ASAHI調情聖手雞尾酒特濃蜂蜜蘋果》ASAHI CIDER | 日本啤酒

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ASAHI近年來動作頻頻推出女性化包裝和口味,ASAHI調情聖手雞尾酒特濃蜂蜜蘋果原萃紅茶包裝一樣亮紅色包裝,在全家便利商店的冰箱裡顯得格外明顯. 罐身有“期間限定”這四個字則是鼓勵許多腦波弱的消費者們購買.
ASAHI seemed to establish one of their 2017 goals to promote new product series for females. ASAHI Cider is one of their new products. The can is as red as Yuan-Cui Brand which catches lots of attentions. There is “LIMITED TIME” wording on the can.


Product Name 產品名稱: ASAHI調情聖手雞尾酒特濃蜂蜜蘋果
Country of Origin 原產地: Japan 日本
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉
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Channel 購買地點: Family Mart 全家
Price: $69
Total ml 總容量: 350 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 7%
Bottle Bar Code: N/A
進口商: 三商朝日股份有限公司
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開罐後倒出所謂的“雞尾酒”, 顏色有如淺色氣泡白酒, 但是並沒有泡沫, 喝下時就發現酒體顏色跟風味成反比, 回想起罐身上有寫著“特濃”這兩個字, 但並沒有想到會是如此厚重, 18%蘋果甜風味滿滿地且不留餘地包圍著味蕾, 絲毫沒有空間再感受到酒精和蜂蜜, 連喝幾口後, 慢慢感受7%酒精濃度擴散, 已經有一種在喝利口酒的感覺. 台灣女生普遍喜歡水果風味的甜酒, 但是此款酒偏厚重, 並非想像中如同真正的蘋果汁般清爽.

The color of the cider is similar with the Sparkling white wine. But, there isn’t any foams. After taking the first sip, the heavy apple flavor hits and surrounds the tastebuds without hesitation. The 18% apple juice seems to have stronger flavor than expected. Is it because of the honey? However, the tastebuds couldn’t feel any honey or ABV at the beginning. The ABV appears afterwards. This product could make you think that you are drinking liquor.Most Taiwanese females like fruit flavor beer/cider. Different from the refreshing apple juice, this product has strong flavor unexpectedly.


警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康