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MORITZ 莫里茲啤酒西班牙所謂的國民啤酒, 這次我是在台北大安區的 El Marqués Tapas Bar & Restaurant, 看到便宜的價格點來搭配Tapas.
Most Spanish adults drink MORITZ brand is similar once in a while. I tasted this beer at El Marques Tapas Bar & Restaurant since the price is quite cheap comparing to other Bistros.


Product Name 產品名稱: MORITZ The Beer Of Barcelona
Country of Origin 原產地: Spain 西班牙
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉 🎉🎉
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Channel 地點: El Marques Tapas Spanish Restaurant
Price: NTD $150
Total ml 總容量: 330 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 5.4 %
Bottle Bar Code: N/A
進口商: 班諾國際有限公司

多數台灣人對西班牙酒的認知只有在葡萄酒, 其實他們也是有啤酒, 知名度最高則是MORITZ 莫里茲品牌. 倒出金黃色酒體, 泡沫較為薄, 且很快就揮發掉. MORITZ是屬於皮爾森啤酒, 清爽口感很適合夏天喝.
Most Taiwanese only know about Spanish wines. However, Spain also produces beer. The most well-known brand would be Moritz. Pouring out the bright golden color beer, the foam is thin and evaporates fast. Moritz is categorized as Pilsener Beer, which is light and suitable for summer.



由於啤酒先上, 單喝的時候, 味蕾稍微有感覺到麵包風味, 甚至有點微甜, 但搭配餐點後, 啤酒花的中度苦味則會突顯出來, 結構可以說是非常簡單. 啤酒花則是採用捷克薩茲啤酒花, 網路上提到是成本較高的啤酒花. 我認為若是在酒吧裡要低消, NTD $150還算不錯的價格, 都若是要配西班牙菜Tapas, 可能需要結構再飽滿且複雜的啤酒較為合適.
When drinking without food, the tastebuds can feel the bread flavor and hints of sweetness. But after pairing with dishes, the bitterness from the Saaz hops appears. NTD $150 is definitely a fair price if just to meet the minimum charge. However if pairing with Tapas, you might need to choose beer with more complex texture.


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