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現在台灣市面上有販售很多價格昂貴的改良式起司蛋糕, ChizUP! 甜點主廚不惜成本,堅持手工, 100%天然食材, 低糖低脂且使用水浴烘焙法製作起司蛋糕, 較費時費力的水浴烘焙方法可讓起司蛋糕的表層完美無瑕無破裂.

Nowadays, there are many adjusted versions of cheesecakes selling at very high price in Taiwan. Regardless of the market demand, the owner of “ ChizUp American Style Cheesecake” insists on authentic method (hand-made and water bath), 100% natural ingredients, low sugar/fat and keeps the price on check. The “water bath” method would add moisture to the oven and tend to avoid the crack on the top appearance.




這次要試吃的是ChizUP!的1873 紐約經典特濃起司蛋糕和老奶奶焦糖蘋果餡起司蛋糕. Now, I have the honor to try 1873 Classic New York Cheesecake and Apple Caramel Cheesecake.

1. 1873 Classic New York Cheese Cake  1873 紐約經典特濃起司蛋糕  $270

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全部ChizUP!品牌的起司蛋糕都是使用澳洲進口奶油起司, 網站上提到蛋糕中的奶油起司比列高達70%, 紐約式起司蛋糕風味較濃郁且飽滿紮實. ChizUP!品牌的淡黃色紐約起司蛋糕表層滑順, 小心緩緩地用熱刀切下一片品嚐, 第一口即可感受到質地滑順且紮實結構, 味蕾立刻被乳香味十足的起司風味溫柔地包圍住, 微酸風味倒是不明顯, 跟微脆底層餅乾一起吃時, 心裡其實很想一口接一口接著吃, 因為除了低脂不過甜外, 其他口感跟風味可媲美國外甜點店.

ChizUp! pastry chef uses imported Australia cream cheese in all of their cheesecakes. Their website stated that 70% of their cheese cake is cream cheese. New York Style cheesecake means it is richer and more dense and creamy than the regular cheese cake. Their light yellow color cheesecake is as smooth as the butter appearance. The first bite is creamy with silky texture as expected. The tastebud would be covered with creaminess and hint of acidity for a while. The graham cracker is moist and crispy. The number “1873” is how many years that the new york style method has developed.  You will be definitely craving for more since it couldn’t get more authentic!




2.  Apple Caramel Cheesecake  老奶奶焦糖蘋果餡起司蛋糕 $290

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從盒中拿出此款起司蛋糕時, 你會發現其實蛋糕表層其實並不滑順, 原因是裡面的餡料是新鮮蘋果切丁!  尚未品嚐時原本以為是用單純清爽青蘋果(Granny Smith), 後來在ChizUP網站才發現其實用的是帶有點蜂蜜甜味的美國富士蘋果. 第一口會感受到滑順飽滿奶油起司味, 蘋果內餡帶有中度甜味且會帶給多層次的口感, 味蕾其實很難分辨甜度是來自焦糖或是蘋果.

When you open the package, you would wonder why the top of yellow cheesecake is not smooth. After you sliced it, you would know it is because of the diced apple filling.Surprisingly, the pastry chef didn’t use “Granny Smith”, which is refreshing. Instead, they use America Fuji Apple which is has hints of honey sweet flavor. When taking the first bite, you can feel creaminess fulfill the tastebud. The diced apples add mild sweet flavor and different textures. However, you couldn’t tell if the sweetness can from the apple or the caramel.



其實很少甜點店會把起司蛋糕當做主角, 甚至創作不同口味 (甚至有新鮮水果口味), 也堅決不加添加物和防腐劑. 彌月蛋糕也可請他們客製化烙印寶寶的名字, 至於8吋方形也可有獨特日期跟名字. 若是帶不同口味的起司蛋糕也很合適, 盒裡也會附有黑色小叉子!

It is rare to see any pastry shop that is willing to make different flavor of cheesecake, let along different flavors (especially fruit flavor). Their website shows that they also have custom-made service. You can also have the stamp the date for special occasion on the 8 inch square cake.  It is great to bring these cakes to the party. They even put small black forks inside the box for consumers.

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