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有些台灣人其實不太清楚啥是“新世界酒New World Wine“, 意思就是不在傳統葡萄酒區(例如歐洲)生產的酒, 新世界的國家包括阿根廷, 澳洲, 智利, 紐西蘭 ,南非..etc. 澳洲蘿絲蔓酒莊O系列慕司卡多甜白酒的產地為澳洲東南地區, 也就是澳洲最多酒莊的所在地. 所使用的葡萄品種則是小粒種白蜜思嘉, Size就像藍莓如此地小, 此品種最早是來自希臘, 特徵是充滿比一般白葡萄更充滿香氣和多汁.
Some Taiwanese don’t know the definition of New World wines. It means the wines are produced outside of traditional wine-growing areas in Europe. Therefore, New World wines mostly come from Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa… etc. This wine, Rosemount O Moscato 2015 , is originated from Australia. The southeastern Section of Australia’s weather is usually hot during summer time. This section is also the largest wine-growing area in Australia as well. The Muscat à Petits Grains, which are originated from Greece, is small berry size. It is famous for its heavy  aroma and luscious taste.


Product Name 產品名稱: Rosemount O Moscato 2015  [  澳洲蘿絲蔓酒莊O系列慕司卡多甜白酒]

Wine Type種類: Aromatic White Wine 芳香型白酒

Country of Origin 原產地: Australia 澳洲

Area 產區: South Eastern Australia  澳洲東南地區

Grape 葡萄品種: Muscat à Petits Grains

Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Channel 購買地點: Costco

Price: $479

Total ml 總容量: 750 ml

ABV 酒精濃度: 7.5%

Bottle Bar Code: 9325040000119

進口商: 長榮桂冠葡萄酒坊

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濃郁水果香氣在打開瓶蓋那一剎那就已經釋出, 清澈微亮金顏色的酒倒入杯中, 產生細膩且療癒的氣泡, 準備將酒杯拿起要小酌時, 果香氣過重讓我無法分辨水果香氣有哪些, 喝下第一口時, 味蕾感受到荔枝和水蜜桃香甜, 甜度已蓋過酸味, 後韻卻不會過甜反而是清爽.網路上很多人提到此酒很適合夏天喝, 但是冬天也是可以冷飲啊, 喜歡小酌的人應該不會分四季決定要不要喝酒. 這種酒我能想到的場景是搬新家Party (House Warming Party) 或是野餐, 雖然被分類為甜點酒, 但是也可以單喝, 例如一邊喝一邊寫文章.

When pouring out the transparent blonde color wine, the delicate bubbles with mixed fruit aroma follow. When you lift the glass close to you nose, your sense of smell no longer can tell which fruits aroma due to the strong aroma. The first sip is over-rated sweet with lychee and peach. You hardly can detect any bitterness. But, the aftertaste is rather crisp and refreshing. Most people stated that it is a summer wine. However, you can still drink cold wine during winter time! The best occasion that I can think of is house warming party.  This wine is categorized as dessert wine, girls can drink this sweet wine and eat cakes. However, I would suggest drinking alone without pairing any food. The wine itself is sweet enough and might cover other foods’ flavor.

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警語: 警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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