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上次介紹了世上最貴的西馬尼黑雞, 這次來介紹主廚們心目中如神戶和牛級等級的匈牙利曼加利察豬 (Mangalitsa Pig).
Last time, I wrote about Ayam Cemani Chicken. This time, I am going to tell you about Mangalitsa Pigs, which chefs would consider “The Kobe Beef of Pork”.


Aaron C – Kate Mountain Farm(@katemountainfarm)分享的貼文 張貼

外觀則是有著如羊毛搬的捲毛, 但體型猶如野豬般, 曼加利察豬 (Mangalitsa Pig)的匈牙利語翻譯是“油花豬”, 體脂肪佔了大約60% ~ 70%, 大理石般的白色油花均勻分佈在鮮紅色的肉, 因此得到“豬界的神戶和牛”的別名.
The curly appearance looks exactly like wool, but the size is similar with the wild boar. The Mangalitsa Pig is originated from Hungary. its fatness has content of 60% ~ 70%. Creamy white marble fats are evenly spread on the bright red meat, which it earns its nickname- The Kobe Beef of Pork.


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曼加利察豬長大的速度較慢, 如果要達到120公斤, 一般的豬只需4個月,曼加利察豬則需要20 ~ 24個月, 繁殖所需時間拉長, 豬肉熟成的速度更慢且更有風味, 極為珍貴.
The Mangalitsa Pig grows quite slowly. If you want the pig to reach 120kg, Mangalitsa Pig would take 20~ 24 months.  However, the regular pig would only need 4 months. The pork also is aged slowly but depth in flavor, which is considered quite special.



匈牙利人通常將曼加利察豬拿來做培根, 至於跟伊比利豬有何不同? ”歐陸傳奇食材“書上提到, 最高等級的”純種橡木子“伊比利豬除了放山增肥外, 只是吃橡木子, 一片薄生火腿肉裡有著滿滿的榛果香氣. 曼加利察豬則是吃由大麥跟玉米混和的飼料, 至於風味就欠缺伊比利豬獨特的榛果香氣.
Hungarian usually use Mangalitsa Pig to make bacon. However, what is the difference between Ibérico and Mangalitsa breed? The highest level of Ibérico is called “Bellota 100% Ibérico”, which requires to release to the wild to feed on acorns. A sliced of ham would have overwhelmed Hazelnut aroma. However, Mangalitsa Pigs are mostly feed on mixed barley and corns forage. Therefore, it doesn’t have the nutty aroma.

Ian Low(@thesilverchef)分享的貼文 張貼

價格的部分, 曼加利察豬腰內肉的部分則是 NTD$350/450g (USD $10/1磅)
As for the price, Mangalitsa Pig Tenderloin ’s price is NTD $350/450g, which is USD$10/1 LB.

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