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Sapporo 是日本啤酒界三強之一,Sapporo冬物語啤酒雖然不像輕井澤啤酒是”2016”限量版, 但是至少是“冬季”才販售的啤酒!
Sapporo is one of the three great brewing companies in Japan. Unlike Karuizawa Beer, it is not 2016 Limited Edition. It is just sells only during winter.


延伸閱讀:台灣 Costco 購買清單 》TAIWAN COSTCO BUY LIST


Product Name 產品名稱: Sapporo Winter’s Tale Beer 三寶樂冬物語啤酒
Foodelcious 美味程度:
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1. Channel 購買地點: Costco
2. Price: NTD $899 per case   每箱NTD $899
3. Total ml 總容量: 350ml x 24
4. ABV 酒精濃度: 6%
5. Country of Origin 原產地: Japan 日本
6. Bar Code: 4901880110482
進口商: 東順興貿易股份有限公司
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讓我來告訴你一些很簡單的知識 ,以免你買了啤酒你不知道要如何介紹你的啤酒. Allow me to let you know a few simply facts to begin the “beer quest”.

1. 生啤其實就是過濾之後裝填, 不經過加熱滅菌處理的啤酒或是採用低溫過濾殺菌的方式! 如果有人白目到問你這款是哪種, 飄走之前可以丟下一句話 “應該是低溫殺菌吧, 都在Costco賣了“ Draft Beer doesn’t go through heaten sterilization. But there are also exception that sterilization with extreme low temperature.

2. 碳酸少= 啤酒泡沫很快就消失
Carbohydrate: Less Carbohydrate= Bubbles usually evaporate sooner!



冬物語的啤酒顏色就是屬於較淺,  泡泡是以光年速度消失, 味道的部分則是只有一點點啤酒香味 但是大概十秒鐘後就消失, 比Yona Yona Ale 還快.冬物語的酒精濃度為6%, 但是我感覺我在喝台啤 (5%), 這1%倒底是如何計算, 等我有空去翻書再告訴你們! 這款日本進口啤酒一罐才NTD $37.50, 很適合開趴用的啤酒 ,喝完不會醉!
First of all, there is no rule saying that you should drink dark amber color beer during winter and light golden color beer during summer. Sapporo’s winter tale is light golden color. From the light- year speed of smooth bubbles evaporation, you can tell that there is less CO2. There was a hint of aroma that I cant recognize. When I finish taking the picture, the aroma was gone without less than 10 seconds. Honestly, I am a bit confused since the ABV is 6%. But, I feel like I am drinking Taiwanese Beer (5%). I guess the 1% doesn’t really make a difference? However, this beer retail price is NTD$37.50. It is actually quite cheap for imported beer. You pay what you get and it is a great drink for party! So, you guys can play Mannequin Challenge without getting drunk!



警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!