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台灣龍舌蘭品牌有三大扛霸子- Don Julio, Jose Cuervo 和 Patron. 由於很久以前LMFAO 跟 Lil Jon合唱”Shots”, 後來又跟Paradisco Girls和Eve合唱”Patron Tequila” , 更多人知道Patron品牌, 更成為全球每個人心中最適合帶去熱派對場面的酒. 其實很多人不知道龍舌蘭酒命名是來自它的原料- 也就是在海拔1500公尺高原且品質最優良的藍色龍舌蘭草. 墨西哥政府立法規定只在允許的區域內使用藍色龍舌蘭草心作為蒸餾原料, 才有資格冠上Tequila之名.
There are three famous Tequila brands in Taiwan – Don Julio, Jose Cuervo, and Patron. Long time ago, Patron brand cooperates with famous celebrities, such as LMFAO, Lil Jon, Paradisco Girls and Eve, to build the image of must-have alcohol at parties. Most people don’t know that Tequila is actually named after its ingredient- the high quality Blue Agave that planted at 1500 meter above sea level. Mexico government even has a regulation stated that the alcohol can only named Tequila only uses Blue Agave in certain area.



Product Name 產品名稱: PATRON SILVER  [ Patron 品牌龍舌蘭] Country of Origin 原產地: Mexico 墨西哥
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Total ml 總容量: 750 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 40 %
Bottle Bar Code: 72173300002
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Patron品牌有三款最有名的蒸餾酒產品- Patron Silver, Patron Reposado (橡木桶陳放兩個月以上)與Patron Anejo (橡木桶陳放12個月以上), Patron Silver則是未陳放, 顏色如高粱或Vodka般透徹,  高貴的玻璃罐上用結實軟木塞封口, 打開時很直覺地聞軟木塞後, 心裏想的就是”阿.. 酒精度真高!”, 倒出龍舌蘭後, 若平常沒在喝高酒精度(例如威士忌), 可能會錯過Patron 微甜辛辣風味, 單喝下時, 就像喝下威士忌一樣讓喉嚨感受到溫熱且滑順, 但不像高粱般會瞬間衝擊喉嚨, 若跟用傳統Shot喝法, 將鹽巴顆粒整齊撒在手背上, 用舌尖品嚐到少許鹽巴, 再來以乾杯式喝下一杯Shot後, 隨後立刻咬下一片檸檬, 讓口中充滿檬香味,讓此款酒再也不會過於辛辣, 通常這時候, 就會馬上反應是想繼續喝還是就此打住.

Patron has three famous distilled alcohol – Patron Silver, Patron Reposado (Aged for at least 2 months), and Patron Anejo (Aged for at least 12 months). Patron silver isn’t aged in oak casks like other two. The transparent alcohol is similar with Vodka or Gua-Liang. Thick glass bottle is sealed with mushroom shape cork.  The nose immediately sense the high alcohol degree from the cork.  If you don’t drink high alcohol beverage, you might miss the spice with hints of sweet. Drinking tequila solely, you can feel the warmness within the throat. It is more likely drinking smooth whisky. If you would like to drink with shot style, you would need to prepare salts and sliced lemons. The whole process, which includes licking the salt, drink the shot, bite the lemon, might only take seconds. Usually, after drink one shot, you would know if you want to continue or stop drinking.



喝這款酒要注意高酒精濃度, 因為喝Shot速度過快, 大腦反應不過來極限, 很容易就會喝醉, 建議不要一次連續喝太多. However, this is a high alochol. The brain might not react in time. It might get you drunk if drinking continually.




警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!