花蕉 Hanasho 》關於這家 台北 omakase 日料餐廳的五件事

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(Closed Down) 花蕉 Hanasho 是有頂級板前壽司的台北無菜單日本料理餐廳, 歸類於台北高級日本料理之一, 這篇文章也會提到 花蕉地址花蕉日料價格.
(Closed Down) Taipei Hanasho Japanese restaurant offers high-end Omakase menu. It also has itamae seating area. This article will state Hanasho address and Hanasho omakase menu price.


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Hanasho Restaurant Address

Google 並沒有花蕉 Hanasho 店家資訊, 花蕉資訊如下.
Google doesn’t have Hanasho restaurant completed information. So, I list out Hanasho restaurant information for you.

店名: 花蕉 Hanasho
地址: 台北市大安區仁愛路三段123巷9弄11號1樓 (Map)
捷運站: 忠孝復興捷運站
電話: N/A (聯絡需要私訊 Facebook 粉絲頁或是 Line@ Group)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibyhanasho/
Restaurant: Hanasho restaurant
Address: 1F, No. 11, 9th alley, 123 lane, 3nd Section, Re’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station
Tel: N/A (You would need to contact with Facebook Fan Page or Line@ Group)


花蕉 Hanasho 訂位

Hanasho Reservation

花蕉 Hanasho 有 10 ~ 12 人板前座位, 還有一個六人包廂, 我個人是建議坐板前座位, 皆需先支付一半的訂金, 訂位有兩種方式

1. 訂位請透過 LINE, 請直接加 @hanasho (要加 @ )
2.若沒有 Line, 可透過 Facebook 粉絲頁詢問. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibyhanasho/

Hanasho Japanese restaurant has 10 ~ 12 itamae seats. There is also a private dining room for six people. I would suggest to sit at itamae seats. However, you would need pay 50% downpayment after reserving. There are two reservation methods:

1. You can message via LINE group ( @hanasho ) (Remember to add @)
2.If you don’t have LINE, you can ask via their Facebook Fan Page. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sushibyhanasho/

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花蕉 Hanasho 主廚

Hanasho Chef

花蕉 Hanasho 主廚是日籍料理長岩城勉( Iwaki Tsutomu ), 曾擔任過 鮨清田,丸本陣, 藏旬 , 二階割烹高級日本料理餐廳. 岩城主廚有多年日料經驗且熟悉台灣高級日料餐廳.
Hanasho Chef is Mr. Iwaki Tsutomu. He has worked in several famous restaurants in Taiwan, for example Nikai , Kura Shun, Maruhonjin, for many years. He is definitely familiar with Taiwan high-end Japanese restaurants.


花蕉晚餐價格 & 午餐價格

Hanasho Omakase Dinner Price & Lunch Price

花蕉 Hanasho 是 Omakase 套餐, 菜單不定期更換, 2022年2月午餐價格 NTD $7000 + 10% , 晚餐價格 NTD $9800 +10%, 花蕉 Hanasho的食材至少 98% 是日本空運進口漁貨與進口食材, 例如大間黑鮪魚,日本靜岡黑鮑魚, 北海道海膽 …. 等食材, Omakase 套餐總共 22 ~ 24 道菜餚, 岩城料理長還會在最後問 “有沒有吃飽?” , 若沒有吃飽, 岩城料理長會準備額外一道料理給你. 這次被邀請吃晚餐.
Hanasho restaurant offers Omakase set menu. Feb, 2022 lunch menu price is NTD $7000 + 10%. The dinner price is NTD $9800 +10%. 98% of Hanasho ingredients (Seafood and others) are imported from Japan or other countries. For example, Japanese Maguro (Tuna), Japanese Abalone , Hokkaido Sea Urchin …etc. Total dishes are 22 ~ 24 dishes. At the end, Chef Iwaki Tsutomu will ask you if you fulfill your appetite yet. If not, he will prepare one last extra dish for you. I was invited to dine for dinner set.


花蕉 Omakase 菜單

Hanasho Omakase Menu

A. 大間黑鮪魚

Japanese Maguro (Tuna)
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

日本青森縣的頂級「大間黑鮪魚 」是 花蕉 Hanasho 的招牌食材, 大間黑鮪魚有可辨識品牌的貼紙與流水號. 岩城主廚將其熟成 7 – 14 天, 主廚將這款食材做成三款握壽司菜餚, 包括大間鮪魚赤身醬油漬, 大間鮪魚中腹泥, 大間鮪魚大腹. 一邊欣賞主廚的刀工, 一邊期待品嚐招牌食材, 三道黑鮪魚握壽司皆是令人難忘, 肉質細膩, 鮪魚中腹泥搭配伊朗魚子醬鮮味十足, 大間鮪魚大腹更是我當天最喜歡的菜餚之一.
This world-wide famous Maguro (Tuna) is from Aomori, Japan. This high-end tuna has its own sticker and serial numbers. The Oma Tuna is Hanasho restaurant’s signature seafood ingredient. Hanasho Chef Tsutomu aged the tuna for 7 ~ 14 days. It is a great experience to see how the chef performs the fish slicing skill. I was looking forward to taste the three dishes – Tuna marinated in Soy Sauce (Akami Tsuke) , Ohagi Tuna belly tartar and Tuna Belly (Otoro). All three nigiri are excellent and remarkable. The texture is tender with full of seafood aroma and flavor. The tuna belly (Otoro) is one of my favorite dishes of the day!


