2018 Taipei Oktoberfest Event 》Michael Wendel X 美僑俱樂部合作台北德國啤酒節活動

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2018 台北德國啤酒節在哪慶祝? Michael Wendel 離開天母溫德餐廳後的第一個台北德國啤酒節活動就在美僑俱樂部協會 (American Club Taipei ), 這次活動期間只有 9/27 ~ 10/7. 這次有這個榮幸受邀搶先品嚐.
Where to celebrate Taipei Oktoberfest Event? This event would be the first Oktoberfest Event after he left Wendel Restaurant. The event will be hosted at American Club Taipei from September 27th ~ October 7th. I have the honor to try out their foods before the event.


我直接寫關於這次 Michael Wendel X 美僑俱樂部 2018德國啤酒節活動與其他啤酒節活動有何不同. 第一, 兩個主辦單位各貢獻出前所未有的創舉, 以會員制出名的美僑俱樂部這次對外開放, Michael Wendel 和 Ralf Dohmeier 合作像 “頤宮 Le Palais” 的雙主廚推出德國北部與德國南部的家鄉菜.
I might as well write about the selling points of this Oktoberfest Event hosted by ACC and Chef Wendel. First, both hosts offer great deals. American Club Taipei Ball Room will be opened to public from 9/27 ~ 10/7 during the event. Chef Michael Wendel and Chef Ralf Dohmeier ( similar with “Le Palais Restaurant” ) will co-host to offer the Northern and Southern German Cuisines.



第二, 他們也邀請到全球知名德國樂團 Bavaria Show Express 演奏, 甚至將德國傳統樂器長角號帶來台灣演奏,而且每天皆有午餐與晚餐時段演奏行程, 想必一定比之前天母溫德餐廳或是 台北 101 德國啤酒節活動更加有節慶氛圍!
Second, they also invite the world-wide famous Bavaria Show Express band to come to Taiwan. They will bring the traditional instrument Long Alphorn for performance. Also, there will be performance everyday during lunch and dinner time. It will definitely be more traditional and fantastic holiday festival atmosphere!




日期: 9/27/2018 ~ 10/7/2018
地點: 美僑俱樂部協會 American Club Taipei
地址: 台北市中山區北安路47號 (MAP)
Menu 連結: 連結按此
Facebook 活動連結: https://www.facebook.com/events/2127115874025032/
1. 美僑俱樂部協會首次對外開放
2. 採預約制且需支付 30% 訂金
3. 建議點看菜單, 且先決定要點哪些料理

About 2018 Oktoberfest

Date: 9/27/2018 ~ 10/7/2018
Location: American Club Taipei
Address:No. 47, Bei’an Road, Taipei City (MAP)
Reservation Tel: 02-2885-7579
Menu Link: Click Here
Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2127115874025032/
1. ACC opens to public
2. Reservation Only, Need to pay 30% downpayment
3. Read the menu first and order prior reservation


活動地點在美僑俱樂部二樓可容納 300 ~ 400 人的宴會廳, 圖片中是主辦單位提供現在宴會廳的圖片, 德國啤酒節會再特地裝潢讓場地更有節慶的氛圍, 最重要的是室內活動不怕刮風下雨, 但一樓泳池邊依舊有門禁卡管理, 這次活動採預約制, 無法 Walk-in, 一張傳統木頭長桌可坐五位, 但最為特別的是兩人即可訂位且點兩人套餐, 不會有湊不到五人的囧狀. 因為這次雙主廚準備的菜餚相當多, 我先從單點開始Review, 最後才會是 Combo A 套餐.
The event location is at ACC club 2nd floor ball room, which can fit 300 ~ 400 people. This picture is the ball room before the Oktoberfest decoration. Unlike the tent, the indoor environment is perfect. However, first floor near the pool entrance is still strictly for ACC member-only. This event is reservation-only instead of walk-in. One wooden table can fit about 5 people. The best part would be they offer 2-people dining set. Since both Chefs prepare quite a lot dishes for us, I would start writing about the single dish and then the Combo A set.



