吃起來與中式魚丸不一樣, 偏軟口感也可以吃到切塊芋頭內餡, 完全不違和, 湯清味濃, 油菜花裝飾與薑絲調味是個不錯的開始.
It is not a simply fish meatball. Shinjo is more like Japanese fishcake. It has soft but you can still sense the taro filling. It is surprisingly balanced. The canola decoration and ginger seasoning is a nice starter.



Flounder Sashimi with

這一道菜餚是當天我吃到擺盤最美的菜餚, 比目魚生魚片裹著芽蔥, 搭配晶瑩剔透的水果醋凍與玫瑰花瓣, 料理長噴灑少許金箔作為 Finial Touch. 醋凍柳橙風味征服味蕾, 很有趣的組合.
This dish has the most beautiful display. Flounder sashimi wrapped the scallion with fruit vinegar jelly and rose pedals at the side. The chef spreads the gold foil mist as final touch. The tastebuds can sense the tangerine flavor. It is an interesting combination.



Baked Yuzu Soy Sauce Marinated Hokkaido Flounder

「 柚庵燒」的 庵 讓人聯想到懷石料理 , 油亮魚皮吃起來頗酥脆且微焦香,北海道鰈魚肉嫩度比預期高, 柑橘醃醬讓整體風味顯得清爽不會膩.
This dish is considered one of the Kaiseki dishes. The bright oily fish skin is quite crispy. The Hokkaido Flounder meat is more tender than expected. The yuzu soy sauce makes this dish more refreshing than oily.


南非鮑魚 & 稻庭烏龍麵

South Africa Abalone & Inaniwa Udon

跟 ”元味中式餐廳“ 的蒸鮑魚比起來, 花蕉的煮南非碩大鮑魚吃起來非常嫩, 單純鮮美, 並沒有太多調味, 稻庭烏龍麵跟常見的讚岐烏龍麵不同, 稻庭烏龍麵偏細, 口感是滑順, 而不是彈性口感.
Comparing with “Yuan Chinese Restaurant” steamed abalone, Hanasho abalone is boiled with much more tenderness. It doesn’t have much flavors though. Unlike the thick udon, Inaniwa Udon is thin and smooth.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Fried Rice 元味料理 》饕客公認台北炒飯推薦與台式手路菜推薦餐廳



Eel Tempura

紫蘇葉將鰻魚油脂與切片厚度保存得完整, 沾山椒鹽也不錯吃.
Perilla reserves the eel fats and thick slice well. It is delicious pairing with the Japanese pepper salts.




Sea ​​Urchin

暖黃色海膽在我們的面前堆疊, 海苔若能再烘烤得更脆一點會更好.
The sea urchins are piled up in front of us. The overall taste will be better if the kale/seafood can bake longer to become more crispy.



Squid Nigiri

來自兵庫縣的白烏賊具有亮澤, 柔和口感 , 醋飯與之前一訪時的硬度有增加. 料理長也將烏賊串起微烤, 很適合當作酒肴.
The squid from Hyogo is bright and soft. The nigiri rice texture is harder than my first visit. The chef also grills the squid to become a dish that can pair with the sake.



Arkshell Nigiri ( Akagai )

這次是吃比較特別的日本山口縣赤貝, 橙紅色厚赤貝的吃起來爽脆.
This time, I tasted this special Arkshell Nigiri. The orange red color ark shell is thick and crisp.



Yellowtail Nigiri ( Kanpachi )

料理長是採用富山縣的鰤鱼, 鰤鱼有另一個台灣人比較熟悉的名字 – 青魽, 不錯吃.
The chef uses Yellowtail from Toyama. It tastes above average for sure.



Cod Nigiri ( Bouquet Garni )

我發現我都在中式餐廳吃到鱈魚, 例如在“海派餐廳” 吃過煙燻圓鱈. 這倒是第一次在日本高級料理吃到北海道真鱈刺身 , 昆布漬提升鱈魚的鮮味.
I always eat cod at Chinese Restaurant. For example, I tasted smoked cod at “Hai Pai Shanghai Restaurant” . This is my first time to taste the cod nigiri at a high-end Japanese restaurant. The Bouquet Garni marinated method increases the umami flavor.

延伸閱讀: 海派上海小吃 Hai Pai 》除了煙燻圓鱈也有其他拿手好菜




Snapper Nigiri ( Kinmedai )

It tastes pretty decent and good.



Miso Soup/ Tamagoyaki /Fruit / Dessert

這次的味噌湯加了水雲 ( Mozuku ), 類似海藻, 玉子燒/哈密瓜/布丁與一訪的品質與美味程度相同.
This time, we have the miso soup with Mozuku ( seaweed). The tamagoyaki/cantaloupe/flan remain yummy.


二訪與一訪不一樣的地方 ⭐

Difference between First Visit and Second Visit

✅ High-End 花蕉 Hanasho 午餐價格與晚餐價格不變, 訂位方式也沒有改變.
👉 午餐: NTD $7000 + 10 % /人
👉 晚餐: NTD $9800 +10%/人
✅ 一訪握壽司系列較多, 這次二訪最明顯的是握壽司醋飯改得偏紮實有硬度.
✅ 二訪的菜餚變得多樣化, 出現費時費工的京都料理 – 聖護院蕪菁蒸, 也品嚐到懷石料理菜餚 – 北海道鰈魚柚庵燒 , 加了些許米果的炸虎河豚白子也是驚喜.


✅ Hanasho restaurant lunch price and dinner price remains the same. The reservation method didnt change neither.
👉 Lunch: NTD $7000 + 10 % /person
👉 Dinner: NTD $9800 +10%/人
✅ First visit has more types of nigiri. At my second visit, the nigiri rice texture becomes quite dense and hard.
✅ The cuisine type becomes various at my second visit. There are a few new and special dishes, such as Kyoto Steamed Grated Japanese Shogoin Turnip ( Kabura Mushi ) and Baked Yuzu Soy Sauce Marinated Hokkaido Flounder. The fried tiger puffer fish shirako with rice cracker is quite impressive.


♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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