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(店面已結束營業 ) 淺草酒藏 是台北日本精釀啤酒專賣店, 也同時是台北信義區精釀啤酒吧之一, 除了販售精釀啤酒瓶外, 也有提供日本清酒和威士忌.
(The Store closed down) Asakusa Shuzo Taipei is a Taipei Japanese Craft Bar and Sake Bar. It is also one of the craft beer bars at Taipei Xinyi District.


淺草酒藏位於台北市政府捷運站一號出口附近, 鄰近餐廳為 “JK STUDIO”, 我近期才知道台北信義區除了松菸旁的 “麥芽堂精釀啤酒吧” 外, 也有日本精釀啤酒專賣店, 店名為淺草酒藏, 因為總公司在日本淺草, 販售的日本精釀啤酒皆是日本老闆直接與酒廠進口, 店內有像 “慢慢弄乳酪坊”一樣的長桌, 也有“裸湯拉麵”的高腳椅座位.
Asakusa Shuzo Taipei is near No. 1 Exit of City Hall MRT station. The nearby restaurant would be “JK Stuido”. I recently know that there are another craft bar at Xinyi District, besides “My Yacht Taproom”. The craft beers and sakes are directly imported by the Japanese owner. There is a long table at the store, just like at “Man Mano Cheese lab”. There are also high chair seat like at “Pure Ramen Restaurant”.

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相較之下, 酒款沒有 “ABV Bar & Kitchen” 多, 但是酒的數量一樣多可放的下四至五個大冰箱, 不同於其他”金色三麥安和店”, 淺草酒藏並沒有下酒菜, 但歡迎帶外食, 店內也有桶裝生啤管線, 也可以現場買, 這次喝的是兩款日本獨步精釀啤酒.
Comparing with “ABV Bar & Kitchen”, there isn’t much craft beer items. However, there are enough quantity to store in 4 ~ 5 large refrigerator. Different from “SUNMAI BAR”, there isn’t any so-called snack dish to pair with the craft beer. There are also draft beers. The customer can also purchase at site as well. I drink two special Japanese craft beer.


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牡蠣白啤酒 330ml

White Beer for Oyster
ABV: 5%
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這款精釀啤酒標相當有趣, 最初以為是啤酒是有海洋風味, 孰不知牡蠣恰巧是酒廠所在地的特色產品, 白啤酒剛好適合搭配牡蠣, 因此做成這款特別的酒標. 泡沫蓬鬆但不長久, 雖然這款日本白啤酒有加米, 但其實我喝不太出來, 品酌時柑橘風味在口中散開, 就如同經典白啤酒, 清爽啤酒相當適合搭配牡蠣與海鮮生食.
This craft beer label is quite interesting. I thought this craft is full of seafood flavor. It turns out that this white beer is suitable pairing with oyster. And the oyster happens to be the special product of the brewery location. The foam is fluffy but doesn’t last long. Even though the white beer’s ingredient has rice, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. The citric flavor spreads out in the mouth, just like the classic white beer. This particular refreshing white beer is perfect pairing with oyster and raw seafood as stated.


麝香葡萄皮爾森啤酒 330ml

Muscat Pils
ABV: 5%
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淺草酒藏店員提到白葡萄皮爾森啤酒相當受到女生喜歡, 也許跟多數女生喜歡甜白酒有關, 這款精釀啤酒是加入日本岡山新鮮麝香葡萄汁的水果皮爾森, 更特別的是店員告知酒廠不額外加糖, 因此效期只有六個月. 但是這款皮爾森精釀啤酒相當甜, 甜度已稍微蓋住啤酒花的苦, 我個人認為如果是甜白酒或是貴腐酒的愛好者, 也許你會喜歡麝香葡萄皮爾森啤酒.
Asakusa Shuzo Taipei staff mentions that this Muscat Pils is quite popular among females. Maybe the main reason would be most females like sweet white wine. There are large amount of fresh white grape is added into this Fruity Pils, The staff mentions that the brewery doesn’t add sugar into the beer, so, the expiration days is 6 months. Surpringly, this craft beer is quite sweet, enough to cover the bitterness from the beer hops. I personally think that if you prefer sweet wines, this craft beer might be a good option for you.


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店名: 淺草酒藏
地址: 台北市信義區基隆路一段147巷5弄42號 (Map)
捷運站: 市政府捷運站
電話: 02-2756-7318
營業時間: 看 Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asakusashuzotaipei/
Store/Bar : Asakusa Shuzo Taipei
Address: No. 42, 5th Alley, 147th Lane, 1st Section, Keelung Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: City Hall MRT station
Tel: 02-2756-7318
Operation Hour: Check Facebook