AKITA BEEF 》秋田黑毛和牛

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不久之前, Youtuber “Simon and Martina” 在日本東京銀座的五明餐廳享用秋田牛鐵板燒時, 提到秋田黑毛和牛(Akita Beef)神戶牛 (Kobe Beef) 更美味.
Youtuber “Simon and Martina” dined in Gomei Restaurant in Tokyo, which offers Akita Beef. They mentioned in the video that they consider Akita Beef is more delicious than Kobe Beef.


何謂和牛? 分為黑毛和種, 紅毛和種, 無角和種, 日本短角的牛種類. 以日本國立農業生物科學研究所在西元2000年發表的論文提到四個品種的在和牛類別的產量比例 – 黑色和牛 (Japanese Black, 93.9%)、棕色和牛 (Japanese Brown, 4.2%)、無角和牛 (Japanese Poll, 少數)和短角和牛 (Japanese Shorthorn Cattle,1.0 %). 黑色和牛在日本各地皆可看到, 肉中有著高度的大理石斑紋脂肪, 也就是“油花”, 深受老饕們喜愛.
What is Wagyu? It is a kind of cattle breed that includes Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll and Japanese Shorthorn Cattle. Japan Agriculture Research Center stated that the more common type would be Japanese Black, which has 93.9% among all. The meat has high percentage of marble (as high as 40%) , which is the fat on the beef. The fat would make the beef becomes the meat more succulent.


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秋田牛是產於日本秋田縣內的黑毛和牛, 用秋田縣的穀物和附近清淨有礦物質的水飼養, 油花分佈跟神戶牛相似可高達40%, 網路較少英文和中文資訊提到更多資訊, 秋田牛跟其他高級肉品一樣, 都有履歷, 秋田黑毛和牛的履歷上會提到“牛的名字”, “牛的品種和歲數” , “牛的爹跟娘和其品種“ (不要懷疑, 有一種Game of Throne 某個家族需要血脈純正的概念) , 最後會有一個牛的鼻子蓋印在履歷上, 跟人的指紋同樣可分辨牛隻.
Akita Beef is a Japanese Black that raised in Akita Province. It is raised with only Akita rice and local clean mineral water.The high percentage of marble is as high as 40% of beef, which is similar with Kobe beef. The website only has limited informations. As many high-end meat, Akita beef also has birth certificate, which as the cattle name, age, and breed name along with its father and mom’s name. The most special part would be the unique nose stamp on the certificate.

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因秋田牛產量較少, 價格因此較為昂貴. 銀座的“五明鐵板燒餐廳*的 一道北海道產毛蟹與150g秋田牛肉鐵板燒套餐為17,000 日圓 (約 NTD $ 4647), 加50g 秋田牛肉則要加$5000日圓 (NTD $1366). 至於好吃的程度, 較少人吃過秋田牛, 但影片裡的“Simon and Martina”則是提到秋田牛的肉質細緻較美味.
Due to the limited quantity of akita beef, the price is higher. Gomei Restaurant sells one set Hokkaido Crab and Akita Beef (150g) Teppanyaki for $17,000 Japanese Yen (approx. USD $155). If adding 50g, you would need to pay extra $5000 Japanese Yen (approx. USD $45). As for the delicious level, there are still only a fewer people who tasted Akita beef. However, “Simon and Martina” stated that Akita beef seemed to be more delicious.

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