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位於台北東區的兩家ABV Bar & Kitchen皆有戶外座位區. 這次選了ABV二店, 也就是專攻加勒比海料理, 但跟一店一樣都有賣約300種精釀啤酒, 這次天還沒暗, 我們就點了兩道菜和六瓶英系啤酒, 一坐下來就是3小時!
Both ABV-Mediterranean and ABV-Caribbean in Taipei Da-an District have outdoor sitting.  We ended up ordering 2 dishes and British Style Beers collection. For the record, this restaurant sells more than 300 different beers, but only sells approx. 30 British beers (only 1/10).



English Name: Garlic Shrimp
Price: NTD $320
Foodelicious 美味程度:🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

加勒比海料理最常見的香料跟配料為蒜頭 ,洋蔥 ,青椒,  青蔥跟辛香料 (例如胡荽葉 ,迷迭香). 顏色鮮豔的餐點剛端上桌就吸引我的目光, 多汁的中型蝦吸收了微香的橄欖油, 微辣的胡椒跟香氣逼人大蒜, 但是大蒜味不會把其他口味蓋過, 形成了有多層次具有無法抵抗的風味. 與同是台北東區的鬍子酒館的蘑菇爆鮮蝦, 我比較喜歡ABV Bar & Kitchen.
The characteristic seasonings in Caribbean region include garlic, onions, bonnet peppers, celery, green onions, and herbs (such as cilantro, rosemary,…etc). The appearance of this dish is vivid with well-displayed large size shrimp and various colorful seasonings. You can smell the hint of sweet and spicy before you even start digging in. The shrimps are juicy by absorbing various flavors, such as olive oil, pepper, and of course garlic. Surprisingly, the garlic flavor doesn’t cover all the other spices. It is a mouth watering dish with complex taste! Comparing with Baffi Italian Trattoria, I still prefer ABV Bar & Kitchen.



English Name: Sautéed Mushroom With Rum
Price: NTD $260
Foodelicious 美味程度:  🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

我承認我是個菇控, 加上菜單上又寫著”蘭姆酒”, 叫人如何抗拒, 每個新鮮蘑菇沾上各種辛香料且風味偏鹹, 是道讓人欲罷不能的料理, 這道菜已經成為我心目中No. 1 ABV 料理.
As a mushroom fan, I ordered this dish for my craving purpose. Because of the high heat cooking with rum, you can hardly tell the garlic and mushroom apart. Each fresh mushroom bite is full of earthy and salty flavor as expected. Again with garlic and various spices, this dish becomes impeccable. This dish just becomes my No. 1 dish in ABV Bar & Kitchen – Caribbean.




其實在台灣零售市場, 精釀啤酒品牌的數量不多, 原因就是越來越多貿易商以試單的方式進口各種精釀啤酒, 但是相關的餐廳卻不夠多, 而且只有一些台灣消費者會嘗試新品牌, 零售市場因為超市前後台毛利過高, 定價過高, 導致有些好的精釀啤酒品牌因為銷售不佳被貿易商放棄進口, 跟國外不同的地方是, 反而在餐酒館可看到更多精釀啤酒品牌.
In Taiwan, not every beer has the opportunity to be sold at the supermarket shelf. There is one major reason- Demand & Supply. There are more trading company that sell imported beer based on trial order. The quantity of the restaurants that sell beers doesn’t increase as much as expected. Only a few Taiwanese consumers are willing to drink new and various beers. Therefore, the trading company will eventually drop the product because of the expiration date issue. The only place that you can see and purchase various beers would be in the restaurants.


今天不喝受歡迎的比利時. 德國和美國啤酒, 選擇了較為內斂的英系啤酒. 老闆則是很專業地跟我們聊每種啤酒的特色.
Today, we decided to drink Britain Style Beers collection instead of the popular category such as Belgium, German, or USA. The boss sat down and chatted about the beers that we were drinking.