B. 微炙燒紅喉

Grilled Rosy Sea Bass
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

高級日料餐廳除了採用高級食材外, 餐廳通常也會安排有動態感的菜餚製作過程給板前賓客觀賞, 花蕉主廚將紅喉置放在備長炭下面的瞬間, 聲效搭配視覺, 再加上誘人香氣, 在座的客人看得出來都很期待這一道, 這道也是我喜歡的菜餚.
Besides offering high-end ingredients, the guests usually can see closed-up action how the chef makes the dish. The chef grills the Sea Bass on the charcoal along with the sizzling sound and charming aroma. Everyone is looking forward to this dish. After tasting, the delicious level is higher than expected. It is one of my favorite dish of the day.


C. 海膽

Sea ​​Urchin
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

誰不愛海膽? 近期海膽漲價, 日本空運北海道海膽一盒目前是 NTD $12,000, 即使價格高, 依舊供不應求, 烘烤的脆海苔搭配頗多海膽入口, 鮮美程度非常高.
Who doesn’t like Sea Urchin? Nowadays, One Box of air-shipped Hokkaido Sea Urchin is NTD $12,000. However, there are still lots of demands and shortage of supply. The crispy seaweed pairs with fair amount of sea urchin is quite fresh and full of seafood flavor.


D. 鱈場蟹涮涮, 蟹膏

King Crab Leg Shabu Shabu , Snow Crab Miso Sauce
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

當時朋友跟我們講了一句 “等一下要涮涮了!” , 朋友們朝主廚方向看, 主廚正在將鱈場蟹涮進鍋裡幾秒鐘, 端上桌後, 店員建議將鱈場蟹沾蟹膏會增加極度的鮮味, 說真的, 蟹膏不可貌相, 我真心覺得不錯吃, 蟹膏搭配飯吃到一點都不剩.
It is quite interesting to see how Hanasho Chef puts the King Crab Leg into the Shabu Shabu for a few seconds. It is NOT well-done, but yet not completely raw. The crab tastes quite fresh. We also dip the crab leg into the crab miso sauce. The chef also offers the rice to eat with the sauce! The overall is delicious and remarkable.


E. 煮鮑魚,肝醬油,蘆筍

Japanese Abalone , Abalone Liver paste , Asparagus
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

花蕉主廚採用頂級日本靜岡黑鮑魚 , 頗大Size 與 “Will’s Teppanyaki ”的一人份的鮑魚不同, 「肥美」是吃這款鮑魚切片的感想, 微軟口感是我意想不到, 主廚也物盡其用, 將鮑魚肝做成醬汁, 沾醬吃並不會濃苦, 反而增加鮮味, 以脆與清爽蘆筍作為結尾.
This particular Black Abalone is from Shizuoka, Japan. The size is large, unlike “Will’s Teppanyaki” one-person portion abalone. Soft texture is unexpected. The chef also makes the Abalone Liver Paste, which is not bitter but increases the umami flavor. The asparagus is refreshing at the end.

延伸閱讀: Will’s Teppanyaki 》高檔卻價格合理的新開幕台北鐵板燒


F. 玉子燒

Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

花蕉的烘烤玉子燒外型像是蜂蜜蛋糕, 顛覆我對玉子燒的刻板印象, 店員提到有加入蝦泥與山藥, 品嚐時倒是以雞蛋香氣為主, 而且每一口都是甜香味.
The appearance of Hanasho Tamagoyaki looks like the Japanese Castella Cake (honey flavor cake). It is completely different from my knowledge of Tamagoyaki. The staff mentioned that the chef adds shrimp powder and yam. The major taste is still the eggy aroma along with small amount of sweet flavor.


G. 其他 16 道 菜餚


Nigiri – Striped Jack ( Shima Aji )
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

聽朋友說 “縞鯵” 是饕客圈熟知的高級食材, 每逢季節會出現在台北高級日料餐廳, 亮皮外型令人印象深刻, 口感柔軟, 魚肉的油脂釋放出肥嫩美味令人回味.
My friend mentioned that Striped Jack ( Shima Aji ) is one of the top-quality ingredients. This fish always appears in high-end Japanese restaurants. The shiny appearance is impressive along with tender texture. The overall taste is a great experience.



Nigiri – Squid with Squid Ink Salt
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

白烏賊的顏色通透且有亮澤, 口感非常柔和 , 與墨汁鹽一起入口可以增加海鮮的鮮甜風味.
The squid appearance is shiny and looks fresh. The texture is soft instead of chewy. The Squid Ink Salt enhances the sweet and fresh seafood flavor of the squid.



Nigiri – Botanebi (Spot Prawn)
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

透徹的牡丹蝦吃起來軟且鮮甜味十足, 相較魚種類握壽司, 我個人覺得牡丹蝦握壽司 也不錯吃.
The spot prawn is quite tender and fresh. Comparing with raw fish nigiri, I personally consider spot prawn nigiri is also delicious.