Oktoberfest Mackerel
Price: NTD $580
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

當 Chef Wendel 說這次啤酒節有單點節慶海鮮料理時, 閃過我念頭的是 “ 咦 ~ 原來啤酒節料理也有海鮮菜餚?!?” 一條體積適中且有著完整粗獷外表的鯖魚豪邁地放置在盤中, 很難想像魚肚中有柔和的百里香, 蒔蘿, 香菜, 迷迭香和鼠尾草,醃製24小時, 當 Chef Wendel 切開魚時, 酥脆魚皮給予聽覺上衝擊, 品嚐魚肉時先是感受到無修飾的海鮮風味, 接下來幾口可感受的多種辛香料風味, 我感受到最強烈香氣為百里香和迷迭香, 橄欖油加持讓口中更加圓潤且帶出更多魚肉香氣, 另外值得一提的是主廚採用德國小馬鈴薯, 口感較硬且不被辛香料所影響保有澱粉風味, 包覆著美乃滋的小黃瓜沙拉依舊清脆, 可惜的是並沒有桌邊服務, 魚需要自己切, 若多於 4 人用餐, 我會推薦這道料理.
I was surprised When Chef Wendel mentioned there is a fish cuisine on the menu. The medium size grilled Mackerel is placed in the middle with the German potato and cucumber salad. While cutting the fish, the crust sound intrigues everyone’s craving sensation. It is difficult to imagine that this fish is marinated 24 hours with thyme, cumin, parsley, rosemary and sage. When first tasting the fish meat, the seafood flavor is quite thick and lovely. After a few bites, the most spices that I sense would be thyme and rosemary. The extra virgin olive oil brings out more seafood aroma. As for the German potato, it has hard texture and does not affect by other spices. It remains its original starchy flavor. However, there isn’t any table service. I would recommend this dish for party of 4 or more.



Emperors’ Delight
Price: Each NTD $310
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我承認我看到 “鬆糕”兩個字立刻發想到中國浙江蒸鬆糕, 我也承認我看到這盤甜點端上時, 我立刻想到日式鬆餅. Chef Wendel 開始解釋這道甜點是當初奧地利皇帝所喜愛的甜點, 鬆糕糊與糖粉一起經過炒與烤的特殊程序, 極高的澎鬆程度是台北很多甜點店所沒有. 最令人驚豔的是主廚用酒體飽滿且味道濃郁的黑蘭姆酒去蜜漬葡萄乾, 味蕾除了鬆糕本身焦糖風味外, 也同時體驗到具體高酒精度風味, 一旁的香草醬則是舒緩甜度, 這道是同桌公認的美味大人版甜點, 我個人推薦兩人或以上就可以點來品嚐.
I admit that when I see “pancake”, I thought of Japanese pancake. Chef Wendel mentioned that this dessert is Austria King’s favorite. The pancake batch is stir-fried and baked together with the sugar. You probably won‘t find this type of high fluffy texture in Taipei Dessert Shops. The most surprising part would be the raisins are soaked with thick flavor rums. Besides the caramelized flavor, the tastebuds would also sense the strong alcohol flavor. If you cannot stand the alcohol flavor, you can dip the pancake into vanilla sauce. This dish is considered the best dish of the day. I would recommend this dessert for party of 2 or above. 



“Münchner” Sausage and Cheese Salad served with Brezel
Price: NTD $450
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這道沙拉冷盤顛覆台灣人對沙拉的刻板印象, 並沒有搭配綠色蔬菜. 淺色香腸並無過多辛香調味, 至於一旁的淺黃色硬質厚切埃文達起司條 (Emmentaler) 單吃口味偏重, 建議將兩樣食材搭在一起, 起司條可帶出更多香腸鹹香, 洋蔥則是小兵立大功地帶給此道料理清爽口感.
This is not your typical salad since there isn’t any green vegetable. The light-color sausages do not have too many spices. As for the thick sliced Emmentaler cheese, the flavor is quite strong. I would suggest to eat both ingredients together in order to bring out more salty and meaty flavor from the sausages. The onion offers refreshing taste and balances this dish.