Moa Imperial Stout

“Imperial” 是帝國的意思, 但是並不是大英帝國, 而是蘇俄, 最初的500ml Imperial Stout其實是要出口到蘇俄跟一些寒冷的北部國家, 酒精濃度高於10%, 但之後”Imperial”成為加濃版的代名詞. 這瓶酒還有一個有趣的地方就是此款啤酒就像烈酒一樣被陳放在橡木桶!! 喝下滑順的第一口就感覺到帶有摩卡口味和橡木桶的煙燻味, 苦味倒是沒有很明顯.
The original meaning of “Imperial” is actually meant Russia instead of United Kingdom. This 500ml beer with 10.2% ABV is meant to export to Russia and other cold weather countries. Eventually, “Imperial” word becomes “high ABV%” or “strong flavor” in wording. But the most interesting part is that this beer is aged in French Oak Barrel!! When taking the first sip of this smooth stout, you can immediately taste the rich mocha along with roasted flavor. The bitterness didn’t appear after a while.  Unique way of reserving makes this beer as my beer of the month.



Brecon Bamboo Infused Pale Ale

你沒看錯, Bamboo = 竹子/竹葉, 雖然罐上寫用得是台灣的竹葉, 但這不是台灣製, 整體酒的顏色為淡褐色且帶有細膩微氣泡,雖然酒精濃度只有3.7% , 但是啤酒苦味卻是維持很久.
Yes. You saw it right. This 3.7% ABV pale ale is infused with Taiwanese bamboo leaves. Light brown color beer with nearly no foam carries a long lasting bitter taste.



Flying Monkey St. Beatnick Chocolate Stout

這瓶酒是我喝過帶有最濃郁的巧克力味, 開瓶的一瞬間即可聞到濃厚黑巧克力味, 但是喝第一口卻不會過甜, 反而像巧克力牛奶的口味, 喝了這一瓶啤酒, 甜點也可以免了, 老闆還提到Stout 也有燕麥Stout 跟生蠔Stout.
You can easily detect the chocolate aroma while opening the bottle. You don’t even need to taste to know its dark chocolate sweetness. But after you taste the first sip, the flavor is more creamy than expected. With mouthful of exotic chocolate flavor, I don’t think that I would need any chocolate cake after dining. Also, the boss mentioned that there are many kinds of stout such as oatmeal stout and oyster stout…etc.



Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale

啤酒最佳的包裝其實是用鋁罐裝而不是常見的玻璃罐, 原因爲不透光, 可避免太陽照射. 此款啤酒獨特風味是來自7~10種麥芽混合而成, 焦糖口味則是平衡了烘焙麥芽風味.
This amber color beer is packed with aluminum cans. Comparing with glass bottle, the aluminum can reserve the beer better because it is non-transparent. This beer’s uniqueness flavors mostly come from 7~ 10 various imported malts. The taste is balanced with a hint of caramel aroma.



Samuel Smith Organic Pale Ale

“有機“這兩個字在我的眼裡永遠都是高貴但感覺不到有啥特別, 當我看到“有機”這兩個字出現在啤酒上, 我很客觀地喝了一口, 發現……….其實沒有比較特別. 橘色顏色的啤酒帶有點焦糖味, 啤酒花則是很特別的使用帶有點茶香味, 但是除非你是單喝不配任何料理, 後韻的茶香其實很淡很不容易被發現.
The word “organic” and “USDA approved” caught my eyes. However, there isn’t any unexpected unique flavor. First sip of this orange color carries a bit of caramel flavor. The most interesting fact is that they use tea aroma hop. If you only drink beer without pairing with other foods, you can probably taste it at the after taste stage.



Fullers London Porter

這款啤酒在各大超市應該都可以買到 , 也是這六款裡最有名的啤酒, 採用三種不同的麥芽和傳統的Fuggles啤酒花, 滑順的口感帶有焦糖甜味喝起來跟Stout 很相似.
It is probably the most famous brand among other five beers. You can probably purchase it at the supermarket. It is famous for its ingredients – brown malt, caramel malt, chocolate malt, and traditional Fuggles hops. Its smooth and caramel flavor taste almost like stout.



延伸閱讀: 台北異國料理餐酒館 》TAIPEI BISTRO GUIDE




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