WSET 2 葡萄酒認證上課心得 》Taipei WSET Level 2 Class Review

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這篇文章是 台北 WSET 葡萄酒 Level 2 認證課程 的上課與考試心得, 我是選擇 珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑 WSET 2 課程.
This article is regrading Taipei WEST Level 2 Class & Test &  Certificate Review. I selected AOW academy to enroll the class and take the class.

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台北哪裡可以上 WSET Level 2 課程?

Where can I enroll WSET Level 2 Class at Taipei City?

除了眾所皆知的 台灣酒研學院 外, AOW WSET 珍愛葡萄酒藝術公司也是眾多選擇之一, 自行 Google 即可. 影響你們的選擇應該就是上課時間, 課程有分平日也有週末.
Besides Taiwan Wine Academy, AOW academy is also one of the many choices. You basically can google to find your preferred academy/organization to enroll.You might need to decide what time you want to enroll – weekends or weekdays.


WSET Level 2 認證 難考嗎?

Is it difficult to pass WSET Level 2?

請記得可以直接上 WSET Level 2 課程 , 不用考 WSET Level 1 認證 , 我是考完 WSET Level 1 才知道這件事. 珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑 WSET 2 課程費用則是 NTD $25,000, 台灣酒研費用則是 NTD $27,600.  第一天上課時會發給課程表, 通常最後一天也就是考試, 考試地點也是上課地點.  我個人覺得考試並不會太難, 勤勞地背與做考古題就應該會 pass. WSET 認證可選考中文版與英文版.

我是選擇考英文版, 主要原因有兩個:


Please remember that you can just enroll at WSET Level 2 class. You don’t need to take WSET Level 1 test nor class. AOW WSET class fee is NTD $25,000, and Taiwan Wine Academy fee is NTD $27,600. The teacher will hand out the class itinerary at the first day. The test will be held at the last day. The test location is same as the class location. The test is not difficult as long as you are familiar with the book material and particle lots of mock tests. You can select to take Chinese version or English version WSET 2 test.

There are two reasons that I take English version test.

1.I still can’t remember some of the grape types in Chinese term.
2.The mock tests online are always English.

延伸閱讀: WSET 葡萄酒 Level 1 上課心得 》Taipei WSET Level One Class Review


珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑 WSET Level 2 課程優點

AOW Academy WSET Level 2 Class Advantage

每家台北的葡萄酒 WSET 上課機構師資都很優秀, 我選擇珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑上課有兩個原因:


多數 WSET 2 葡萄酒課程皆是兩個月左右, 我當時上課時間是 11/12月, 選的課程時間是週末, 我選珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑, 因為只需要 1 個月半左右就上完課且考完 WSET 2. 我個人建議如果本來就有葡萄酒知識基礎, 可選擇濃縮課程.

2. 老師會教 “非教科書”的知識

台灣酒研學院的老師比較著重在教科書, 珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑的老師則是有提到在教科書上沒有的新增白葡萄品種 (如圖一).

Every Taipei WSET class teacher is excellent. There are two reasons that I chose AOW academy:

1. Condensed Schedule

1. Most WSET 2 classes are 2 months. I decide to take the weekday class on November/December. I selected AOW academy class because of 1.5 month class & test. I personally suggest that if you have basic knowledge about wines, you can choose the condensed schedule.

2. Teacher will teach you non-textbook knowledge.

Taiwan Wine Academy focus more on the textbook. AOW academy teacher will mention new knowledge about wines. For example, the teacher mentioned new white grape not from the textbook (Picture 1).


珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑 WSET Level 2 課程缺點

AOW Academy WSET Level 2 Class Disadvantage

因為是濃縮課程, 我記得有一個週末 AOW 沒有安排上課,  我反而比較希望快速完成課程, 盡快考完 WSET 2. 除此之外, 珍愛 AOW 品酒學苑課程設計沒有缺點.
I remembered that I didn’t go to class on one of the weekend according to AOW class schedule. I would prefered to finish class in the shortest time and take the WSET 2 test. Besides that, AOW academy class design doesn’t have any disadvantage.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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我會考 WSET Level 3 嗎?

Will I take WSET Level 3?

不會, 因為Level 3要練習盲飲需要經費與時間. 專業酒商可考慮考取 WSET Level 3.
No. I don’t have the time nor money to practice blind tasting for Level 3. If you are a professional wine importer, you might want to consider get the WSET Level 3 certificate.