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Coffee Smith台北市北投區石牌捷運站咖啡和早午餐店家之一,   也非常適合平日下午茶輕食的聚會地點.
Coffee Smith is one of the Brunch restaurant near Shipai MRT station at Beitou district. This is also a great location for weekday afternoon tea and light food.

走進英國城市風特色的 Coffee Smith餐廳, 不僅是室內裝潢, 裡面的桌椅也有工業風的特別元素, 甚至有可容納8~10人的包廂提供家庭聚會的餐廳. 氣氛類似“大嗑西式餐館”, 若是想要小酌, 可以到台北東區的姐妹店 Beer Smith.
The inner design along with the furnitures are with London city theme. It also has private dining room for party of 8~ 10. The dining atmosphere is similar with Ducky Restaurant.  If you want to have a drink, you can go to Beer Smith at Taipei East District.

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English Name: Chicken Pasta with Pesto Sauce (Set)
Price: NTD $240 + $ 90 (Soup & Tea)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

主菜端上桌時, 原本以為會是少許雞肉切塊, 孰不知卻是Size佔了3/4的帶骨雞肉, 外皮雖然看起來較為油膩, 但吃起來非常地酥脆, 單吃雞肉則顯得少許乾澀, 這時若雞肉沾青醬則可提升美味程度, 間接給予雞肉濕軟的口感. 青醬稍微濃稠且適量, 不會像台式義大利麵過多醬汁. Coffe Smith 的義大利麵煮得比DOMANI義式餐廳軟, 是台灣人喜愛的口感, 鮮蔬部分則是玉米筍最為出色, 脆度極佳.
I thought the main course’s chicken would be several chicken meat chunks. However, it turns out that the large piece of chicken meat with bone. The appearance is oily but tastes crispy. However, the white meat itself is a bit dry. But the pesto sauce offers more moisture and tastes to the chicken. The pesto is thick but only fair amount, unlike other Taiwanese style pasta. Coffee Smith’s pasta itself is softer than Domani Italian restaurants pasta. The best vegetable part would be the crispy corn.



玉米濃湯 & 紅茶

English Name: Corn Soup & Black Tea

外加NTD$90 的套餐可四選二 (湯, 沙拉, 黑咖啡/紅茶, 今日甜點), + NTD $130 則是四選三, + NTD $160則是全部皆有, 玉米濃湯較為稀釋但玉米風味足夠, 冰紅茶做為餐點句號是個不錯的選擇.
With extra NTD $90 for set can choose two out of four options (soup, salad, black coffee/tea, dessert). With extra NTD$130 can choose three out of four. Adding $160, you can have all. The corn soup is watery but with enough corn flavor. The iced black tea offers great ending for this lunch.



板烤辣味雞肉三明治 & Tiramisu

English Name: Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Set)
Price: NTD $240 + $ 90 (Tiramisu & Coffee)
Foodelicious 美味程度: N/A ( I didn’t try)

這些都是我朋友點的, 並無品嚐. My friend ordered this, I didn’t taste it.







Restaurant Name店名: Coffee Smith
Address: No. 31 , 333th Lane, Mingde Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 台北市北投區明德路333巷31號 (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Shipai MRT station 石牌捷運站
電話:02 2828 5787
營業時間: Monday ~ Friday 10:30 am ~ 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:30am ~ 10pm