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酒展的時候有試飲到來自不同國家的進口葡萄酒, 其中有一瓶就是來自南非的Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2016.
I went to the wine trade show to taste different wines from different countries. One of the wines is South Africa brand Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2016.

Product Name 產品名稱: Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2016

Country of Origin 原產地: South Africa 南非
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉 🎉🎉
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Channel 試飲地點: 食品展 Event
Price: 試飲 Trial Taste
Total ml 總容量: 750 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 12 %
Bottle Bar Code: 6001108051950
進口商: 非洲腳印有限公司


其實許多南非生產的葡萄都是用於釀造白蘭地, 而最有名麗絲玲 (Riesling) 的產地則是德國. 老闆倒出從冰桶拿出的Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2016, 由於此款酒為芳香型白酒, 即使只是一杯試飲杯, 淺金色透撤的酒體聞起來有著水果的甜香味, 一口喝下後, 味蕾即可感受到青蘋果的酸甜風味, 但之後則是水蜜桃甜味為主導, 整體為多數台灣人最愛帶有清新果香味, 但並沒有感受到網路上提到的芭樂風味.此款酒搭配凱撒沙拉不錯, 但若不喜歡甜的人可能不太適合喝這款酒.
Most grapes from South Africa are for making Brandy. And the most famous Riesling origin would be Germany. The boss pour out the iced Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2016. Even with only one small cup of trial taste, the cup is fulfilled with fruity aroma. The tastebuds can sense the green apple with acid and sweet flavor. Later on, the peach sweetness dominates this wine’s main character. In general, this wine has fresh crisp fruity flavor, which is most Taiwanese’s preference. However, there isn’t guava flavor like the website mentions.This wine might be suitable for caesar salad. However, if one doesn’t like sweetness, this wine might not be suitable.

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