Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 》比利時勇敢亨利四重發酵黑啤酒 | Belgium Beer

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Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 比利時啤酒是在ABV Bar & Kitchen 點的,光看中文名稱“比利時勇敢亨利四重發酵黑啤酒”, 光看酒標, 其實看不太出來它所屬類型是“比利時系列深色烈愛爾”.
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel Beer is purchased at ABV Bar & Kitchen. It is categorized as Belgium Dark Strong Ale.

Product Name 產品名稱: Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 比利時勇敢亨利四重發酵黑啤酒

Country of Origin 原產地: Belgium 比利時
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉 🎉🎉
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Channel 購買地點: ABV Bar & Kitchen
Price: N/A
Total ml 總容量: 330 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 11 %
Bottle Bar Code: N/A
進口商: 麥米魯國際有限公司
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酒標上“半個月亮” , 其實是一家名為“De Halve Maan (半月)”釀酒廠的Logo, 是個位於布魯日歷史悠久的釀酒廠, 在2014年6月時蓋好觀光展覽館, 每日皆可安排遊覽. 網路也提到在酒廠非常重視亞洲市場, 2015年在中國杭州開了一家Brugse Zot Café.
There is a “half moon” logo belongs to a brewery called “De Halve Mann”, which is located at Bruges, Belgium. The owner also built a brewery museum for tourists to visit. The google also mentioned that they also opened Brugse Zot Café at Hangzhou, China at 2015.


“Quadrupel”的英文是“Quardruple”, 中文就是四次的意思. 比利時系列深色烈愛爾的重發酵通常是在瓶中再次發酵. 此款啤酒有著綿密泡沫不易散去, 聞起來有香蕉味道, 喝下去的口感極為滑順, 且沒有感覺到ABV 11%的濃烈, 除了酒體結構紮實外, 有滿滿地麥芽焦糖風味, 在喝的同時甜味比苦味明顯, 喝到最後會有烘培堅果的風味. 可惜的是我並沒有喝到網路上所提到的果香, 也許是當時並不是單獨喝, 而是搭配餐點. 由於此款啤酒甜味明顯, 建議配偏鹹的料理風味, 維持甜和鹹的均衡.

Secondary fermentation in the bottle creates a living ale that can be aged and will have an evolution of taste profiles over time. The beer head has dense foam and is not easy to evaporate. At the beginning, there is hints of bananas on the nose. Smooth beer body is definitely one of its selling points. It is not easy to tell the ABV is high. Besides the structure is dense, there are more fair amount of sweet maltose flavor than bitterness. At the end, there is baked almond flavors. However, there isn’t any fruity flavor maybe due to the pairing food.Because the sweetness is vivid, it is great pairing with salty food.




警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康 <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!