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除了典藏氮氣冷萃咖啡,星巴客龍門門市開始賣啤酒, 精釀啤酒已成為潮流,  ABV Bar & Kitchen 並不像啜飲室只販售精釀啤酒, 這家餐廳也有提供經典的異國美食,  由於我常去這家餐廳且品嚐過數道料理, 實在無法只在一篇文章中詳細介紹這家餐廳值得推薦的美食, 所以今天先寫最喜歡喝的比利時啤酒- Leffe Blonde.
Besides their excellent and authentic dishes, ABV Bar & Kitchen also sells 100+ various beers from around the world. But no worries, there are well-educated restaurant staffs to provide beer suggestions. Since I am a regular there, it would be impossible for me to introduce all the dishes that I had tasted in one blog article. Therefore, I am here to write about my favorite beer- Leffe Blonde from Belgium.


Product Name 產品名稱: Leffe Blonde Beer
Foodelcious 美味程度: 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
Channel 購買地點:  ABV Bar & Kitchen
Address: No. 39, 260 Lane,  Guangfu South Road ,Taipei City, Taiwan

Price: N/A
Total ml 總容量: 330 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 6.6 %
Country of Origin 原產地: Belgium 比利時
Bottle Bar Code: N/A
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大部分的台灣人只認識兩種主要的比利時啤酒系列 – Belgian Blond Ale (金色艾爾, 常見品牌為Leffe Blonde) 和 Belgian Golden Strong Ale (金色烈艾爾, 常見品牌為Duvel). Leffe Blonde 則是起於模仿傳統修道院的釀法但有效率地在工廠大量製造.
Most Taiwanese are only familiar with  two major kinds of Belgium Beer-  Belgian Blond Ale (For example: Leffe Blonde) and Belgian Golden Strong Ale (For example: Duvel Brand). Leffe brand is “abbey beers” , which emulate the Trappist style, but are produced at other monasteries or by commercial brewers.




倒出琥珀色的啤酒後, 蓬鬆泡沫並不會像台啤一樣馬上消失, 味道則是帶有微甜的果香味, 氣泡則是慢慢從酒杯底昇華, 初飲的口感則是綜合果香味 (類似梨子和柑橘), 喝到最後才會感覺到啤酒的苦味, 所以這款很適合不喜歡苦味和不習慣啤酒味的人喝. 但是要注意, 由於此款啤酒帶有微甜且滑順, 會讓人誤以為是低酒精濃度.有人會問為何要去餐廳喝而不去超市大賣場買比較便宜, 但是超市員工無法告知這款啤酒比較適合搭哪款料理. 若自己不小心搭配錯的料理, 啤酒口味就會因此而失去原本該有的口感, 倒不如讓餐廳的專業人員介紹和給建議會比較妥當.

After pouring out the golden-amber beer, the foam is fluffy and medium size. The aroma is fruity with a hint of sweetness. With decent carbonation, the bubbles are still coming up from the bottom of the glass after 10 minutes. Your taste buds can barely detect the bitterness while drinking the first gulp. Instead, you can taste the mixed with pear and orange. It might not taste like ABV 6.6%  due to the light sweet taste and smoothness.You might ask that why purchase this kind of beer in the restaurant instead of supermarket. Well, most supermarket staffs are not able to tell you which type of food is the best to pair with Leffe Blonde. With almost triple price as Taiwanese beer, I would rather let the professionals give me suggestions instead of ruining the beer taste.


警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!