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台北君品飯店頤宮 ( Le Palais ) 榮獲2018年台北米其林三星餐廳, 頤宮招牌菜火焰片皮鴨三吃和先知鴨料理征服了許多饕客的味蕾.
Le Palais Restaurant, which won the 2018 Michelin 3 Stars, is located at Palais de Chine Hotel. Its signature dish is roasted duck dishes series.

君品頤宮套餐菜單在文末 Le Palais Set Menu is at the end of article


頤宮中餐廳位於台北車站捷運站旁的君品酒店17 樓, 飯店一樓大廳不大, 走出電梯後, 餐廳櫃台即可看到米其林三星的招牌, 頤宮餐廳內裝潢如同其法國名稱 “Le Palais” 有著宮廷格調, 走道相當寬敞, 以黑色和藍色為主色, 夜空黑裝潢搭配蔚藍絨布椅, 除了包廂和多人圓桌外, 也有四人和六人座位. 這次很榮幸地受 ”FunNow- 最懂生活的APP” 之邀請品嚐雙主廚的頤宮套餐菜單, 但是很可惜套餐裡沒有烤鴨.
Le Palais Chinese Restaurant is located at 17th floor of the Palais de Chine Hotel near Taipei Main Station. The lobby is not large, but the restaurant reception is surprisingly large. The passing-by customer would see the 2018 Michelin 3 Stars sign. As the French name “Le Palais” stated, the restaurant indoor design looks just like a luxurious palace. Besides private dining room, there are also round table, 4-people table, and 6-people table for seating. With FunNow App’s invitation, I have the opportunity to try their Chinese cuisine. However, sadly, there isn’t any roasted duck dish in this set.


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價格: NTD $6980 + 10 % /人
備註: 與西餐一樣,分為前菜主菜與甜點, 並非和菜
Le Palais Chef Set
Price: NTD $6980 + 10% / per person
Remark: The set is similar with Western Cuisine, which is divided into Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert.



茶 & 開胃醋飲

Tea & Vinegar
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我們被安排至 12 人圓桌, 入座後服務生隨後將阿里山金萱茶注入陶瓷茶杯, 金黃色茶體毫無苦澀, 散發出溫和淡雅茶香氣. 等點完菜後, 服務生遞上與桌上鮮花一樣的鮮紅但清澈的洛神花開胃醋飲, 微酸之風味令人著迷. 若沒有要點酒飲, 服務生會迅速地將酒杯收走.
All of us are seated at the 12-people table. The staff served Taiwan Alishan Jinxuan Oolong Tea for a start. The golden tea is not as bitter as the traditional Oolong Tea, instead, it is quite refreshing. Later on, the staff served the Roselle vinegar, which has hints of acidity and sweetness. If the customer doesn’t order wine, they would take the wine glasses away.



Le Palais Assorted Appetizer
包括百葉菠菜捲,頤宮蝦餃皇, 頤宮叉燒皇,魚子蝦多士
Including Spinach Roll, Shrimp Dumpling, BBQ Pork, Shrimp Toast
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陳偉強和陳泰榮兩位頤宮雙主廚有知名中式料理餐廳多年經驗, 以粵菜最為出色, 端上開胃菜後, 專業店員/領班解釋吃開胃菜也有順序, 從左上的百葉菠菜捲 -> 左下蝦餃皇 -> 右上叉燒皇 -> 右下魚子蝦多士. 百頁菠菜卷是一道視覺精緻的小菜, 白色豆皮包裹著鮮綠菠菜, 原本以為吃起來會軟爛, 但菠菜清脆與清爽程度極高, 這是一道我會再想吃一次的小菜. 頤宮蝦餃皇也在單點菜單上, 晶瑩剔透有彈性的外皮包裹著內餡, 吃起來口感特別, 詢問之下才知道原來內餡除了蝦之外, 也有筍絲與少許龍蝦肉, 建議不要沾醬油之類而掩蓋了濃郁迷人的海鮮風味, 我相當推薦他們的蝦餃, 若單點烤鴨後不知道要點啥, 我會建議點蝦餃. 
Different from other hotel restaurants, Le Palais has Two Executive chefs. Both chefs have many years of Cantonese cuisine experiences. The staff explained eating order of this special appetizer – from Spinach Roll (upper left) -> Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (Lower Left) -> BBQ Pork (upper right) -> Shrimp Toast with roe (Lower right). The Spinach roll is a extraordinary dish with crisp spinach. The famous steamed shrimp dumpling is a traditional cantonese dish. The wrapping has hints of transparency with filling. Surprisingly, the chef uses shrimp, lobster, bamboo as filling, instead of just shrimp. I would suggest not to dip into any soy sauce to order to keep its original seafood flavor. I strongly recommend their steamed shrimp dumpling.


