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如果是葡萄酒界的新手, 你大概不會知道Syrah或是Shiraz這個葡萄品種, 兩者在書上中文翻譯是”希哈“, 橡木桶美化名稱改為“施赫”. 有個不正式的規則是Shiraz指的是生產地為澳洲或是南非, Syrah 則是歐洲和其他地區, 兩者品嚐起來也有點不同, Syrah 品嚐較多辛香味. 這款酒名稱為阿根廷諾頓醇釀施赫紅葡萄酒
If you are a newbie in the wine world, you probably don’t know Syrah. No worries, I only knew about Syrah just a week ago. Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is a dark-skinned grape grown throughout the world. As an non-official rule, most Australian and South African wines are labeled Shiraz. Most European or other regions wines are labeled Syrah. Many would tell you that those two types taste different – Syrah tasted more spice.  This wine’s name is Norton Colección Syrah 2015



Norton Colección Syrah 2015  [阿根廷諾頓醇釀施赫紅葡萄酒] Wine Type種類: Full Bodied Red Wine 酒體飽滿型紅酒
Country of Origin 原產地: Argentina 阿根廷
Area 產區: Mendoza River Valley
Grape 葡萄品種: Syrah
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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Channel 購買地點: 橡木桶
Price: N/A
Total ml 總容量: 750 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 13.5 %
Bottle Bar Code: 7792319678706
進口商: 橡木桶洋酒股份有限公司
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Syrah剛開始是法國Rhone valley 種植最多, 後來移民將此品種帶到澳洲種植, 也取了另一個名稱叫做Shiraz. 在阿根廷, Syrah 其實在2002以前都不常見, 而且還常被當做配角跟另外一個葡萄 (Malbec) 混合釀造, 所以其實網路上並沒有太多關於單一Syrah紅酒的介紹, 大部分都是知名的Malbec. 倒出的酒體呈深紅寶石色, 酒杯裡充滿頗濃郁的紫羅蘭香氣, 莓果類口感和中度單寧相應, 造就單純且不太刺激的紅酒口感, Syrah的基本口感- 辛香最後才會強烈感受到, 且隱約還感受到紅茶的尾韻.較適合喝這款酒的場合應該是在韓國烤肉聚餐, 鹹甜的牛肉跟中度單寧互相不搶味蕾空間, 適合帶去給抗拒多單寧紅酒的朋友喝, 因為這款紅酒只有中度單寧且帶有花香味, 說不定你朋友還會因此開始一系列的紅酒品嚐囉.

Syrah originally is grown throughout the Rhône valley, France. Later on, an immigrant introduced the Syrah grape into Australia and renamed to Shiraz.  As in Argentina, Syrah wasn’t really popular until 2002. It sometimes is a blending component with Malbec (Another dark-skinned grape). Therefore, there are more Argentina Malbec wine information than solely Syrah. While pouring out the Syrah, the color appears to be dark ruby. The nose immediately sensed the rich violet aroma before tasting. The palate is berry flavor with medium tannic. Simply and smooth are probably the words that I would use to describe the first taste. However, when you tasted toward the end, the spice flavor (most likely pepper) with hint of black tea would appear.The best occasion that I can think of is during Korean BBQ Dinner with first time red wine drinkers. Most newbies might think red wine has strong tannic and mistaken to be bitter. This Syrah has easy-going tannic with floral aroma. it is safe to say that this wine might become the newbies’  first favorite red wine!!

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