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朝日啤酒(Asahi) 是日本三強啤酒廠之一 , 最具代表性產品是銀色包裝的“Asahi Super Dry”, 近期也推出這款 Asahi Clear, 顧名思義就是帶有清爽口感且並無雜味的啤酒.  另外也有一款不一樣包裝的 Asahi Clear 櫻之宴包裝啤酒, 口味也稍許不同.
Asahi is also one of the well-known Japanese brewing companies. The most famous product would be “Asahi Super Dry”. Now, they have mass-produced  another beer called “Clear Asahi”, which means there isn’t any strong hop nor malt smell. There is another product – Asahi Clear Sakura Package Beer. The taste is a bit different.

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Product Name 產品名稱: Asahi Clear Ginjo Beer  [Asahi Clear 吟釀啤酒] Foodelcious 美味程度: 👍👍
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a. Channel 購買地點: Costco
b. Price: N/A
c. Total ml 總容量: 350ml
d. ABV 酒精濃度: 6%
e. Country of Origin 原產地: Japan 日本
f. Bar Code: 4901004032546
進口商: 三商朝日股份有限公司
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罐身上註明用朝日獨特的長期熟成製法 ,且原料用1.5倍的大麥, 再加上朝日獨特的酵母, 不太會留下多於的糖份 ,故可製作出較無雜味的啤酒,  倒出的啤酒為金黃色且帶有完整但很快消失的啤酒泡沫, 跟歐洲啤酒不同的地方在於喝完Asahi是爽口的口感並無留下多餘的啤酒香味. 由於名字中有”吟釀“這兩個字, 很多人會誤認口感跟清酒相似而購買, 其實這款只是口感平平並無太大變化的啤酒, 可能因為如此而深得大眾喜愛, 建議平常不太喝酒的初飲者酌飲.

This new genre brew uses 1.5 standard amount of barley along with Citra hops, and combines a long aging process to develop a clean taste.The crystal gold color pairing with soon-evaporated foam will urge you to take the first gulp! Unlike the European Beers, Asahi Clear offers clean aftertaste with much aroma. However, the name “Ginjo” seemed to offend lots of people. They bought this beer and often thinks it is related to the Japanese Sake taste. But, it turns out that it is too plain for them. If you consider a light beer with no strong aroma, Asahi Clear is definitely a good choice!

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