WSET 烈酒認證 Level 1 課程心得 》Taipei WSET SPIRITS Class Review

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台北哪裡可以上 WSET 烈酒認證課程? 這篇上課心得是關於 珍愛AOW學苑主辦,王鵬老師主講的WSET 烈酒第一級認證課程.
Where can I enroll for WSET Spirits Level 1 Class in Taipei? This article is regarding WSET Spirits Level 1 Class that are hosted by Mr. Paul Peng WANG x AOW.


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為何決定要上 WSET 烈酒認證課程?

Why decide to enroll WSET SPIRITS Class?

我本來以為 WSET 只有葡萄酒認證, 殊不知 WSET 有烈酒認證, 葡萄酒認證與清酒認證.


平常除了葡萄酒, 也對烈酒有興趣

我已經有 WSET 葡萄酒 Level 2 的認證 , 平常除了品酌葡萄酒, 也會偶而喝烈酒 (例如 威士忌) , 餐酒搭也可以接受烈酒 Pairing. 我之前也參加過干邑白蘭地與台灣豬肉料理餐酒會

2023年 新計畫
2023 年有想學一些新知識, 最好是對工作有幫助. 之前拿到 Google Analytics 認證, 今年就決定考 WSET 烈酒第一級證書.

I thought that WSET only issued WSET Wine Certificate. Actually, WSET issued Spirits certificate, Wine certificate and Sake certificate.

I choose WSET Spirits Level 1 Class for two reasons

Besides Wine, I am also interested in Spirits.

I already had WSET Wine Level 2 Certificate. Besides tasting wines, I sometimes taste Spirits (such as Whiskey/Whisky ) . I can accept Spirits pairing. I also attended Taiwan Pork x Cognac Pairing Event before

✅ 2023 New Plan

My 2023 plan is to learn new knowledges that are related to my career . Previously, I got the Google Analytics Certificate. This year, I decide to get the WSET Spirits Level 1 Certificate.

延伸閱讀: 干邑與台灣豬肉料理餐酒會 》Cognac Pairing with Taiwanese Pork Event

延伸閱讀: Google Analytics Certification 》關於 Google Analytics 認證的五個問題


王鵬老師的WSET 烈酒第一級認證課程的優點?

Teacher Mr. Paul Wang WSET Spirits Level 1 Class Advantages

這一堂認證課程教材是 王鵬老師 與 AOW 珍愛學苑合作, 證照依舊是世界知名的WSET 國外教育機構發放. 這一堂課的優點如下
This particular WSET Spirits Level 1 Class are hosted by Mr. Paul Wang x AOW. The certificate is still issued by Wine and Spirits Education Trust in London. This class advantages are at the following



One Cognac Class For Free.

報名由珍愛AOW 學苑主辦王鵬老師主講的的 WSET 烈酒課程, 就會贈送一堂也是王鵬老師教的法國干邑白蘭地公會認證課程, 市價是 NTD $3800, 不用考試, 而且可獲頒官方結業證書乙張 (圖四). 其他教育機構並沒有這種超值優惠.
If enrolling in Mr. Paul Peng WANG x AOW WSET Spirits Level 1 Class, you can get one FREE Cognac Class that is also taught by Mr. Paul Wang. The original Cognac Class price is NTD $3800. You will also receive an official Cognac Class Certificate  (Pic 4 ) issued by Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC). Other Educational Institutions do not have this type of free class promotion.


Powerpoint 會有章節總結

Powerpoint has Chapter Conclusion

烈酒有分很多種, 有各式各樣的原料, 教科書講義幾乎都是文字敘述, 沒有我熟悉的對照圖表或是流程圖, 王鵬老師把「重要的資訊與總結」放進 Powerpoint , 讓學員拍照方便複習.
Spirits are categorized into various alcohols, which are made with various ingredients. The textbook is mostly words description. There isn’t any Comparison Chart nor Flow Chart. Mr. Paul Peng WANG will put the important information and conclusion at the Powerpoint. So, students can take pictures for later review.



The Class is not boring

王鵬老師的課程設計本來就是偏有趣, 而不是像無聊的補習班. 另外, 玩小遊戲可以讓我的記憶深刻.
The class is not boring at all. Teacher Mr. Paul Peng WANG always designs the class with interesting games.


WSET 烈酒認證 Level 1 難考嗎?

Is it difficult to pass WSET SPIRITS Level 1?

WSET的全名是 Wine and Spirits Education Trust, 創立於1969年, 總部位於英國倫敦. 在台灣考試也可以選擇用繁體中文考或是英文考, 我個人會建議如果課本講義是中文, 就選擇考繁體中文. 只要背熟, 幾乎都會 PASS , 王鵬老師的課堂也有模擬考題可以練習. 我調酒的部分就背起來, 其他資訊多看幾次應該也可以作答, 也可採用刪去法, 整體不會太困難.
WSET whole name is Wine and Spirits Education Trust, which is established in 1969 in London. You can choose to test with English or Traditional Chinese. If your textbook is in Chinese language, you should choose to take the test with Traditional Chinese. If you memorize the textbook, you basically will pass. In Teacher Mr. Paul Peng WANG ’s class, you will also have the mock exam. The overall exam is not too difficult.


王鵬老師的 WSET 烈酒課程價格與日期

Next class and Date of Teacher Mr. Paul Peng WANG ’s WSET Spirits Class



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