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2017/9/19 美國VOGUE ONLINE 報導關於台北美食, 不像以往的旅遊雜誌, 並沒有提到任何夜市食物, 我一一列出名單給大家看.
USA VOGUE online has one interesting news regarding Taipei Food. The whole title is “From Vegan Fare to Pineapple Cakes, a Guide to Taipei’s Best Bites”. However, there isn’t any night market food.



English Name: RAW restaurant
這根本就是常勝軍, 完全不需要介紹. 由於難訂位, 所以我跟我朋友都沒有訂位的動力.
If you don’t know RAW restaurant, you probably don’t eat Western fine dining restaurants in Taipei City.


The Antipodean

English Name: The Antipodean
主打咖啡與早午餐, 從圖片可以看出是一家以健康為導向的輕食餐廳, 最近也出了冰滴咖啡, 罐子的外觀跟8% Ice Bistro複合式咖啡店一樣漂亮. 由於餐廳離我平常生活圈比較遠, 目前尚未去過.
This is a healthy light food restaurant with brunch and coffee. They recently have Ice Drip Coffee, which its bottle is as pretty as 8 % Ice Bistro.



English Name: Wu Pao Chun Bakery
酒釀桂圓麵包與法國長棍不錯吃, 至於可頌方面會比較推薦 Gontran Cherrier Bakery Taipei
Their “Taiwan Longan Bread” and “Baguette” are delicious. As for croissant series, I would recommend Gontran Cherrier Bakery Taipei. 


Ice Monster

English Name: Ice Monster
這是冰界的天王, 不需要介紹.
If you don’t know Ice Monster, it is a good news for me. So, I don’t have to wait in line with my foreign friends.



English Name: SunnyHills Pineapple Pastry
很多台灣人會不認同微熱山丘是台北值得去吃的鳳梨酥, 多數人會推薦佳德鳳梨酥, 如果有只講英文的外國人問我台北市哪裡有賣好吃的鳳梨酥, 我還是會說微熱山丘, 因為店員服務好, 禮盒也非常漂亮
Many Taiwanese wont agree that SunnyHills Pineapple Pastry is the best pineapple pastry around. Most people would still recommend Chia-Te Pineapple Pastry. But if my English-speaking friends ask me about where to purchase pineapple pastry in Taipei, I would still say Sunnyhills. The main reasons would be their service is great and its gift box is prettier.




English Name: GaBee
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English Name: Flourish
跟朋友逛街有逛到這家餐廳, 平日用餐的客人非常多, 可惜我是個無肉不歡的人, 除非哪天突然睡醒想吃素, 應該就會去吃吧.
My friend and I passed by this vegan restaurant the other day. There are many customers during weekday night. Since I am not a vegetarian, this might not be in my pocket list in the future.



Le Blanc

English Name: Le Blanc
有天去仁愛醫院附近的 Snow Factory 吃優格冰, 中午經過 Le Blanc 有停下來看貼在門外的菜單, 只有龍蝦與牛排兩種主餐, 10oz 特級肋眼安格斯黑牛牛排 “套餐” 才 NTD $1000 , 算是台北專賣牛排餐廳便宜的價位.
After eating yogurt ice cream at Snow Factory, I passed by Le Blanc restaurant and took a look at its menu. There are only two main courses- Lobster and Steak. Their 10oz Prime Ribs Angus Steak “Set” is only NTD $1000. It is probably the cheapest in Town.
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Gen Creative

English Name: Gen Creative
看朋友打卡後的感想似乎不錯. 但尚未去過.
My friend went there and it seemed to be a good restaurant.




English Name: Longtail
這是一家晚上6pm開門, 3am 關門的深夜食堂與酒吧, 新開幕時被 “Longtail”的打卡洗版, 看了Menu後似乎要一群人去會比較划算.
This is a late night dining restaurant and bar. After checking the menu, it would be better to visit/dine with your friends to share the cost.


Chou Chou

English Name: Chou Chou
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East End Bar

English Name: Hotel Proverbs – East End Bar
不時有國外客座Bartender, 若是突然想去可能也會沒吧台座位, 聽朋友說也可以訂吧台座位.
It is difficult to reserve seats. My friend told me that they let customers book the bar seats as well.


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