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ASAHI春限定淺粉紅色包裝吸引了非常多女性年輕階層消費者, ASAHI網站提到此包裝只生產到今年四月底.
The spring sakura theme package is meant to attract young generation females. The Asahi official website stated that this sakura package is only available until the end of April.

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Product Name 產品名稱:  日本ASAHI CLEAR 櫻之宴啤酒
Country of Origin 原產地: Japan 日本
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1. Channel 購買地點: COSTCO 好市多
2. Price:  N/A
3. Total ml 總容量: 350 ml
4. ABV 酒精濃度: 5%
5. Bottle Bar Code:  4901004029522
進口商: 三商朝日股份有限公司

之前有寫過較為中性包裝的ASAHI CLEAR, 打開讓少女心爆發的粉紅櫻花罐, 原本以為跟罐上柔性設計般會帶有花香或果香, 但兩種風味卻沒有, 酒體顏色介於充滿夕陽顏色的稻田跟充滿神祕的淺琥珀色, 蓬鬆但單薄的氣泡快速地消失, 大部分日本啤酒跟台啤一樣都有澱粉(通常來自米), 品嚐一口即可感受到米跟微微的烘培麥芽風味, 由於此款啤酒是淺色拉格, 苦味也會隨品飲時間拉長而放大且強烈. 此款啤酒結構簡單沒有多層次, 建議若臨時想喝啤酒的時候可以品嚐. 主要原因為隨著時間拉長苦味也隨著增加. 我不會推薦此款產品

When opening the beer, there isn’t any floral nor fruity aroma on the nose. The beer body color is between straw and light amber. The white foam is thin and easy to evaporate. Similar with Taiwanese beer, most Japanese beers (includes this beer) has starch ingredient, mostly from rice. While drinking the first sip, it is full of rice flavor with hints of roasted barley. The bitterness start to escalate while time passed since this beer is pale lager.This beer has flat taste or maybe you could call it simple. This beer is only fit for short-term beer craving while at home. The main reason is that after the temperature rises, the bitterness also enlarge too. I wouldn’t recommend this item. 

警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!