頤宮叉燒皇也在單點菜單上, 油亮叉燒厚片直立在方盤的右上角, 切面看似肥瘦比例大約 2:8, 但意外地吃起來卻是相當肥美, 油脂滋潤了味蕾, 適量甜度讓人意猶未盡, 我相當推薦他們的叉燒, 跟蝦餃一樣, 若不確定除了烤鴨要點啥, 就點叉燒吧. 最後要吃的是魚子蝦多士, 多士其實就英文的 “Toast”, 這款長方型港式小點有著酥脆外層, 內餡不僅有蝦餡料, 也有深藏不漏的淡黃色魚子, 表層黑鑽魚子醬更是讓整盤菜餚升級.
One thick and oily bright BBQ Pork slice is placed at the upper right order. From the side of the pork, I would assume the fat vs slim is about 2:8. Surprisingly, it is very tender and sweet with fair amount of fats. The last one is Shrimp Toast with roe. The crispy appearance pairs with the shrimp filling and roe. With caviar on the outside, the whole dish is upgraded and a great start.




Lober Salad with Dried Radish
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此道料理擺盤相當具有設計感, 紅白相間的澳洲花龍蝦, 搭配清脆綠色生菜, 15 年老菜脯不經意地灑在蔚藍色圓盤上的龍蝦. 主廚細心地將龍蝦事先做成易脫殼, 完全不會有需要用到刀叉的囧狀, 老菜脯號稱台灣黑金食材, 越陳年越亮黑, 吃起來像醬瓜, 甘甜風味稍微蓋住龍蝦之海鮮風味.
The blue dish display is quite fashionable. The bright red Austrian Lobster pairs with crisp lettuce. The 15 years aged pickled dried radish are spread on the dish. The most interesting part would be chef already separated the lobster shell with lobster meat. So, the customer would not need to use the fork and knife. With aged process, the dried radish price would be more expensive. Dried Radish is the famous Taiwanese ingredients, which tastes like salty but yet sweet pickled cucumber. When you taste both lobster and the dried radish, the radish flavor might cover the lobster flavor though.



Edible Bird’s Nests Soup with Bamboo piths and Pine Mushrooms
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此款金黃色雞高湯是經過長達八小時燉煮而成, 品嚐看似清澈卻醇厚的湯頭, 雖然遠不及”重熙老麵”的雞濃白湯老麵, 但喝起來就如母親小時候燉的充滿膠質的老母雞湯, 最搶眼莫過於竹笙與卷在其中的燕窩絲, 咬開時湯汁溢出. 藏在底層的玉米雞肉質微嫩, 與稍硬的金華火腿成為對比.
The golden color chicken broth is stewed within 8 hours. Even though it is not as thick as Taipei “Chongxi Ramen Restaurant”, it still brings back the memories of the chicken soup from the childhood. The most interesting part would be the edible bird nest wrapped with bamboo pithes. It absorbs fair amount of chicken broth. The corn-feeding chicken meat is tender along with hard jin hua ham.



Stir-Fried Motobu Beef with Garlic and Black Bean
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這道和牛料理是用港式作法烹飪 (例如蔥爆牛肉), 而非像 “nkụ Taipei “的西式柴燒方式. 擺盤則是將澳洲 M9 和牛分放溫熱長盤中的兩側, 一側有綠色清脆大蘆筍的點綴. 由於不是像 “A Cut Steak House” 的專業牛排刀, 雖然切得不是很美, 但和牛口感如同切面般嫩, 和牛外層豆鼓將牛肉香味逼出再外加一些鹹香, 這是第一次吃用這種烹煮方式的和牛, 整體不錯.
The chef uses Cantonese Cooking method instead of Western grilling method (For example, nkụ Taipei” ). The chef placed the Australia M9 Motobu on both sides of hot plate. One is with large crisp green asparagus. Since we are not using the professional steak knife, as in “A Cut Steak House”, the section is not perfect. The taste of the Motobu beef is tender and perfect. With black bean pairing, the taste is a bit salty but yet has meaty flavor. Interesting enough, This is my first eating the Cantonese Cooking method Motobu Beef. This dish is quite delicious.



