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台灣艾爾啤酒力推三種不同精釀啤酒搭配台灣料理, 系列稱為 “饕客限定精釀啤酒” , 三位大叔的酒標更是有趣, 三種精釀啤酒分別可搭配- 鹹酥雞, 燒肉和海鮮. 圖片中的禮盒只能電洽購買, 單瓶則是在固定通路可買到.
Taiwan Ale Brewery recently promoted Foodie Craft Beer series. There are total three different types of craft beers that can pair with different Taiwanese cuisines. All three pairing cuisines are herbs salted chicken, BBQ meat, and seafood.

之前已體驗過 “台灣艾爾果釀酸啤”, 那篇文章已提過台灣艾爾精釀啤酒廠在 2015 年於台灣五股設立, 是台灣第一家專門生產艾爾型精釀啤酒的公司, 台灣艾爾都是用麥芽都選用德國進口BESTMALZ 品牌麥芽, 最特別的是台灣艾爾會用台灣國產米代替少許進口麥芽, 公司網站上提到台灣米可帶給啤酒清甜與微蜜香, 禮盒包裝設計理念是一樣, 同樣是用環保紙盒和厚紙板隔開, 開罐同樣不需要開罐器. 這次的饕客限定系列與果釀酸啤是截然不同的市場定位與啤酒款式.
In the previous article – “Sour Beer”, it already stated Taiwan Ale Brewery story. Taiwan Ale Brewery is located at New Taipei City since 2015. As the name stated, this company is the first company that specialized in Ale Craft Beer. Taiwan Ale Brewery always use Germany BESTMALZ brand malt. The most special part would be that they also substitute parts of malts with Taiwanese Rice in exchange a bit of refreshing and sweet. The gift box is made with recycled paper box and separated individual with hard paper board. You also do not need to bottle cap opener. You can clearly identify this particular series is targeting different markets from the sour beer.


延伸閱讀: 台灣艾爾精釀啤酒 》不用開罐器的水果酸啤酒 | Taiwan Sour Beer


產品名稱: 饕客限定啤酒禮盒
容量: 330ml x 3 玻璃罐
ABV: 分別會在以下文章說明
原產地: 台灣
禮盒價格: 請電洽台灣艾爾精釀啤酒公司 (02) 2299-9760
單瓶定價: NTD $85
單瓶可購買地點: 家樂福

Tel: 02-2299-9760

Product Name: Ale Craft Beer Gift Box
Package: 330 ml x 3 glass bottle
ABV: I will explain individually down below
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Gift Box Price: Call Taiwan Ale Brewery to Confirm (02) 2299-9760
Single Bottle: NTD $85
Single Bottle Sales Channel: Carrefour


啤酒花艾爾- 搭配鹹酥雞

American Pale Ale – Pairing with Herbs Salted Chicken
Package: 330 ml
ABV: 4.5 %
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

與台灣艾爾以往的酒標一樣, 鹹酥雞大佬字樣吸睛程度高, 圖片也相當搶眼. American Pale Ale 是美式淺色艾爾, 倒出渾濁金色酒體, 啤酒泡沫消失相當迅速, 柑橘風味其實不明顯, 微苦來自啤酒花, 但喝起來相當清爽, 除了鹹酥雞外, 也可搭配其他炸物, 這款經典啤酒花艾爾可以說是炸物的最佳搭配.
As usual, the Chinese wording on the label is eye-catching. The picture leaves a great first impression. Pouring out the vague golden beer body, the foam disappeared fast. The tangerine flavor is not obvious, but with hints of bitterness. It is refreshing and great pairing with deep fried foods, of course including herbs salted chicken.


檸檬淡艾爾 – 烤肉專家

Lemon Pale Ale
Package: 330 ml
ABV: 4 %
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

台灣艾爾精釀啤酒的成分採用理念與 “在欉紅 Red on Tree”相似, 皆是選擇與台灣農業合作, 這款檸檬淡艾爾就是最佳例子, 檸檬是來自台灣屏東. 打開時可嗅到甜檸檬的清新香氣, 喝的時候也有啤酒花所帶來的微苦風味, 尾韻苦味逐漸減弱, 搭配燒肉類也不會將鹹香燒肉醬蓋過. 我會推薦給怕喝苦啤酒的人. 
Taiwan Ale Brewery uses Taiwanese local ingredients, just like “Red on Tree”. This Lemon Pale Ale is the great example. They use the lemon from Taitung. When opening the beer, you can immediately sense the lemon refreshing aroma. While drinking, you can also sense hints of bitterness, but disappeared eventually. It is great pairing with salty and meaty cuisine. I would recommend to people that do not like to drink bitter beer. 


紫蘇小麥啤酒- 海鮮達人

Perilla Hefeweizen
Package: 330 ml
ABV: 4.5 %
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我承認我看到酒標上的“Hefeweizen”有去 Google, 德文中 Hefe 是酵母, Weizen 是小麥, Hefeweizen 是美國人較熟悉的名稱, 另一個德文名稱 Weissbier 或 Weissbier 才是我比較熟悉的啤酒種類名稱. 我常在日本料理看到紫蘇葉, 我猜這就是為何日本職人圖案在這款啤酒標籤上, 倒入微淺色小麥啤酒, 泡沫綿密, 喝第一口時, 味蕾察覺到微弱辛香, 接下來幾口大部分都是香蕉風味與微苦, 海鮮可以稱為精釀啤酒較難搭配的料理之一, 也許是因為有層次變化, 但是這款應該可以將鮮甜襯托出,這三款啤酒比較下來, 我比較喜歡這款紫蘇小麥啤酒.
I admit that I have to google “Hefeweizen”. It turns out that it is English version word for Weissbier or Weissbier. Perilla is also a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. I guess that is the main reason that they have the Japanese chef picture on the beer label. Pouring light color beer with thick fluffy foam. The tastebuds can sense hints of spice at the first sip. The following sips are full of banana flavor along with hints of bitterness. Because of its different layers of flavors and refreshing taste, it should be a great craft beer to pair with seafood. Also, comparing with other two craft beers, I prefer this Perilla Hefeweizen among all.



*此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

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