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位於台北東區L’AGE 熟成餐廳是一家低調餐廳, 老饕熟客回客率跟中山區的Popina餐酒館一樣高.
L’AGE restaurant is located at the heart of the city- Taipei East District. This is a low-profile restaurant with many returning foodie customers, just like Popina Bistro.

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L’AGE 熟成餐廳低調到我走路經過N次去朋友家, 都以為是一家畫廊, 戶外藍灰色沙發區被盆栽遮住十分注重隱私, 走進餐廳前, 原本以為餐廳坪數會很小, 沒想到竟意外地寬敞, 店家也尊重客人需要隱私, 刻意將座位的間隔拉開, 非常適合約會或是品嚐節慶晚餐.
Honestly, I thought L’AGE restaurant was an art gallery every time I walked by. But it turns out to be a large restaurant with outdoor sofa area, which looks quite comfortable.

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暗色調的裝潢, 深淺褐色的桌椅, 氛圍介於Fine Dining 跟餐酒館之間, 稱為Fine Dining 的原因為主打餐點是熟成牛排, 價格較高, 感覺像餐酒館的原因是午餐價格比想像中的便宜, 氛圍較為輕鬆. L’AGE 熟成餐廳也有包廂 (價格請洽店家) ,跟POPINA 餐酒館的包廂差不多大,  大約可坐5 ~6 人, 除了櫃檯有滿滿的酒杯外, 也有醒酒器.
Dark atmosphere with wooden dining tables and chairs is quite cozy. I would categorize L’AGE restaurant between fine dining and bistro. The main reason is that they have high-end aged steaks. But yet, they have business lunch with reasonable price. It also has private dining room, which can fit around 5 ~ 6 people.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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English Name: Spicy Cold Roe Sauce and Scallop with Spaghetti
Price: NTD $330
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NTD $330 是主餐的部分, 若需要例湯或沙拉需要加錢. 原本以為份量會跟DOMANI 義式餐廳中午套餐一樣少量, 服務生端上桌時, 卻發現 L’AGE 餐廳的義大利麵份量視覺上其他餐廳多.
NTD $330 is the main course price. With this price, I thought the dish size would be like DOMANI restaurant’s lunch set. However, the dish size is larger than expected.



也許是麵上放著滿滿的脆海苔絲, 絲毫沒有受潮而變軟, 最值得讚嘆的部分是這道料理的醬, 澄黃色的明太子奶油醬的濃稠程度已可達沾醬等級 (文末的影片), 單純享受濃稠奶油醬汁時, 也可品嚐到存在感十足的明太子海鮮風味.
The sliced crispy seaweed is placed at the top of Spaghetti. The most surprising part would be the orange-yellow roe sauce. The texture is almost as thick as the dip sauce (see the video down below). When tasting the sauce , the buttery flavor and aroma appears at the tastebuds along with the roe. It is probably the best roe sauce in town.



由於我照相與錄影速度算快, 義大利麵部分依舊軟硬適中,明太子醬跟隨麵入口, 反而這時隱約可感受到微辣風味, 奶油風味仍為主導, 每口都是滿足感.  與小後苑 Backyard Jr. 的干貝料理不同,  兩顆干貝的表面雖然微焦, 依舊能感受到嫩的口感. 整道料理美味無極限 (我詞窮因為實在找不到更好的形容詞)
The Spaghetti is cooked perfectly. While eating the spaghetti with roe sauce, the tastebuds can sense a little bit of spicy flavor. The appearance of the scallops is a bit crispy but still tender at the inside. It is different from Backyard Jr. This dish is absolutely delicious!



English Name: Cognac of Beers with Vanilla Ice Cream
Price: NTD $260
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

此道甜點採用的啤酒是Eggenberg Urbock 23°干邑, 是酒精濃度9.6%的淺色雙重勃克 (Pale Double Bock) , 由於端上甜點時, 瓶中尚有1/4, 先單一品嚐此款啤酒, 醇厚的香氣中以啤酒花為主, 剛開始稍微帶甜,尾韻則是微苦. 接著先從高腳杯中撈起香草冰淇淋, 連同啤酒泡沫一起入口, 最初, 香草風味與甜味十足, 但過不久, 苦味則覆蓋著味蕾, 我一邊吃一邊想, 是不是應該像31 Bloom 一樣用白蘭地會比較適合?
The chef uses Eggenberg Urbock 23° Pale Double Bock, which has ABV 9.5%, as dessert base. While drinking from the bottle, the thick aroma from the hops appears along with hints of sweetness. But the flavor turns out to be bitter. Eating with ice cream didn’t exactly increase the sweet level of this dessert. I would suggest they use different alcohol, such as brandy , to be their dessert base though.


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Restaurant Name 店名: L’AGE 熟成餐廳 L’AGE restaurant
Address: No. 25, 143th Lane, 3rd Section, Ren-Ai Road, Taipei City 台北市大安區仁愛路三段143巷25號 (復興SOGO後面) (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/520Lage/
Nearby MRT station: Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station 忠孝復興捷運
電話: 02-2711-3881
營業時間:Monday Off ; Other Days 11:30 am ~ 3:30pm ; 5:30pm ~ 9:30pm