Braised Abalone With Goose Foot
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這道料理與頤宮烤鴨一樣是採桌邊服務, 廚師謹慎地將芥蘭, 花菇, 鮑魚與鵝掌擺設於圓盤中, 哪怕是多一些芡汁都會影響到口感與風味, 濃郁鹹香風味的芡汁是用老母雞, 火腿肉, 豬肉煨煮鮑魚約8小時再勾芡. 老實說, 我已經很久沒有吃鮑魚, 多虧友人與服務生講解, 頤宮主廚採用澳洲四頭鮑, 意思就是一斤的鮑魚有四顆鮑魚, 以兩頭鮑最為昂貴. 輕鬆切開鮑魚, 建議切一小塊吃, 而非一大塊, 海鮮風味與芡汁纏綿在舌尖. 鵝掌其實就是鵝的腳掌及足蹼, 軟滑肉厚吃起來像進階版的雞爪, 花菇吸收了鮑魚芡汁, 不軟爛口感讓我想把友人的花菇偷來吃.
This dish requires table service, just like the duck dishes series. The chef carefully puts Chinese Kale, mushroom, abalone, and goose foot at the round plate. The salty and thick sauce is stewed with Chicken, ham, and pork within 8 hours. Le Palais Restaurant uses Austrlia Abalone. I would suggest to cut the abalone into small pieces to taste. The thick seafood flavor would wrapped around the tastebuds. The Goose Foot tastes just like upgraded chicken feet, which is more tender. The mushroom absorbs sauce and tastes very delicious.



Steamed Tiger Grouper with Chinese Sausage
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陸續吃了重口味的港式菜餚後, 店員端上一道類似西式料理擺盤的金銀腸老虎斑, 圓型日本大根放在底層, 日本人愛白蘿蔔的程度跟台灣人愛鹹酥雞的程度差不多, 這款菜餚的厚塊圓型日本大根口感不軟爛, 吸收微甜魚湯風味, 相當不錯, 純白色老虎斑的厚實魚肉將香港臘腸捲在其中, 也就是魔鬼藏在細節的最佳寫照, 偏硬且鹹香臘腸搭配清新軟嫩魚肉, 這是我當天最愛的一道料理.
After eating hard-core thick flavor Cantonese dishes, the staff brings out the a refreshing fish cuisine with western dish display style. The round shape Japanese daikon, which tastes quite delicious, is placed at the bottom. It absorbs refreshing fish broth. The thick grouper meat wrapped the Chinese sausage inside. Both ingredients are tasty. This was my favorite dish of the day.



Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup
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雲吞麵是香港的國民美食, 畢竟頤宮是台北米其林三星餐廳, 主廚理所當然將整道料理升級. 與雲吞湯麵比較, 我反而就偏好雲吞乾撈麵,頤宮港式雞蛋麵並不會有過多擾人的鹼味, 而且還灑上頗具鹹香的大地魚粉. 這道雲吞就跟微風台北車站 2 樓 的“池記”ㄧ樣是金魚形狀, 內餡除了基本的蝦仁外, 也有豬絞肉, 用大地魚粉調味後, 雲吞吃起來相當美味且有層次, 我最滿意的莫過於這道料理的湯, 湯頭之精華是豬骨和大地魚熬湯八小時, 喝起來像似台北的 “津輕拉麵的魚介拉麵湯頭“, 清澈但濃香, 主廚的港式料理果然不讓我失望.
Wonton Noodle Soup is probably the world-wide known Chinese cuisine. Since Le Palais restaurant is a Michelin 3-start restaurant, the chef of course upgraded this common dish. Comparing with soup noodle, I prefer dry noodle (Lo-Mein). The egg noodle, are spreaded with dried flounder powder, does not have much Alkali flavor. The wonton shape is just like golden fish, which is perfect. The filling has the basic shrimp, it also has pork and fair amount of flounder powder. I love their soup, which is stewed with pork bone and flounder, which tastes similar with “Marukai Ramen restaurant”. It tastes deliciously thick. Their Cantonese dish series are perfect as expected.


芝麻朱古力 & 杏仁茶

Sesame Chocolate & Almond Milk
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左邊的杏仁茶是頤宮廚師團隊自己研磨, 濃郁杏仁香帶有沙沙口感, 芝麻朱古力就是芝麻巧克力, 一種中西合併的概念, 水滴在芝麻巧克力表層滴落, 原本以為巧克力苦味會蓋過芝麻香, 但實際上芝麻香相當濃郁, 建議搭配結構紮實的椰子奶酪會比較適合.
The right hand side is almond milk, which is grinded and made by Le Palais chefs. It has perfect almond flavor with nutty texture. The sesame chocolate is a bit like fushion. Thick Sesame flavor covers a bit of chocolate though. It would be better to pair with the coconut Panna Cotta.

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店名: 頤宮中餐廳 Le Palais
地址: 台北市大同區承德路一段3號 (MAP)
捷運: 台北車站捷運站
電話:02-2181-9950 #3261
營業時間: 以Website為主
Website: http://www.palaisdechinehotel.com/tw/restaurant-info.php?id=6
Restaurant Name: Le Palais Chinese Restaurant
Address: No. 3 , 1st Section, Chengde Road, Taipei City (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Taipei Main Station
Tel: 02-2181-9950 #3261
Operation Hour: Check Website

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