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這篇上課心得是針對台灣酒研學院的 WSET 葡萄酒 Level 1 課程, 並沒有 WSET Level 1 考古題. 文章內會與王鵬老師開的葡萄酒課程心得做比較, 兩個課程皆是自費.
This review is strictly for Taiwan Wine Academy WSET Level 1 Class. In this article, I will compare this class with Mr. Paul Wang’s Wine Class.


台北哪裡可以上 WSET Level 1 課程?

Where can I enroll WSET Level 1 Class at Taipei City?

其實只要 Google 就找得到開 WSET 初階課程的地方, 目前台灣酒研學院因為有Google 廣告所以在搜尋首頁. 我當初選台灣酒研學院是因為我想體驗課表上提到的“餐搭酒”, 畢竟是一個專業的學院, 想跟其他酒商的餐酒會做一個比較. 也因為有餐搭酒, 因此課程費用高達 NTD $11,800. 文末有詳細影片.
Basically, you just need to google. There are quite a few places that offer WSET Level 1 Class. I chose Taiwan Wine Academy because of its cuisine and wine pairing session. I would like to know if the academy wine pairing event is different from other wine vendors’ wine pairing events. Therefore, Taiwan Wine Academy charge NTD $11,800 for WSET Level 1. There are more details at the video down below.


WSET Level 1 難考嗎?

Is it difficult to pass WSET Level 1?

WSET的全名是Wine and Spirits Education Trust, 創立於1969年, 總部位於英國倫敦, 換句話說, 講義會有中英文, 在台灣考試也可以選擇用中文考或是英文考, 我本來是選用英文考, 但是講師說英文要小心語法陷阱時, 我就改成用中文考. 聽助教說, 最近講義有改版, 有多加一些葡萄品種. 因為沒有提供考古題, 然後又聽說教科書改版後及格的人變少, 所以我只好死背, 我考完覺得不難, 我只錯一題, 缺點是我不知道我錯哪一題. 對了, 其實 WSET Level 1 不用考就可以去上 WSET Level 2, 不得不說這個制度有點怪, 我去上 Level 1 完全只是因為那張 WSET Level 1 證書.
WSET stands for Wine and Spirits Education Trust, which is established at the year of 1969. Its headquarter is located at England. In another words, the textbooks have Chinese version and English version. Most importantly, you can choose to take the test in English version or Chinese version. I would suggest you to choose Chinese version (only if your mother language is Chinese). Also, the headquarter revised and upgraded the textbook content by adding a few more grape types. So, I actually studied for a hour and only get one answer wrong. But, sadly, I didn’t even know which question I answered wrong. There is one important matter – You do not need to pass WSET Level 1 to take WSET Level 2 class. It is a weird policy. However, I took the class because of the WSET Level 1certificate.


台灣酒研學院 WSET Level 1 課程優點

Taiwan Wine Academy WSET Level 1 Class Advantage

你可以加入的台灣酒研學院 LINE 群組, 有些其他課程可以優惠, 也可以加入同期的LINE 群組, 講師也會在LINE群組裡, 有問題可以直接發問. 台灣酒研學院的課程屬於較為輕鬆. 考試通過會有WSET Level 1 證書
There are quite a few advantages. You can join the Taiwan Wine Academy @LINE group. There might be discount on other classes. Also, you can join the LINE chatting group with your classmates and teacher. You can ask questions at the LINE group. Also, the class atmosphere is not intense. After passing the test, you will have the WSET Level 1 certificate.


台灣酒研學院 WSET Level 1 課程缺點

Taiwan Wine Academy WSET Level 1 Class Disadvantage

我之前有上過王鵬老師開的葡萄酒幼幼班 (這真的是課程的名稱) , 特別拿出他的講義來比對我在台灣酒研學院的 Level 1 講義. 發現酒研的課程有一個明顯的缺點, 礙於WSET 英國總部規定, 講師無法提到較深奧的知識.  下一段會提到王鵬老師的課程優點.
I enrolled in Mr. Paul Wang’s wine class kindergarten level (i am serious, the class is called “kindergarten level”). I compared my previous textbook from Mr. Paul Wang’s textbook. There is one obvious and big flaw at Taiwan Wine Academy. The teacher is not allowed to mention or reveal more knowledge nor education about the wines. The advantages of Mr. Paul Wang’s Wine Class advantages will be mentioned at the next paragraph. 



Mr. Paul Wang Wine Class Advantage

與台灣酒研學院相比, 王鵬老師自己編製的課程反而比較完整, 重點是王鵬老師真的把我們當作幼幼班, 大部分上台灣酒研學院的人幾乎對酒已經有基礎的認識.因為亞洲人非常喜歡證書這件事, WSET 證書在餐飲事業上多少會有幫助, 也跟台灣 EMBA 一樣可以認識人. 但是你如果只是想要從頭學起, 想要有一套制度協助品飲葡萄酒, 建議直接報名王鵬老師的葡萄酒幼幼班,  以下是王鵬老師的幼幼班的優點 (王鵬老師有時會改版他的課程):

a. 詳細的葡萄酒外觀敘述, 酒研只提到紅酒白酒與粉紅酒
b. 拿出一整套法國酒鼻子 ( 氣味瓶) 讓學生熟悉氣味, 酒研大概只拿出四個氣味瓶
c. 讓學生聞風味缺陷的葡萄酒的氣味瓶, 酒研只有口頭提到
d. 品酒筆記如何寫
e. 王鵬老師的課程喝到的酒非常多, 也會用不同產區但同樣葡萄酒品種來品飲, 這點很重要, 因為可喝出來自不同產區的葡萄酒差異. 酒研拿出來的酒並不多.


延伸閱讀: 王鵬老師 Facebook 粉絲頁連結 (所有課程在公告區)


Comparing with Taiwan Wine Academy Class, Mr. Paul Wang’s class has more wine-related knowledges. Mr. Paul Wang treated everyone as Kindergarten Level students, which is great! Most students at Taiwan Wine Academy already learned about wines prior classBut, you simply just want to learn from the beginning and a standard/SOP to assist you to drink and enjoy wines. I would suggest you to enroll in Mr. Paul Wang’s wine class.  The followings are the advantages of Mr. Paul Wang’s class (Sometimes, he would revise his class material):

a. Completed Description of Wine Appearance. Taiwan Wine Academy only mentioned Red Wine, White Wine and Rose.
b. Mr. Paul Wang would prepare a whole set of “Le Nez Du Vin” for students to get familiar with the different types of aroma. Taiwan Wine Academy only brings out about 4 units of “Le Nez Du Vin”.
c. Mr. Paul Wang would also prepare the flaw aroma “Le Nez Du Vin” to let the student distinguish flaw aroma and regular aroma. Taiwan Wine Academy only mentioned it at class.
d. Mr. Paul Wang would teach how to write wine notes.
e. In Mr. Paul Wang’s class, he would prepare LOTS of different wines for students to taste and compare. For example, he often prepares same grape types but from different country origin to let us try. This is quite important because the students can learn about the taste difference.

More Details: Mr. Paul Wang’s Facebook and Class Link









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