Nigiri – Trout with Ikura (Roe)
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

我很少吃高級日料餐廳, 最近我幾乎都沒有吃到日本櫻鱒, 這次吃到櫻鱒握壽司覺得很不錯, 油脂賦予嫩且滋潤的口感, 搭配魚卵入口有著爆發的海鮮風味.
I don’t eat much high-end Japanese restaurants recently. So, I rarely eat Trout nigiri. The trout fats offer the tender and deliciousness. The roe bursts out the seafood flavor, which is a great tasting experience.



Fried Shark Fin
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

花蕉店員解說菜餚時說這一道是炸魚翅, 可沾旁邊的抹茶鹽, 我極少吃魚翅, 更何況是沾麵衣炸的魚翅, 一次攻頂吃奢華食材是有趣的經驗.
Hanasho staff explained that this dish is fried shark fin along with matcha salt. I rarely eat shark fin, let along the fried tempura type. It is a great and interesting experience eating rare ingredient!



Nigiri – Geoduck
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

岩城主廚在台灣高級日料餐廳經驗豐富, 提到台灣人近年開始可以接受貝類握壽司, 這次吃的是象拔貝握壽司, 象拔貝包覆著米飯入口, 不錯吃但不是我的最愛.
Hanasho Chef Tsutomu has many years of experience in Taiwan high-end restaurant. He mentioned that Taiwanese recently can accept shellfish as nigiri ingredient. This time, I have the geoduck as the shellfish. It is delicious but not my favorite.



Horse Mackerel Roll
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

磯邊是使用海苔的料理名稱, 海苔包住竹莢魚, 沒有多餘的油脂, 取而代之的是更明顯的魚肉鮮美.
Th seaweed wraps up the Horse Mackeral. There isn’t much fish fats. Instead, it is easier to detect the freshness of the fish meat.



Marinated Mackerel Sushi
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

饕客們都知道這是以醋浸醃過的鯖魚製成, 再鋪上透明的昆布, 酸與鮮味是一個有趣的搭配.
Marinated Mackerel has both acidity and umami flavors, which is an interesting combination.


章魚, 里芋旨煮

Boiled Octopus, Satoimo Taro
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

主廚採用的里芋, 也就是日本小芋頭, 日式旨煮方式優秀許多, 芋頭有著軟口感且有類似關東煮風味, 吃起來不會像我在 “Jarana” 吃到的乾硬芋頭, 瞬間我覺得章魚反而成為配角.
Satoimo is the small size of Japanese Taro. Simmered cooking method, which is oden, offers the soft texture and sweet soy sauce flavor. It is not the hard taro texture like I taste at “Jarana”. This particular taro ingredient dominates this dish.

延伸閱讀: Jarana Taipei 》菜單除了西班牙鴨肝麵外還點哪些菜餚


柴魚清湯, 海膽, 白蝦, 柚子皮

Bonito Dashi Soup , Sea Urchin, White Shrimp, Yuzu peel
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

海膽在柴魚清湯裡是主角, 柚子皮是到後段才會出現的 Extra 風味, 很適合當開胃菜餚/湯品.
Sea Urchin in the soup is the main character.  The yuzu peel is sort of like extra flavor. This dish is suitable for the opening dish.


胡麻豆腐,旨出汁,魚子醬, 山葵

Sesame Tofu ,Caviar, Wasabi
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

上次吃餐廳自製胡麻豆腐應該是在 “ Ukai Taipei” , 這次花蕉 Hanasho 的微鹹旨出汁記憶較深刻.
Last time I had Sesame tofu was at “Ukai Taipei”. This time, Hanasho’s soy sauce is more impressive than the tofu itself.

延伸閱讀: The Ukai Taipei 》在微風南山 46 樓美食餐廳品嚐日式割烹料理



Grilled Tuna Tendon
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

在花蕉 Hanasho 有許多第一次, 這是我第一次吃烤黑鮪魚筋, 取自於魚皮下的筋肉部分, 雖然沒有像在 ”鳥喜燒烤“吃的雞蠔肉如此油脂豐富, 但是烤鮪魚筋依舊比預期地嫩.
I have many first-time experiences at Hanasho restaurant. This is my first time eating grilled Tuna Tendon. Event though the tendon doesn’t have much fats, it still tastes quite tender.

延伸閱讀: 台北鳥喜燒烤 produced by Toriki 》米其林餐盤之日式燒烤料理



Grilled Eel Rice
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

份量不多, 整體不錯吃.
There isn’t much quantity, but it tastes quite great.

延伸閱讀: 台北鰻魚飯推薦懶人包 (分區) 》TAIPEI EEL RICE GUIDE (分區)



Cod Tofu Miso Soup / Fruit / Dessert
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

以紅味噌湯當作正餐的結尾, 水果甜美搭配可外帶的布丁, 值得一提的是花蕉布丁與龍吟布丁一樣好吃.
The miso soup is at the end of the set. The fruit is sweet and the flan is creamy.

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