Fresh Salted Radish With Chive Butter Bread
Price: NTD $290
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

當台灣人聽到 “醃蘿蔔”時, 多數人會想到像中式小菜或是韓式小菜. 這次 Chef Wendel 除了準備雪白色醃蘿蔔外, 也放置了塗滿鮮綠色蝦夷蔥的奶油烤麵包在一旁. 兩種與眾不同口感放在同一道菜餚中, 將像 Yin & Yang 的搭配, 我會建議一邊吃肉類拼盤時吃這道的醃蘿蔔, 至於塗滿奶油蔥醬的烤麵包, 從圖片可看出我自已切了一大塊麵包, Chef Wendel 準備的麵包依舊美味!
When Taiwanese see “pickled radish” on the menu, we would immediately think of Chinese side dish or Korean side dish. Besides the refreshing and crispy salted radish, Chef Wendel also prepares the bread spreaded with the thick flavor Chive butter. Two different textures is similar with the Yin & Yang combination. I would suggest to eat the radish with the meats from other dishes. As for the chive butter bread, I simply just like Chef Wendel’s bread.



德式香腸搭配薯條佐咖哩蕃茄醬 (圖一左)
德式烤豬肉串搭配薯條佐咖哩蕃茄醬 (圖一右)

Traditional Currywurst with Pommes
Traditional Shashlik with Pommes
Price: Each NTD $200
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

另一位雙主廚 Chef Ralf Dohmeier 來自德國北方, 忙進忙出的他端出兩道引以為傲的菜餚, 圖一左為德式香腸搭配薯條佐咖哩蕃茄醬, 這是 Chef Dohmeier 祖傳的祕方, 在品嚐當下, 味蕾感受到辛辣的衝擊, 不得而知的辛香料則是將辣味 Hold 住, 以至於不會蓋過香腸的肉香.
Chef Ralf Dohmeier is from the northern side of Germany. He brought out two dishes and mentioned that both dishes are his pride and glory. The dish on the left hand side of the picture is “Traditional Currywurst with Pommes”. This dish recipe is originated from his grandfather. The tastebuds would sense the spicy flavor, but also the meaty flavor.


圖ㄧ右可稱作 Chef Dohmeier 的思鄉菜, 視覺上跟第一道差不多皆是橘紅色的醬汁, 但品嚐起來則是截然不同的糖醋醬, 隱約感受到微辣, 這道烤豬肉串是採用具有嚼勁的豬頸肉, 在端上桌的熱騰騰地剎那吃下去時, 豬肉, 洋蔥和醬料成為名符其實的黃金三角, 在兩道北德料理中, 我會推薦圖ㄧ右的烤豬肉串搭配薯條佐咖哩蕃茄醬, 剩下的醬料也可搭配其他肉品一起享用.
The dish on the right hand side would be “Traditional Shashlik with Pommes”. This sauce looks the same sauce as the first dish.But, it tastes similar with sweet and sour sauce. The tastebuds actually can sense a bit spicy. The chef uses pork neck, which doesn’t have much fats. Both pork, onion, and sauces complete this dish and pairs well with each other. Comparing with those two dishes, I would suggest to order the 2nd dish – Traditional Shashlik with Pommes.




2018 台北啤酒節活動 Combo A (十人份)
2018 Taipei Oktoberfest Event Combo A (10 people)

Non-member Price: NTD $15,500/10 people
Member Price: NTD $13,500/10 people
MENU: Click Here



Selection of German Cold cuts and Cheese
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

第一道料理是手工特製麵包佐麵包, 第二道料理包括綜合風味德式冷肉, 特製肝腸醬, 黑森林火腿, 各式乳酪, 醃漬小品, 我有一些朋友是一年吃一次德式料理, 理所當然他們對德式料理的印象都是熱肉品 , 例如香腸. 其實德式跟義大利式 (例如 “al sorriso 義式餐廳”)  一樣也有冷肉盤. Chef Wendel 將許多德國著名肉品與菜餚放進長盤中, 迫不及待讓更多人認識德國料理, 我最愛的莫過於德國黑森林火腿, 最主要原因是迷人的煙燻肉香, 加上在其他餐廳不常吃到.
The first dish would be the Home-made House bread with butter. The second dish includes assorted clod cuts, liver sausage, black forest ham, cheese, and mixed pickles. Most friends of mine only eat German cuisine once a year. They simply do not know that Germany has cold platter just like “al sorriso Italian Restaurant”. Chef Wendel placed large amount of different meats and ingredients into this dish. I love the black forest ham because of its delightful smoky flavor.



