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在美國的中式料理其實很少看到有搭配鍋粑的, 但是在美國韓式料理點了石鍋拌飯, 吃到最後就有鍋粑可以品嚐.

Back at US, we don’t have much Chinese cuisine that has crispy rice in it. But, in Korean restaurants @US, we sometimes would order Bibimbap. When you almost finish this particular dish, you would have crispy rice at the end.

Product Name 產品名稱: Crispy Rice Snack 一口鍋-鍋粑脆餅

🗺 Country of Origin 原產地: Taiwan 台灣

網路上提到將近六個月的研發才創造此種食尚新潮流的零食, 原料採用台灣米且人工一個一個做, 話說如何分辨泰國米跟台灣米, 泰國米的形狀成長形, 台灣米則是較為短, 此外由於是手工製作, 厚度會不一, 不會像市面上販售的厚度一樣的脆餅. 今天有這個榮幸可以體驗到各種不同口味的一口鍋鍋粑脆餅. 收到的禮盒為溫和的米色且兩側有緞帶可攜帶方便.

This company spends 6 months and sets a new style of snack by making crispy rice snack a new generation snack. It is hand-made by using Taiwan rice. How can you tell the difference between Thailand Rice and Taiwan Rice. Thailand rice shape is longer than Taiwan rice. Now, I have the opportunity to trial taste this snack. The gift box is in beige color with hangers to let you to carry as a gift. Opening up the gift box and discover quite a few flavors.

螢幕快照 2017-03-19 上午11.03.14.png

1. Zip-lock Bag: Crispy Rice Snack – Pepper 香辣椒鹽夾鏈袋


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拿出此款鍋粑脆餅時, 就已聞到強烈的椒鹽香味, 但是胡椒嗆味不會奪走味蕾的敏感度, 適度的鹽味跟胡椒香結合而形成單一風味, 且吃一口很難停止, 建議搭配台啤或是台灣烏龍茶, 讓味蕾回歸最原始的狀態.

When taking out of the snacks, the strong pepper aroma appears. The primary flavor would be pepper-spicy with fair amount of salts. This snack has simple structure but difficult to stop eating. It is great pairing with Taiwanese beer or Taiwanese Oolong Tea.

2. Zip-lock Bag: Crispy Rice Snack- No Label  無標籤 


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雖然無標籤, 只能用盲測酒的態度來品嚐這款鍋粑脆餅, 帶著冒險精神品咬了一小口, 孜然風味立刻包覆著味蕾, 帶有鹹味的獨特辛香酥脆零食總是讓人忍不住慢慢吃, 希望風味不要就此逐漸淡去.

It is like doing a blind wine test and guessing which type of wine it is. The tastebud can catch dominate flavor – cummins. With unique spice flavor and salty taste,  you wouldn’t want the flavor to disappear sooner.

3. Large Size: Crispy Rice Snack- Cummin 香辣孜然大包裝


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包裝如辦桌用的炒鍋Size一樣大,真空包裝讓內容物不容易破損且不會變軟. 孜然的另一個名稱是小茴香, 常被拿來跟大茴香比較, 其實大茴香聞起來有點像八角, 孜然帶有強烈香氣和辛辣口味, 很適合搭配肉的料理(尤其是羊肉), 鍋粑很適合搭配勾芡的料理, 於是這次把鍋粑當作配料散在台式豆腐煲, 讓簡單的料理轉化成帶有多種風味的一道菜.

Taking out of this large round size of crispy rice snack from the vacuum bag, which prevents the snack to break into parts and soften. Since this is a large, it would be great to make this item as parts of recipes. Cummins is a great spice to pair with meat, especial lambs. The crispness would be great to pair with cornstarch based cuisine. This item brings complex flavor by adding crispness and spices.

4. Large Size: Crispy Rice Snack- Seaweed with peppers 海苔椒鹽


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一系列的產品花上兩天的時間, 拍完後想看著韓劇放空, 嘴饞就單吃海苔椒鹽口味鍋粑, 市面上其實很多帶有海苔口味的零食, 所以海苔系列很適合單吃 但且可加上七味粉搭配在白飯上也很適合, 雖然少許海苔風味被椒鹽風味蓋住, 味蕾可明顯地感覺道兩種口感其實是平行共存, 此款產品很適合搭配氣泡水, 讓味蕾接二連三受到溫柔的衝擊.

Two days of photo-shooting is tiresome. While watching the drama, you would be craving some snacks. You can always the seaweed type of snacks at the market. After tasting the seaweed flavor, the peppers seemed to cover  a bit of the seaweed flavor and aroma. But both flavors will stay a while at your tastebud. It would be great to pair with sparkling water.

5. Large Size: Crispy Rice Snack- Mustard with peppers 芥末椒鹽


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一打開包裝就有強烈的日本芥末風味, 椒鹽頓時成為不起眼的配角, 建議酥脆的鍋粑可加入濃郁的日本咖哩, 但是要注意一次不能加太多把咖哩醬汁都吸收而變軟, 凡是品嚐料理都會講究多層次的口感或是風味.

The mustard aroma comes strong to your nose while opening up the bag. The peppers immediately changes to supporting role. The crispy snack is great to pair with Japanese sweet curry. They do not cancel each other’s flavor. It actually turns the family style curry cuisine  into more complex dish.


6. Large Size: Crispy Rice Snack- Curry with pepper 香辣咖哩


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此款風味其實較接近東南亞風味, 而不是像日本微甜咖哩風味, 建議單吃而不搭配任何料理, 因為此款料理已有完整的結構不需要南洋料理的加持.

This item’s flavor is more like Southeast Style of curry instead of sweet Japanese curry. Instead of pairing with rice, you can just solely eat the snack. This already has a completed structure to stand alone.


營養標與成份都在包裝後方,官網提到一口鍋品牌為零反式脂肪,低糖分且無負擔的零食, 也無使用食品蓬鬆劑與防腐劑之類.

The nutrition label is at the back of the package.  Zero trans fat , low sugar , and no chemical addictive would definitely be the selling points of this brand.

*此為邀約文 但撰寫的是真實感受*

Crispy Rice Snack 一口鍋-鍋粑脆餅