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跟表妹在誠品信義3F Eslite Tea Room 小酌 Château Gantonnet Bordeaux AOC 2014, 這款酒並不是單一品種, 而是白葡萄品種混釀.
My cousin and I decide to drink Château Gantonnet Bordeaux AOC 2014 at Xinyi Eslite 3F Tea room. This wine is blended white wine instead of just one kind of grape.



Product Name 產品名稱: Château Gantonnet Bordeaux 2014
Country of Origin 原產地: France 法國
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉 🎉🎉
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Channel 購買地點: 誠品信義 3F Eslite Tea Room
Price: 誠品禮卷 Eslite Coupon
Total ml 總容量: 750 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: N/A
Bottle Bar Code: 3760221444027
進口商: 誠品生活股份有限公司
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由於有誠品的單杯酒禮卷, 於是就選了在櫃台冰箱已開的 Château Gantonnet Bordeaux AOC 2014, 混釀品種有 50% 白蘇維濃 (Sauvingon Blanc), 20% 榭密雍 (Semillon) 和 30% 蜜斯卡岱 (Muscadelle). 導出淡金色的酒體, 聞起來有綜合清新果香風味, 即使有混酒體飽滿的榭密雍.
Since I have the single cup of wine coupon, I chose their house wine, which is the already-opened Château Gantonnet Bordeaux AOC 2014.The blended grapes include 50% Sauvignon Blacn, 20% Semillon, 30% Muscadelle. The waitress pours out the light pale gold color wine. The nose can mixed fruity flavor. The wine body seems to be medium light even though it is blended with Semillon.



第一口明顯地有鳳梨風味和礦石風味, 味蕾感受到高酸度的衝擊, 萊姆風味明顯, 喝完後舌尖則是隱約有著蜜桃微甜風味, 網站上提到此款酒是採用平均樹齡30年的葡萄樹, 以90%的不鏽鋼桶, 10%橡木桶陳年, 但絲毫沒有所謂的橡木風味. 由於此款啤酒酸度明顯, 建議配生蠔或是龍蝦沙拉或是白蘆筍. 我蠻建議這款酒. 

First taste has obvious pineapple and mineral flavors. The tastebuds can sense the high acidity with lime flavor. However, the end note has hints of sweetness with peach flavor. The website mentioned that the grape vine is over 30 years old. It was aged within 90% stainless steel and 10% of barrels to bring more complexity. However, it doesn’t have any wooden flavor.Because the critic-like acidity is vivid, it is great pairing with raw oysters, lobster salad, or white asparagus. I would recommend this wine. 


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