OYSTER 牡蠔 》美東生蠔 vs 美西生蠔 vs 法國貝隆生蠔

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牡蠔品種就跟酒的品種有不同外觀與風味, 葡萄園有所謂的Terroir (具特殊風土條件), 牡蠔產區也有所謂的Merroir (具特殊海洋生態條件), 通常海洋溫度越高,牡蠔生長越快, 也會帶有較多鹹味. 台灣氣候較熱,牡蠣成熟期短,因此形狀較小.
Oyster is like wine, which has different appearance and flavor. Each vineyard has its Terroir, and each ocean has its “Merroir”. Usually, when the ocean temperature rises, the oyster would mature faster and carries more salty flavor. Since Taiwan is quite hot, the matured time of oyster is short and the appearance is smaller.

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代表: Wellfleet
產地: Wellfleet Bay, Massachusetts
Price: USD $10.50 / 6 units (USD 1.75/unit)
形狀較為長窄形且偏小,殼上有著深色螺旋花紋, 較鹹的海洋風味但帶微鮮甜, 且有嚼勁為其特色. The paisley appearance is narrow and smaller. It carries salty ocean flavor with hints of sweetness. Chewy texture is also one of the selling points.

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代表: Kusshi
產地: Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Price: USD $19.99 / 12 units (USD 1.67/unit)

形狀較圓且蠔肉較為飽滿,比美東的生蠔大且較厚, 擁有極度鮮甜的海鮮風味.
The appearance is round and plump. It is usually bigger and deep-cut than the US East Coast. It has sweet, clean and fresh seafood flavor.

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English Name: Belon Oyster
產地: Bretagne, France
Price: USD 29.99/ 12 units (USD 2.50/ unit)
產自法國布列塔尼海岸, 產量每年只有一千多噸, 是其他生蠔的20%~30%產量, 因此價格較高, 形狀呈不規則的三角扇型, 屬於扁形生蠔, 帶有獨特的礦物質與海藻味, 口感則是帶有彈性與脆度
Belon Oyster is originated from Bretagne, France. It only has 1,000 pounds production per year, which only 20% ~ 30% of other oysters production. The appearance shape is flat triangle shape. It carries unique mineral flavor and seaweed flavor. The texture is tender and crisp as well.

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