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GABEE中山國中捷運站咖啡店之一, 最近跟格蘭菲迪威士忌(Glenfiddich) 合作特調飲品 – 威士忌咖啡.
GABEE is one of the coffee shops near Zhongshan Junior High School. It recently works with Glenfiddich brand to create an interesting drink – Whisky Coffee.


GABEE 與 玉井日本橋只隔一條街,   店外的招牌看起來很冷酷, 店內不限時也有Free Wifi , 但較少有Freelancer會來, 反倒是附近公司行號與民生社區居民居多, 感覺TA類型跟位於松江南京捷運站附近的FIKA FIKA Cafe相似, 當然其中也包括許多咖啡愛好者. 我那天點了兩款飲料 – “黑白王者的相遇” 與 ”熱榛果拿鐵”.
Even though it has free wifi and unlimited seating time, there are more locals or nearby company staffs than freelancers. The TA type is similar with FIKA FIKA Cafe, which includes coffee lovers. I ordered two drinks – Whisky Coffee and Hot Hazelnut Latte.



“黑白王者的相遇” 是這款特調飲品的名稱, 是Glenfiddich台灣品牌大使與GABEE老闆所合作研發, 其實GABEE之前與許多酒品牌合作, 例如GABEE的“奶油啤酒咖啡”就是與貓頭鷹啤酒合作.
This particular whisky coffee has special name, which is “Black and White Kings”. I honestly want to call this drink – Dark Knight. This drink is created by Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador James and the boss of GABEE.




English Name: Glenfiddich Whisky Coffee
Price: NTD $250
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少數台灣咖啡店 (例如 位於南京三民捷運站的 1/2 Cafe) 的利口酒咖啡特調是熱的, 喝到最後利口酒的酒精濃度往往會蓋住咖啡風味而變苦, 但GABEE這款特調是冰的.
Some Taiwan Coffee Shops (such as 1/2 Cafe) only has hot coffee with liquor. Usually at the end, the drink would be bitter. But this particular drink is cold.



服務生( Barista?) 拿出在酒吧才看得到的圓形冰塊, 很特別的是每一個冰塊是獨立包裝, 較不會影響到冰塊的品質.服務生沖泡單獨保存的咖啡豆後, 隔杯降溫, GABEE 採用來自哥倫比亞的咖啡豆, 單獨沖泡的咖啡有花香與適量甜度, 使用的酒則是格蘭菲迪威士忌 15年 (Glenfiddich 15 years), 擁有豐富經典的蜂蜜香與果香.  喝第一口威士忌咖啡時, 完全不會察覺到高酒精度, 不會過於刺激味蕾, 反而是飽滿的咖啡風味, 醇厚的威士忌果香也豪邁地展現, 秘密武器甘蔗糖漿甜味則是緩衝舌尖對酒精的敏感度, 這一杯可以說是不管是風味與口味都兼具, 是一杯相當值得一試的特調.
The waitress (Barista?) brought out the independent-packed round shape ice, which only appears in Bars. GABEE used coffee beans from Colombia, which has floral and fair amount of sweetness. The particular whisky would be Glenfiddich 15 years, which has honey and fruity aroma. When taking the first sip, I can’t hardly tell the high ABV. Instead, there is obvious coffee flavor. The classic fruity aroma, which comes from Glenfiddich 15 years, is dense. The sugarcane syrup brought more sweetness to this drink as well. The particular drink is quite special and unexpectedly great to drink.




English Name: Hazelnut Latte Coffee
Price: NTD $170
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上次在HERZMOMENT 笛瑟甜點工坊點了冰榛果咖啡, 雖然是HERZMOMENT 笛瑟甜點工坊自製的糖漿, 並沒有熱咖啡可凸顯咖啡的香氣, 每一口GABEE的熱榛果拿鐵都有烘烤果仁的風味, 這應該算是我在台北喝過最棒的榛果拿鐵.
Last time. I drank Iced Hazelnut Coffee at HERZMOMENT. However, high temperature might be better for flavored coffee. Every sip at the coffee has great baked nuts flavor and aroma. It is probably the best Hazelnut Coffee in town.






Restaurant Name 店名: GABEE CAFE
Address: No.21 , 113th Lane, 3rd Section, Mingshen East Road, Taipei City 台北市松山區民生東路三段113巷21號 (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station 中山國中捷運站
營業時間: Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 10pm
Saturday ~ Sunday 9am ~ 10pm