Bavarian Platter
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這道巴伐利亞快車綜合拼盤是我認為歷年來台北德國啤酒節的重頭戲, 這次有 Chef Wendel 最拿手的德式傳統烤豬腳和酸菜外, 也包括不少新品, 例如慕尼黑香酥豬排, 切下一小塊豬排品嚐時, ㄎㄠˇ的那一聲就讓人相當期待, 豬排本身已用芥末和辣根醬醃過, 不需多做調味已足夠鹹香,慕尼黑香酥豬排的里肌肉口感是多汁, 相當不錯. 巴伐利亞肉派 (Leberkäse) 是德國慕尼黑的在地料理, 烹飪方式則是將牛絞肉與豬絞肉加入辛香料與洋蔥放入模型蒸, 風味有別於其他重口味肉品, 顯得較為 Q彈. 這次的豬腳外皮依舊酥脆, 肉仍舊多汁細緻, 最值得一提的是這次的酸菜是偏德國北方菜色, 比之前在天母溫德餐廳吃起來更為濃郁. 無肉不歡的我相當推薦這一道料理.
This Bavarian Platter dish is the leading character of this 2018 Taipei Oktoberfest Event. This platter includes the pork knuckle and sauerkraut and a few new items, for example, pan-fried Schnitzel. The crunchy sound from cutting down the Schnitzel indicates the texture is very crispy. Since the pork tenderloin is marinated with mustard, the flavor already has the meaty and salty flavor. The tenderloin is surprisedly tender. As for the Leberkäse, it is a local dish from Munich. The chef mentions that the beef and pork ground meat are marinated with spices and onion. Because of this dish is steamed, it has enough flavor but with tender texture. The pork knuckle is still crispy and juicy as expected. However, sauerkraut has thicker flavor than I tasted from Wendel’s Restaurant. Chefs mentioned that this time they use Northern Germany recipe. I strongly recommend this dish.


10 x 野莓弗洛瑪佐自製香草醬

10 x Raspberry Red Grift Dream with Homemade Vanilla Sauce
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

當吃完一整套肉品後, 難免會想要吃點清爽甜點, Combo A 則是搭配野莓弗洛瑪佐自製香草醬,看似像 “在欉紅”的果醬, 實際上是德國經典清爽甜點. 這道甜點的白色部分是用香草莢熬煮雃成的香草醬, 隱約可看到黑色香草籽在其中, 主廚建議一口氣將紅色野莓慕斯與香草醬挖起來一起享用, 除了真正新鮮的莓果類外, 不僅有酸甜風味, 香草醬更增加了不同層次的甜度與綿密口感.
After eating a whole lots of meats, it would be perfect to have refreshing dessert. The dessert of Combo A is Raspberry Red Grift Dream with Homemade Vanilla Sauce. Honestly, the package looks like the jams from “Red on Tree”. But in fact, it is a traditional refreshing dessert. The white part of the dessert is custom-made sauce with real vanillas. The chef suggested that the best way to eat this dessert is to combines the vanilla sauce with the fresh berries hidden inside the dessert. I love its creamy texture with acidity from the berries.


10 x 0.5 L 艾丁格啤酒

10 x 0.5L Erdinger Weißbier
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

除了Combo A 原本就有送的 2018 Oktoberfest 馬克杯禮物 (圖二)外, 當然也少不了艾丁格啤酒, Combo A 搭配的是艾丁格小麥白啤酒, 整體清爽, 皆可搭配從鹹到甜的食物風味, 是酒單上最適合搭餐的啤酒.
Besides the mug gift (picture 2), combo A also served with Erdinger Weißbier. The flavor is refreshing and pairs great from salty food to dessert. It is probably the best option to pair with every type of foods.


*此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受*