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現在宅配電商上千家, 而且是西式甜點居多, 但是有哪些是較優的中式料理宅配? 選擇宅配時, 通常會看有無實體店面, 因為衛生局都會定期勘查,  這次有機會可體驗到位於高雄有實體店面的明誠炒米粉, 從1997年的路邊攤進化到店面經營,甚至現在有提供網購宅配服務, 這是需要店家不斷地努力經營和消費者不間斷的支持啊.

There are many online stores in Taiwan. Most of them are western style food products, such as cakes, pastry…etc. However, which online store provide trust-worthy and also delicious Chinese cuisines?  Ming-Chan Rice Noodle’s actual store is located at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With efforts and consumers’ support, they transformed from street food stand to actual store and e-commerce. Now, I have the opportunity to review their products.


前幾年公告依現行規定,有含米量100%才能稱為純米粉, 介於50%~100%則稱為調和米粉,新竹人的米粉定義是“粗米粉” (也稱為“水粉”), 南部人口中稱的米粉則是細米粉 (也稱為炊粉).

Few years ago, Taiwan FDA announced that noodle product contains 100% rice can be called rice noodle. Others will be called “mixed noodle”. But this law was revised because chefs stated that it would be difficult to cook 100% rice noodle because it would break easily.






體驗箱裡有古早味炒米粉, 打拋豬米粉, 古早味肉燥飯, 收到後皆需冷凍, 要吃的前一天放置冷藏或是用微波解冷凍皆可.

After receiving the box, you should put those boxes in the freezer instead of refrigerator. When you are craving for food, you can put the desired amount of box in the refrigerator or de-freeze in the microwave.



1. Product Name: Rice Noodle with Minced Pork 古早味炒米粉

Foodelicious 美味程度:  👍👍👍👍👍

Price: NTD$43  

Ingredients: Rice Noodle, Cabbage, Bean Sprouts, Onion, Carrot, Shallot, garlic, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, pork and water

成份: 炊粉、高麗菜、豆芽、洋蔥、紅蘿蔔、油蔥酥、蒜頭酥、蒜末、冰糖、紅糖、醬油、醋、米酒、豬肉、水


盒底的標籤都會產品名稱, 盒正面也可以隱約看到裡面的配料, 照標籤標示撕開膠膜一小角拿去微波, 我家的微波爐是Sharp R-T20Z (W)型, 約800W, 所以加熱約2分30秒. 快速又方便, 準備要吃的時候,很豪邁地撕開全部的膠膜, 噗鼻而來就是濃厚的肉燥香味.

There is a label stated each dish name at the bottom of the box. You can also see through part of transparent plastic wrap. First, you can tear the corner of the box and put in the microwave to heat up. My microwave is approx. 800 W, so I microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds. After heating, you can smell the thick meat delicious aroma that makes you craving even more.


我在台灣常吃的路邊攤米粉都是先炒好疊高像一座山, 但是大部分的米粉都是軟爛的口感. 但是吃下第一口熱騰騰明誠炒米粉時, 口感完全就不像冷凍食品, 米粉微波加熱後不軟爛, 且完全可吸收到滷汁, 高麗菜跟豆芽也帶有脆度. 研發食譜和挑選食材的功力則是有一定的水平才能做到這種程度.

While digging into the food, the rice noodle is not mushy. It was heated in a perfect condition in order to pair with the meat sauce, refreshing cabbage and crisp bean sprouts. The vendor developed a method to keep this dish as fresh as possible and taste unlike any microwave food in the market.





2. Product Name: Rice Noodle with Thai Style Basil Pork 打拋豬炒米粉

Foodelicious 美味程度:  👍👍👍👍👍

Price: NTD$58

Ingredients: Rice Noodle, Cabbage, Bean Sprouts, Onions, Carrot, hot pepper, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce, rice wine, pork, lemon, taiwanese basil, Italy basil and water.



正式泰式料理尋求的是辣+酸+鹹+甜等味道的調和, 台灣的泰式料理則是做了一些調整, 例如打拋豬料理的打拋葉就會用帶有相似香氣的九層塔代替, 因為新鮮的打拋葉或粉在台灣很難買得到. 加熱後建議先把配料跟米粉攪拌, 品嚐時即可享受多層次的口感, 嫩豬肉配強烈香味的九層塔和微甜的魚露, 頓時進階為主角, 在家也可以享受中泰合併的料理.

Every Thai chef considers the perfect Thai food is to have the balance between spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavor. However, Thai food in Taiwan makes a few adjustments. For example, Taiwanese substitute Taiwanese Basil instead of Thai Basil due to their similar strong spice aroma. The reason is that you can’t easily find fresh Thai Basil or powder.  After heating, I would suggest to stir rice noddles with other ingredients. Your tastebud can feel the complexity of this dish. Tender porks pairing with strong aroma basil and small amount of fish sauce. You can enjoy this Fusion dish at home.








3. Product Name:  Rice with Minced Pork (Traditional Style) 古早味肉燥飯

Foodelicious 美味程度:  👍👍👍👍

Price: NTD$48

Ingredients: Rice, Pork, lard, vegetable, vegetable oil, shallot, garlic, sugar, rice wine, soy sauce, veggie oyster sauce, water



值得一提的是明誠是採用台灣花東縱谷的香米, 而不是泰國的香米,花東地區因為水質優, 產出的米也是台灣優等米, 再次加熱後米質黏度適中, 也不會像平常餐廳外包白飯加熱後的軟爛 ,配上鹹甜的肉燥, 成為最能代表古早味的肉燥飯!

You can see this type of rice everywhere in Taiwan. But, the remarkable part of is that the vendor chooses Taiwanese East Rift Valley rice instead of Thai rice. Because of the high quality and clean water at the valley, the harvested rice quality would be better. After heating up, the rice is not mushy and can easily absorb the sauce. The meaty aroma will fulfill the living room and make you crave for more.










營業時間:05:30~14:00 每週日休、每月第二和第四個星期六休息

營業時間:10:30~20:30 每週日休息