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Yona Yona Ale 不能再把它稱為”在地啤酒”, 麒麟擁有35%的釀酒工廠股份, 加上此產品在海外數次得獎, Yona Yona Ale的國際知名度越來越高, 已經晉升為海外消費者皆知的產品.
It wouldn’t be fair to consider Yona Yona Ale (よなよなエール) local beer from Japan since 35% of the brewing factory is now owned by Kirin. This beer starts getting international consumers’ attention since it has won several medals in International Beer Award.

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Product Name 產品名稱: Yona Yona Ale Beer (6 pcs/box)  台北好市多: 朝朝暮暮艾爾啤酒 – 6 入
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a. Channel 購買地點: Costco
b. Price NTD $350 per box   每盒NTD $350
c. Total ml 總容量: 350ml x 6
d. ABV 酒精濃度: 5.5%
e. Country of Origin 原產地: Japan 日本
f. Bar Code: 4713012880022
進口商: 臺虎精釀
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“Yona” 是夜的意思, 當初命名的人認為此啤酒較合適在無任何人打擾的深夜酌飲, 但是台灣進口商把中文名稱取為“朝朝暮暮“艾爾啤酒, 我想應該是想要讓台灣消費者變成”醉”人, 從早喝到晚吧. 當下看到啤酒的設計,其實有點怕喝起來會像有橘子口味的感冒藥水 (類似芬達), 後來google此款有得獎後,就買了一組試試看.開罐後, 空氣中充滿濃郁的水果香氣, 當喝下琥珀色的啤酒就可以感覺到柑橘口味跟其他微微熱帶水果香氣, 可惜的是倒入啤酒杯後的30秒後香氣就消失了, 只剩下苦味, 所以如果你喜歡較苦的啤酒 ,這款啤酒其實是不錯的選擇!

“Yona” means “Night” in Japanese. Google stated that the company would like people drink this beer at nights in order to forgett about all the pressure from work and family. Interesting enough, Taiwanese importer gave a Chinese name to this beer as “Day and Night” (朝朝暮暮).Taiwanese usually don’t drink alcohol before sun down. I guess that the importer deeply wants consumers to be drunk all the time.When looking at this can design, I was actually afraid that this beer will taste like orange flavor cough syrup. But, after I googled, I gave it a try just because the International Beer Award Gold Medal’s sake. When opening the beer can, the air is full of rich fruity aroma. When you taste the amber color liquid, you immediately taste the tangerine flavor with hint of other mixed fruits. But, after pouring out to the glass, the aroma disappeared within 30 seconds. What’s left is bitter taste. If you like the bitter taste, this beer is definitely for you!


警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!