【 MOA Cider Apple Flavor 】紐西蘭MOA 蘋果啤酒

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其實很多人都有種疑問 ,為何啤酒工廠要製造水果啤酒 (例如MOA Cider)   難道不會喝起來很怪? 其實最成功且最經典的水果原料大部分都是酸味果實(例如檸檬), 再跟啤酒花相輔釀造, 當然也有例外-香蕉或芒果, 用意其實是增加風味的複雜度而非替啤酒增加甜度.
Most people would wonder why brewing companies make fruit beers and don’t it taste odd? The classic fruit beers usually are made by using acidic type of fruits (such as lemons) to collaborate with hops. Of course, there are a few exceptions – such as banana or mango.  The main reason is to add complex flavors instead of solely increasing its sweetness.



Product Name 產品名稱: MOA Cider   [ MOA蘋果啤酒]

Country of Origin 原產地: New Zealand 紐西蘭
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Channel 購買地點: Restaurant 餐廳
Price: N/A
Total ml 總容量: 330 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 4%
Bottle Bar Code: N/A

台灣最有名的水果啤酒是“台啤水果啤酒”, 跟國外進口的水果啤酒比較 , 台啤水果啤酒的酒精濃度較低且口味較甜. 其實Mr. J 並不是一個啤酒控, 所以那天他點了紐西蘭MOA 蘋果啤酒. 你大概會馬上想到紐西蘭最有名的水果不就是奇異果嗎? 其實MOA Brewing Company 也有奇異果啤酒, 但是還是有點期待又怕受傷害, 所以還是點了比較安全的蘋果啤酒.由於燈光關係, 其實倒出來的啤酒是帶有點淺金黃色, 但啤酒泡沫很快就揮發. 由於原料是使用100%的紐西蘭蘋果, 新鮮蘋果香氣是基本配備, 而且聞起來不會像濃厚和過甜的蘋果糖漿. 當喝下第一口, 氣泡帶出更多類似帶有微酸的青蘋果香氣, 當氣泡消失後, 啤酒本身品嚐起來有啤酒該有的酸度且帶有點淡淡的煙燻味, 其實此款啤酒在裝罐前有跟橡木片放在一起發酵, 因此會有微弱的煙燻味.若是喜歡偏甜的果汁或是怕啤酒的苦味, 可以試試紐西蘭MOA 蘋果啤酒!

The most well-known fruit beer brand in Taiwan is actually “TAIWAN BEER”. Their fruit beer ABV is lower and sweeter comparing with other imported fruit beers.  Mr. J is not always a beer fan, so he ordered New Zealand “MOA Cider-Apple” instead of other craft beers. You probably are thinking – “Why use apple? Why not Kiwi Fruit?”. Well, MOA Brewing Company actually has another cider that is manufactured with Kiwi Fruit.The appearance of this cider beer is light golden color with quickly evaporated beer head. The aroma is of course similar with fresh apple since MOA Brewing Company uses 100% grown New Zealand apple. But, no, it doesn’t smell like thick and over sweet apple syrup. While tasting, the fizzy beer body brings out more crisp green apple flavor with hint of acidity. After the lively carbonation eased, hint of smoky flavor and more acidity appeared. The smoky flavor comes from fermentation since the cider is stored with oak chips.If you prefer mild sweet juice or are afraid of beer bitterness, MOA Cider-Apple might be your best choice.


警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!